Texas is a large state with many great cities and towns to raise a family. The Woodlands, Texas, is an excellent city with multiple amenities to offer newcomers. Designed specifically for families, this is a great choice for people who want to raise children. If you’re looking for a city to move to in Texas, consider The Woodlands as a place to settle down. Here are several reasons you may want to move to The Woodlands, Texas.


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As you look for a place to raise your children, you’ll probably determine which schools offer the best education and opportunities. There are many schools to choose from in The Woodlands. Here are a few top-rated schools that you might choose from to send your kids.

The John Cooper School

The John Cooper School seeks to provide a caring and welcoming environment for all its students. As a privately run, college preparatory day school, the teachers strive to enable students to become critical thinkers and strong communicators. They provide education from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

The Woodlands Classical Academy

The Woodlands Classical Academy is a charter school in the area. The institution provides public education for students from kindergarten through ninth grade. This may be a good choice for your family if you want your children to attend a classical school with distinctive principles of education.

The Woodlands High School

Once your children reach high school, consider sending them to The Woodlands High School, which is a large public school in town. The high school accommodates high school students between ninth and 12th grade. The school strives to prepare students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens of the community.


Another great reason to move to The Woodlands is its location. As a suburb of Houston, The Woodlands has more natural surroundings than the big city, with plenty of acreage for you to enjoy outdoor activities. This makes The Woodlands an excellent suburb for families with children who love physical activities or active adults. Being just 30 miles away from Houston is another benefit since you can easily make a trip into the city for entertainment, sporting events, shopping, or a night out.

With all of the available space in The Woodlands, you can find hundreds of biking trails and hiking paths to explore. There are over 100 parks in the city and multiple swimming pools available for residents. With a focus on being family-friendly, there are locations for youth sports as well. You can enjoy basketball courts, playgrounds, and soccer fields as your children decide which sport to play.

Social Offerings and Activities

There are many social amenities in The Woodlands. There are hundreds of restaurants to choose from, allowing your family to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner out. The Woodlands has many events to keep people entertained, such as an art festival, a golf tournament, and more. The city organizes events for young citizens as well, often with a special theme, like Arts in the Park or the Teen Talent Show. You can view the social events calendar on the city’s website to learn more about fun events.

Aside from events, the city also offers multiple activities for people of all ages. There are recreational programs, like Tai Chi, kayaking, or fishing, in which people can participate. With so many programs to choose from, you can find something for everyone in your family to enjoy. This guarantees busy summers and plenty of opportunities to meet others who live in your neighborhood and the broader community.

Safety and Health

The Woodlands is a family-friendly part of Texas, with low crime rates and high rates of security. If you choose to move to this neighborhood, you can feel comfortable and safe as you raise your family. The welcoming atmosphere can make it easier to get to know your neighbors, which can increase your sense of safety and security.

Health is another important aspect involved in creating a sustainable life in The Woodlands. There are multiple high-ranking hospitals and medical clinics nearby The Woodlands, with world-class centers just a few minutes away in Houston. You can rely on practitioners to care for you and your family members, whether you visit a hospital, private practice, or a medical clinic.

Real Estate

The Woodlands has received attention as an affordable and practical location to purchase a house. If you want to find a city to settle down in and create a home that your family can enjoy, The Woodlands is a great place to buy. There’s a robust real estate market, with high-value homes. If you prefer to rent, there are multiple properties available to you at an affordable monthly cost. With all the amenities, safety, and access to resources, The Woodlands is a special city where yo can feel at home.


As with most places in Texas, you can expect warm summers in The Woodlands. Based on the city’s location within the state, you’ll enjoy warmer winters, with average highs above 60 degrees year-round. There are many more days in the year when the sun is out than not, which makes the weather in The Woodlands well suited to the outdoor activities and other amenities available in the city.

Employment Levels

Moving to a new city can have various impacts on employment, and finding a new job can be a complex process. However, the employment rates in The Woodlands are significantly higher than in other cities in the state. With low unemployment, you can feel confident entering the job market in The Woodlands. As your family grows up, they may find the job opportunities in town to be beneficial for their interests as well.

Hopefully, this list provided you with important information to help you make a decision about where to move. The Woodlands is an excellent option for families or young adults looking for a place to call home. If you have another reason you enjoy living in The Woodlands, let us know. You can contact us, and we’ll add it to our list of reasons to move here.