Welcome to the charming community of Buckhead, GA, where families flourish in a supportive environment. Here, the early stages of parenthood are not just a journey but a celebration. Central to this delightful expedition are the numerous Mommy & Me classes that dot the neighborhood, each with unique flair and offering. 

Mother and child enjoy a beach at sunset.

These classes are not merely about learning but about creating unforgettable experiences and bonds that last a lifetime. Buckhead’s Mommy & Me classes are where every giggle is cherished and every milestone celebrated. Read on to discover some of the finest Mommy & Me classes that promise a blend of learning, love, and laughter.


Play2Learn offers a sanctuary where moms and their little ones come together to play, learn, and grow. Nestled just a short drive from Buckhead, this establishment presents a warm and inviting atmosphere. With classes structured to promote sensory and motor development, Play2Learn is a haven for nurturing creativity and exploratory learning. The friendly instructors guide you through activities that bolster your infant’s development and foster a strong parent-child bond.

Buckhead Music Together

Music is a universal language that bridges hearts, and at Buckhead Music Together, it forms the core of shared experiences between moms and their tots. The rhythm and melody run through the lively classes, offering a platform for emotional and cognitive development. Here, the joy of making music is a shared journey, echoing laughter and harmony through every session.

Gymboree Play & Music

Gymboree Play & Music crafted the interactive sessions to stimulate the curious minds of the young ones while offering a refreshing and fun experience for the moms. The playful ambiance is perfect for making new friends and enjoying a shared learning journey. Here, every class provides a step towards nurturing a lifelong love for learning amidst giggles and claps.

The Little Gym

At The Little Gym, the emphasis is on holistic development. Through engaging activities, moms and their infants explore movement, balance, and coordination. The cheerful environment at The Little Gym is contagious, making every visit a cherished memory.

Kindermusik with Christa

The delicate strains of music at Kindermusik offer a soothing and engaging backdrop for the enriching Mommy & Me classes. Under the gentle guidance of Christa, moms and their little ones delve into a world where rhythm, movement, and emotion merge into a beautiful learning experience.

The Atlanta School of Ballet

The Atlanta School of Ballet offers a wonderful platform for those who love grace and expression. The Mommy & Me classes are a delightful blend of music, movement, and mirth. Engage in the joyous dance sessions and watch as your little one twirls into the fascinating world of ballet.

Spruill Center for the Arts

Creativity finds a perfect companion at Spruill Center for the Arts. The Mommy & Me classes here are a canvas where imagination takes flight amidst colors and crafts. The shared joy of creating something beautiful makes every class a cherished experience.

Atlanta Parent

Atlanta Parent is more than just a class; it’s a community. The Mommy & Me classes offer a supportive environment to share, learn and grow together. The many activities packst every session with learning, fun, and camaraderie.

The Yoga Hive

Experience tranquility and bonding at The Yoga Hive’s Mommy & Me classes. The serene environment is perfect for stretching, relaxing, and enjoying a peaceful moment amidst the bustling journey of parenthood.

Crème de la Crème

Crème de la Crème is synonymous with quality and excellence. Our Mommy & Me classes are a testament to our commitment to providing a nurturing and enriching environment. Here, every class is an adventure filled with learning, love, and laughter.

Mommy and Me in Buckhead

Buckhead, GA, is a treasure trove of Mommy & Me classes, each with unique ethos and offerings. From the harmonic tunes at Buckhead Music Together to the serene ambiance at The Yoga Hive, the journey of parenthood in Buckhead is laden with opportunities to learn, love, and laugh together. And, of course, the exquisite offering at Crème de la Crème adds a touch of luxury to this beautiful journey. The blend of fun-filled learning, shared experiences and the joy of seeing your little one grow and explore the world makes Buckhead’s Mommy & Me classes a delightful chapter in the book of parenting.