As the Texas heat ramps up, Frisco offers a myriad of cool retreats for families looking to splash into summer fun. From sprawling water parks to quaint splash pads, there’s no shortage of water-based activities to keep both the young and the young at heart happy and cool. Here’s your guide to the best pools, splash pads, and water parks in and around Frisco, TX.

A cool swimming pool in Frisco, TX

Frisco Water Park

Dive into the Frisco Water Park for a day of fun under the sun. This park features a lazy river, large water slides, and a custom play area for kids with interactive water features. It’s located within the Frisco Athletic Center, where access is free for members. Non-members can purchase day passes, ensuring everyone has a chance to enjoy the water?.

J.R. Newman Park

Perfect for families with small children, J.R. Newman Park offers a delightful splash pad alongside stable-themed play equipment. Its compact size helps keep the little ones within sight while they enjoy the gentle sprays and fountains?.

Shepherd’s Glen Spray Park

Tucked away near Main Street, Shepherd’s Glen Spray Park is a hidden gem with a variety of water sprays and a nearby playground. It’s an ideal spot for a quieter day out, with plenty of opportunities for kids to play and parents to relax in the shade?.

The Grove Frisco

The Grove Frisco is not just about upscale living; its pools and splash pad are a testament to the community’s commitment to family-friendly fun. Located at the Orchard House, this area offers refreshing water jets and vibrant play settings for all ages??.

Frisco Commons

Known as the largest spray park in Frisco, Frisco Commons offers an array of sprinklers and water features set next to Hope Park. It’s a great place for children to explore and cool off, and with ample seating and facilities, parents can make a day of it??.

Frisco’s array of water parks and splash pads provides countless opportunities for cooling off while enjoying time with family. Whether it’s floating down a lazy river, racing down water slides, or enjoying the simpler pleasures of a splash pad, Frisco has it all. At Crème de la Crème daycare and early learning center, we encourage families to explore these fun and refreshing options as perfect ways to spend a summer day. Don’t forget your sunscreen, and get ready to make a splash in Frisco’s best water spots!

Photo by Enis Yavuz on Unsplash