Music classes are a great way for your kids to learn to express themselves. There are so many instruments to choose from that they’re sure to find something they love. Learning to read and play music also teaches kids new skills. So, whether they’re interested in strings, woodwinds, or playing in a rock band, encouraging your budding musician will reap many rewards. Check out these awesome places in Fishers, Indiana, where you can take your kids to a music class.  

School of Rock

A young child playing an upright piano at a music class in Fishers, IN

School of Rock in Fishers is a great place to take your kids to learn music, especially if they want to play in a band. Here, the teachers are also professional musicians who can help your child take their musical ability to the next level. The most popular program, Rock 101, combines weekly group lessons with individual lessons, so your child will be able to work on their own skills and also learn and have fun practicing with a group. There are also other programs, such as Rookies for the youngest learners or Performance for more experienced kids. 

School of Rock offers lessons for a variety of instruments, including drums, guitar, bass guitar, singing, and piano or keyboard. Your child’s weekly one-on-one lesson will instruct them on proper technique, and you’ll be able to watch as they quickly progress. If your child is an aspiring rock star, they’ll love taking lessons at School of Rock. 

Location: 11740 Olio Road, Suite 100, Fishers. 

Contact: 317-284-1148.

Bach to Rock

You can find classes for all ages at Bach to Rock. For the littlest rockers, there’s a weekly parent-and-child class, where kids can explore singing, stories, and instruments. For preschoolers, instruments such as the chimes and recorder are available, and kids learn about music through stories. Kids aged 5 to 7 can take a group piano class, or if they’re still searching for their favorite instrument, there’s an exploration class that will help young children find the sounds they love. 

For older kids, you can choose between private lessons, group lessons, or ensemble classes, such as band or glee. The instructors at Bach to Rock can teach your child piano, ukulele, guitar, bass guitar, singing, drums, brass instruments, strings, or woodwinds. They also offer classes in D.J. mixing and songwriting for your budding musician. Classes are offered in person or online.

Location: 12514 E. 116th St., Fishers. 

Contact: 317-588-9900.

Ji-Eun Lee Music Academy

At the Ji-Eun Lee Music Academy, your child can take private music lessons to enhance their skills. Kids meet with their teacher weekly for 30 minutes. This place offers lessons for lots of different instruments, including:

  • Piano.
  • Guitar.
  • Flute.
  • Cello.
  • Violin.
  • Banjo. 
  • Bass guitar.
  • Clarinet.
  • Electric guitar. 
  • Saxophone.
  • Voice.
  • Ukulele.
  • Viola.
  • Trumpet.

If your kids are interested in playing with a group, the Ji-Eun Lee Music Academy offers two options: the Kidz Orchestra or the Kidzrock program.

Kidz Orchestra is for kids who play strings and would like to perform with a group. Kids in this class are aged 8 and up and have mastered a certain level of skill on their instrument. There’ll be a performance at the end of each semester. This is an excellent way for kids to both learn music and have fun with their friends. Kidzrock is geared toward kids aged 4 to 7 and teaches them the basics of drums, keyboard, and guitar. They will perform in a concert every 10-12 weeks. 

Location: 10029 E. 126th St., Suite D, Fishers. 

Contact: 317-576-5562.

Eppert Piano Studio

The owner of Eppert Piano Studio, Sally Eppert, has worked with both kids and adults in music education for over 35 years. She is truly an expert in her field and can help your child reach their maximum potential for music learning. Piano lessons are offered as either group or individual classes. If you opt for group classes, there are two levels: one for younger students and one for slightly older children. Kids in these classes meet in a small group for an hour each week to learn new skills and play together. 

Individual classes are also available, where your child will meet one-on-one with their teacher weekly for a formal lesson lasting 30 minutes. Another 30 minutes, either before or after their lesson, is dedicated to working on other skills, such as ear training, sight reading, or practice strategies. Individual classes are also available for both piano and guitar.

Location: 8580 Shoe Overlook Drive, Fishers. 

Contact: 317-507-3171.

Gillespie Music Studio

Gillespie Music Studio opened its doors in 1990 and has been helping kids excel in music ever since. Owner T.H. Gillespie has dedicated his life to music and wants to help your kids be their very best when it comes to playing an instrument. This music studio offers classes in piano, guitar, and bass guitar. Gillespie believes in teaching not only classical skills but also arrangement and improvisation to even the youngest students. Lessons also include ear-training exercises to improve recognition skills. 

For younger students, lessons are 30 minutes long, and older students will spend an hour in class. A unique aspect of this studio is that kids may learn multiple instruments during the same lesson. So, if your child wants to learn guitar and piano, they can split the lesson time and practice both instruments. Gillespie Music Studio also offers a free trial lesson for your child, so you have nothing to lose in giving classes here a try. 

Location: 11312 Crows Nest, Fishers.

Contact: 317-537-7661.

Feed Your Child’s Passion for Music

Here in Fishers, Indiana, we’re lucky to have so many great options for music classes. From guitar to singing to violin, you’ll be able to help your little one find the instrument they’re passionate about and watch them progress from amateur to awesome. At Crème de la Crème, we’re passionate about kids’ education. We hope you found this list helpful in deciding where to enroll your future rockstar in music classes. 

Young Pianist by Clark Young is licensed with Unsplash License