You might think of Las Vegas as a nightlife destination, but this historical Southwestern city has plenty more to offer. From urban attractions to outdoor retreats, it’s an ideal locale for families to call home. Here are five of our top reasons to consider moving to Las Vegas.

The Unmatched Entertainment

The Las Vegas strip lit up at night

Las Vegas Strip by Justin Dwis is licensed with Public Domain Mark 1.0

It’s no secret that the Las Vegas Strip is the epicenter of gambling, showgirls, and drive-thru wedding chapels. It earned the nickname Sin City for a reason, and you’re unlikely to find a round-the-clock party quite like it anywhere else. While residents leave this area of the city to the tourists most days, local music lovers take to the Strip to enjoy concerts by some of today’s hottest artists. Sports fans are in luck, too. Check out the Vegas Golden Knights at T-Mobile Arena, or cheer on the Las Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium.

Off the Strip, Las Vegas offers plenty of cultural and educational entertainment for the whole family. The fine arts scene in the city is thriving, with venues featuring art for every age and interest. Area galleries like the Omega Mart by Meow Wolf allow for interactive visual art experiences, while The Smith Center hosts some of the area’s most talented performing artists. Adults and older kids enjoy learning about the history of the city at eclectic museums like the Neon Museum Las Vegas and the Mob Museum (best suited for teens and older), and DISCOVERY Children’s Museum is a big hit with the younger ones.

The World-Class Food

You might be surprised to learn that the Las Vegas culinary scene extends far beyond street food, late-night bar bites, and casino buffets. While this was once the case, chefs began realizing the opportunity to change the food landscape in Las Vegas in the mid-1990s. After many found success opening fine dining restaurants inside luxury resorts, like Wolfgang Puck’s Spago inside the Bellagio Hotel & Casino, the next generation of culinary masters embraced the concept of trendy, creative cuisine. The city now boasts some of the best of both worlds, both on and off the Strip.

Nevada is the birthplace of only about a quarter of its residents, making it the state with the highest population of non-native residents. Transplanted locals hail from around the globe, and their cultural influence is evident in the Las Vegas food scene. Savor upscale Chinese dishes at the Michelin-starred Wing Lei, revel in reimagined comfort foods at Honey Salt, or grab some authentic Mexican favorites from the famous Tacos El Gordo. No matter how long you live in Las Vegas, there’s always something new and delicious to try.

The Sunny Weather

Here’s an advantage that may be the only reason you need to move to Las Vegas: It rarely snows. If you’re tired of scraping ice off your windshield and shoveling your driveway three or more months out of the year, you’re in luck. While you might experience a dusting from time to time, Nevada’s subtropical desert climate keeps most winters mild and cool with average highs in the 50s and 60s. Spring and fall temperatures linger in the 80s and low 90s, giving Las Vegas an almost year-round summer.

Sure, summers are long and hot, but don’t let those averages in the 100s scare you. Las Vegas is in the Mojave Desert, making it extremely hot but also very dry. Humidity is virtually non-existent, so that thick, sticky air you’ll find in many other areas of the country isn’t a concern. Many residents find that the dry air makes the heat tolerable, allowing them to enjoy the sunny weather without the discomfort.

The Natural Wonders

One of the many ways you can enjoy the Las Vegas climate is by exploring the area’s natural wonders. While the city itself is an urban oasis, it sits inside a sprawling desert landscape that features ample opportunities for outdoor activities. Rock climbing, hiking, camping, and mountain biking opportunities abound outside the city, making it easy to slip away with the family for a day trip or take a weekend getaway. You can drive to several state and national parks from Las Vegas in just a few hours, including:

  • Grand Canyon National Park.
  • Death Valley National Park.
  • Yosemite National Park.
  • Zion National Park.
  • Bryce Canyon National Park.
  • Valley of Fire State Park.
  • Red Rock Canyon State Park.
  • Lake Mead National Recreation Area.
  • Ice Age Fossils State Park.

The Thriving Job Market

The tourism industry makes jobs easy to find in Las Vegas, especially if you work in a field like hospitality, casino gaming, or entertainment. Area resorts and casinos are ideal for professionals in travel, management, and security. Chefs and other culinary professionals can pursue a successful career in Las Vegas, whether at one of the city’s countless bars and restaurants or through an independent venture. According to the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, careers in areas like technology, healthcare, and business services have also experienced steady growth in recent years.

In addition to the many opportunities available in Las Vegas’s thriving job market, you can expect to pay less in taxes, too. Nevada is one of only nine states that doesn’t levy a state income tax, so you can save more of what you earn. Use it to invest in home ownership, open your own business, or simply take your family out to enjoy all that Las Vegas and the surrounding area has to offer. 

We at Crème de la Crème of Las Vegas (Farm Rd.) hope you enjoyed our list of reasons to move to the beautiful city of Las Vegas. Did we miss anything? Let us know if you have any recommendations to share. We’d love to know what brought you here. 

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