CSA or Community Supported Agriculture is a terrific way to purchase freshly harvested foods directly from the grower. This healthy alternative is becoming a popular way for many Texas parents to put more nutritious meals on the table. If you need help finding a CSA box near Coppell, you’re in luck. Here are the best places to stock up on produce and other goodies near home.

What is a CSA Box?

Community-supported agriculture, or CSA, is a way for families to connect with local farmers. This type of crop-sharing program usually comes with a subscription, giving you access to your partner farm’s seasonal harvest. Most members join a CSA at the beginning of the growing season and pay one lump sum or in weekly installments for the service.

This program comes with many benefits, from supporting local agriculture and the economy to getting a regular supply of fresh produce and other products. Picking up a CSA box can also save you time. You won’t have to shop for weekly staples, like eggs and dairy, and the quality of locally grown items is often much higher than products trucked to the grocery store. Now that you know how terrific a CSA box program is, here are a few programs that are available near Coppell and what they have to offer:

Comeback Creek Farm

Getting a subscription to a CSA box is becoming more and more popular in Texas. It’s a great way for busy parents like you to provide your families with nutritious foods fresh from the fields that even your toddler will devour. We recommend signing up with Comeback Creek Farm. This small family farm right in Frisco is a popular option. They specialize in high-quality, organically grown produce for some of the area’s best restaurants and to the public through their Farm Box program.

The owners of Comeback Creek, John and Aliza Kilburn, and their staff tend to every plant on their 10-acre plot with their own hands. That means that every non-GMO seed receives individual attention. They believe in using only low-impact, environmentally sustainable methods here. You won’t find synthetic pesticides or other harmful chemicals near the produce, so you can relax knowing this farm’s practices are safe for the growers, the land, and your family.

Whatever comes in this CSA box, you’ll notice its exceptional flavor. With your 8-week subscription, you’ll get a delivery every other week, including specially chosen varieties that are harvested by hand when they’re ripe and just before you receive them. Winter crops feature loads of greens, like kale and spinach, and roots, such as carrots and radishes.

You’ll also get a copy of the farm’s newsletter. It’s filled with information about what’s in the ground, recent harvests, and inspiring recipes that will help you take advantage of any new or unfamiliar foods. You’ll get to know your farmers and exactly where your food comes from with this valuable bulletin. If you have a friend who would benefit from a Farm Box subscription, give them a gift subscription.

Fresh and Local Near You

Fresh and Local Near You is a third-party CSA box service managed by Cole Martel. This local food hub is one of the best sources of fresh and naturally grown food in the area. Thanks to its combined purchasing power, you get access to highly nutritious and non-GMO foods that are often less expensive than traditional outlets. 

You can also fill your pantry and fridge with grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork, eggs, raw milk, cheese, honey, cut flowers, mushrooms, and microgreens. The CSA box program includes a variety of options. You can try it once, sign up weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or lock in a 6-month plan to save the most. There are no minimum purchase or contract requirements, either.

Place your first order through the virtual market, and you’ll get an enrollment and agreement form by email. Then, just drop it off when you get your food or email it back if you choose the home delivery option. There are four locations near Coppell for pickup, including Bedford, Fort Worth, and two in Argyle. It’s an exciting excursion for the kids and a terrific way to enjoy nature near home.

Texas Farm Box

You don’t need to go to a fancy restaurant for a genuine farm-to-table experience. Texas Farm Box is another excellent CSA box provider near Coppell, with a twist. It’s a unique way to have farm-fresh produce, meat, and dairy delivered right to your door. Eating seasonally comes with numerous benefits and encourages a varied diet. Branching out from your favorite grocery-store produce with a CSA subscription from Texas Farm Box will provide you and the kids with essential vitamins and minerals that might be missing from your diet, and it’s easy.

The organization curated a selection of boxes from various local farms and other resources and put them online. Each CSA box subscription comes from a different grower, and that system may seem a bit unorthodox. However, it’s the best way for each farm to reliably provide you with the most delicious farm-fresh foods that Texas has to offer all year round.

This one-stop shop saves you the hassle of hunting for multiple CSAs or for various products, and you can even browse a la carte items. We love getting a whole chicken and several pounds of grass-fed, grain-finished ground beef. If you have a barbeque coming up, order the Happy Griller’s Box and get up to 15 pounds of meat for the big feast. Don’t forget to stock up on Artisan Alley’s coffee and tea, too. Orders are shipped overnight twice a week, usually on Monday and Friday.

Coppell families are fortunate to have a wide selection of CSA box options close to home. With our suggestions, your family can enjoy the farm-to-table experience while supporting local agriculture. If you use another opportunity to grab a CSA box, let us know. Contact the team at Creme de la Creme on S. Denton Tap Rd. so we can share your ideas with other parents.