Art installations aren’t just limited to local galleries and museums. Add a dash of color and inspiration to your daily grind by checking out some public pieces on display around Cedar Park, Texas. If you’re unsure where to go, read below as Crème de la Crème shares our guide for some hometown art appreciation you can enjoy with your family today.

City of Cedar Park Offices

A child holding up his multi-colored paint covered hands.

A Kid With Multicolored Hand Paint by Alexander Grey is licensed with  Pexels License

Public art is an integral part of Texas culture. Cedar Park’s former Parks Arts and Community Enrichment (PACE) Board has organized many art installations around the city. One of our favorites is in front of the City of Cedar Park office building. Graphic artist and designer Jennifer Geiger’s utility box wrap project features her stunning depictions of monarch butterflies, purple coneflowers, and other native foliage. 

Titled “Monarchs in Their Environment,” she installed this piece in May 2020 and truly transformed the service box. It exemplifies the city’s commitment to the National Wildlife Federation’s program to preserve butterfly populations. Geiger’s artistic style consists of familiar images with a touch of glamour, nostalgia, and humor. This talented creative looks to modern and vintage photographs for inspiration — some of them her own — and uses an uplifting color palette to produce these stunning digital creations. 

  • Location:  450 Cypress Creek Road, Cedar Park.

The Bell District

Support Cedar Park’s booming art scene and head to The Bell District. This up-and-coming downtown neighborhood is revitalizing, and there’s no better way to boost the community’s appeal than with a kaleidoscopic mural. The project we’re referring to is mural painter Ariana Lee Creatives’ bright-hued welcome sign. Her motto is to “paint the town,” and she’s done an exceptional job with this art installation at the intersection of Buttercup and Bell.

On the back side, you’ll read the words “connect, explore, and unwind,” and that’s everything we recommend doing in The Bell District. It’s your family’s new destination for various activities, from shopping to dining. This walkable, mixed-use development offers multi-family homes, a marketplace, a library, and a 16-acre central green space. You can also discover The Trails at Bell. These natural paths wander through meadows along the creek, and it’s a beautiful spot for a nature-filled experience with the kids.

  • Location:  309 S. Bell Blvd., Cedar Park.

Milburn Park

You’ve probably passed this beautiful mural dozens of times if you and the kids enjoy spending time at Milburn Park. Not only is it a terrific place for a family picnic, it’s also a community gathering spot for art lovers of all ages. You’ll find this gem on the wall of the soccer field’s concession stand and restroom building.

PACE initiated the project with a call for entries in 2019. Its mission was to beautify an otherwise dull limestone and concrete block structure. The painting spans approximately 9 feet by 9 feet and features colorful images of a butterfly and sunflower with the words “Uniquely Cedar Park” above the images. PACE wanted a family-friendly mural befitting our community’s vibrant spirit. We think the winning artist succeeded.

Milburn Park is a 42-acre public recreational space that offers everything your family needs to enjoy a day outdoors. Play on the park’s basketball and sand volleyball courts to soak up some fresh air and sunshine. You can spend the city’s hot summers poolside or stroll along the one-mile loop. You’ll find shade under the pavilion and picnic tables near the playground when you’re ready to rest. Cedar Park officials also host various annual events on the grounds, including the popular Fourth of July extravaganza.

  • Location:  1901 Sun Chase Blvd., Cedar Park.

Cedar Park Sculpture Garden

Cedar Park Sculpture Garden is one of the city’s best places for art installations. This grassy spot features an annual rotating display of sculptures, some of which are on loan from the artists. One of the newest pieces to make it to the garden is Kirk Seese’s Pluma Sculptura. The “Wings” piece became part of the permanent collection in August 2022.

The collection features media using metals, such as steel, brass, and aluminum, and natural elements, such as limestone. Get in on the action and submit your own sculpture entry. Cedar Park is looking for a unique piece to commemorate the 50th Anniversary Celebration. The park also boasts a state-of-the-art 47,500-square-foot recreation center, walking trails, classes, and family-friendly programs, such as yoga and line dancing.

  • Location:  1435 Main St., Cedar Park.

Cedar Park Public Library

There are many ways you can take advantage of your local library. In addition to books, it’s a place to find art installations, including youth projects. Stop by the Cedar Park Library’s Internet Cafe, catch a rotating art display, or check out the Youth Art Exhibit. This display features selected original two-dimensional, wall-mountable pieces from the community’s budding artists ages 18 and under.

Dan Pogue’s “The Magic of Storytelling” sculpture illustrates one of the library’s most popular activities. He cast the piece in 2001, and it has graced the library’s entrance ever since. Pogue touts more than 50 years of experience working with bronze and stone, and his statue is a fabulous reminder to everyone that visits the library to sign up for a free weekly reading event.

Storytime at the library is a terrific parent-and-child activity. Each session showcases a  book by age group, including infant, toddler, and pre-K. It’s an ideal way for you and your little one to meet new friends. Times are available on Saturdays, so you don’t have to miss important activities like work or school to attend. Just make sure to pre-register and save your seat.

  • Location:  550 Discovery Blvd., Cedar Park.

We hope your family enjoys these art installations and that they stimulate and inspire your child’s imagination. We take art seriously at Crème de la Crème of Cedar Park, Texas. Your child will benefit from our private preschool’s art studio program, from improved motor and problem-solving skills to blossoming creativity. So drop us a line today to learn more about the advantages of art education.