Music is a vital element of any child’s education, whether they learn songs that teach them different subjects, dive into music history in a music appreciation class, or take lessons to learn how to play an instrument. In addition to music education at their school, your kids can also take lessons and join music groups through a local music school. Here are six of our favorite places for kids to take music classes in Ashburn, Virginia.

Music Loft

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The Music Loft is a local music school that offers lessons for kids and adults via online virtual classes and/or individual lessons. No matter which classes your child takes, they’re going to be working with highly trained and passionate music instructors who have years of experience. This school offers lessons and classes in a wide variety of instruments, including piano, strings, woodwinds, brass, and voice.

Children just getting started can take a beginner’s class if the school is currently offering one in their chosen instrument. Or, they can take the Standards of Musical Achievement course, which features lessons tailored to a student’s skills, education in basic music theory, and introductions to different genres of music from around the world and throughout history. Kids with years of practice and who show a lot of talent may be recommended to enroll in the Royal Conservatory Certificate program, an advanced practice course with more emphasis on mastery and developing skills in sight reading, ear training, and others.

This school hosts multiple recitals throughout the year so students can showcase their skills and talents. If your child isn’t quite ready to tackle lessons on their own, consider signing them up for The Music Loft’s weekly Friday Night Music nights, which lets students try a variety of styles and instruments. They can play in a rock band one week, sing a capella another week, and play ukulele one week.

Mintons Academy of Music

Mintons Academy of Music provides in-person and virtual online lessons in piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, ukulele, percussion, woodwinds, brass, strings, and voice. Whether your child is a complete beginner or has some previous practice under their belt, Mintons has an individual lesson program with an experienced music instructor just for them. You can sign your child up for four 30-minute lessons per month.

If your child is a little too young for lessons, sign them up for Mintons Academy of Music’s Music Fun Time class. This group class, for ages 2 to 5 years old, introduces little maestros to playing piano, recorder, percussion, and other kid-friendly instruments. They learn basic music theory and appreciation and may even get some musical lessons in math and science, too.

School of Rock Ashburn

School of Rock is a national music school, and it has a location right here in Ashburn. Here’s the reason this school offers lessons and classes all over the country: it has some of the most engaging music education and performance programs for kids of all ages. Your child will pick their chosen instrument, like guitar, bass, percussion, voice, or even one from the woodwind or brass families. Then, they get to take one-on-one lessons and group classes that have them forming a band with other students.

Kids ages 6 to 7 start in the Rookie class, where they learn all about basic music theory and can test out different instruments to find which one they love playing. Children ages 8 to 13 head to Rock 101, where they learn how to play classic rock songs on their chosen instrument and play with a band of their peers. Kids ages 8 to 18 can also take the Performance program, which focuses more on band practice, playing as a unit, and getting comfortable with performing. 

If your kids do really well in these programs, they may make it to the House Band, where they join a band of their peers and do local gigs, or the AllStars program, where they join a band that does a summer tour around the country. In addition to these programs, the School of Rock also offers a songwriting course and a variety of fun online music classes for all ages.

Notes n’ Beats Music School

Notes n’ Beats Music School combines education and training in classical music with a healthy dose of other genres, including musical theater, pop, rock, and Indian music. Your kids can take lessons in Western and Indian classical music and alternative genres with instruments like vocals, violin, guitar, piano, and drums. This school offers multiple recitals per year for students to show off their hard work and talents, and they can perform solo or join a band or ensemble organized by the school. What’s more, this school currently offers classes and lessons both in-person and virtually. 

A&A Music

A&A Music offers private lessons in piano and keyboard, guitar, violin, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, vocals, and more. Each student goes through a personalized program that is paced just for them. Plus, this music school offers lessons to students with little to no prior musical knowledge or practice. This school’s curriculum focuses on ear training, sight reading, performance preparation, and many other vital elements of learning an instrument.

Opus School of Music and Conservatory

Opus School of Music and Conservatory started as a local piano school, but now they offer lessons in piano, vocals, cello, violin, flute, viola, guitar, ukulele, and percussion. Depending on your child’s previous experience with their instrument, their age, and how fast they want to progress, your child can take weekly 30-, 45-, 60-, or 75-minute lessons. This school’s curriculum is modeled after the Royal Conservatory and features education in skills like music theory, performance, ear training, musical improvisation, composition, sight reading, and historical literacy. All lessons at Opus Conservatory are one-on-one sessions that are tailored to your little musician’s needs.

At Crème de la Crème of Port Potomac, we know how beneficial music education can be to your child’s cognitive and creative development. That’s why we incorporate singing and kid-friendly instruments into our lessons and even have our own music studio in the classroom rotation. Contact us today to learn more about how we can use music to promote your child’s development.