Are you an art lover looking to support your local creative community? From art galleries to outdoor sculptures, there are plenty of public art pieces to admire in the area. Here’s a list of places to find incredible art installations in Lone Tree, Colorado.

Get Inspired at the Lone Tree Photo Show

People perusing an art installation in Lone Tree, CO

Every summer, the Lone Tree Arts Center hosts the Lone Tree Photo Show, exhibiting stunning photos by local photographers. You’ll find a variety of photography categories on display, such as landscapes, wild animals, sports, nightscapes, and portraits. Each photo captures a different style, feeling, or subject that’s unique to the photographer. You can catch the Best of Show showcase from June 8 to July 16, 2023.

Mark your calendar for the Lone Tree Art Expo this fall, beginning Oct. 5, for a chance to see an eclectic display of creative talent from local artists. This exposition encourages artists to submit artwork in various mediums, including watercolor paintings, charcoal drawings, and handcrafted sculptures. Bring your family to the expo so you can feel awe-inspired together.

  • Location: Lone Tree Arts Center at 10075 Commons St., Lone Tree.
  • Contact: 720-509-1000.

Stand Tall With Outdoor Sculptures

For art experiences you can enjoy year-round, check out these incredible outdoor sculptures in the Lone Tree, Colorado, area:

Peace Strings and We Good Stewards

Stop by your local Lone Tree library to view two art installations along the paved path to the library. Here, you’ll discover the “Peace Strings” sculpture by Janene DiRico-Cable, featuring a darling flock of white doves with hearts carved into their centers. The “We Good Stewards” sculpture by Justin Deister comprises repurposed materials from the artist’s home, such as a water filtration tank and a pulley from a car engine. With his art piece, Justin hopes to inspire others to rely on their natural resources to be better stewards of our world.

Both outdoor art sculptures are on display outside the Douglas County Library in Lone Tree near the corner of Commons Street and Arts Center Drive. Be sure to check out a book at the library before you leave. Perhaps you could find an inspiring book about art to cultivate your family’s creativity at home.

  • Location: 10055 Library Way, Lone Tree.
  • Library Contact: 303-791-7323.

Groovy Peace Sign

Located outside the Eastridge Recreation Center, the “Groovy Peace Sign” sculpture by Joe and Terry Malesky captures the spirit of peace, hope, and love. This giant peace sign is colorfully adorned with suns, flowers, and butterflies, perfect for instilling a sense of joy in you. Pose for a family picture with your kids next to this outdoor art piece before you head into the rec center to swim at the pool or play a game of sand volleyball at the nearby court.

  • Location: 9568 S. University Blvd., Highlands Ranch.
  • Recreation Center Contact: 303-471-8858.

Walk Across the Leaf Pedestrian Bridge

Lone Tree, Colorado, is home to an interesting landmark that attracts locals and tourists because of its design and functionality. The Leaf Pedestrian Bridge crosses over Lincoln Avenue, utilizing an 81-foot leaf sculpture to support its lighted walkway and ramps. The bridge represents the vibrant community of Lone Tree while promoting the beautiful, natural landscape surrounding the art installation. Pedestrians and cyclists love marveling at the sculpture as they cross the street to the connecting shopping plazas. Use it as a meeting point for your next family outing, and snap a few pics as a group.

  • Location: 9624 Lincoln Ave., Lone Tree.

Stroll Through the Art-Filled Hudson Gardens

If you want to spend a day admiring art in an outdoor space, the Hudson Gardens in Littleton, Colorado, is the perfect spot. There are 21 sculptures sprinkled throughout the garden’s 30 acres of walking trails. Turn your visit into a fun scavenger hunt with your kids, and try to locate as many animal sculptures as possible. 

The “Dee Dee & Libby” sculpture by Robin Laws captures a mother donkey and her baby in stunning bronze. “Hanging Around” by Stephen LeBlanc features two bear cubs sleeping in a tree. Turn around and you’ll find the mother bear in the “Under a Watchful Eye” sculpture looking up at her babies. Access to the gardens is available daily from sunrise to sunset, so you can easily make this art installation experience a monthly or weekly occurrence.

  • Location: 6115 S. Santa Fe Drive, Littleton.
  • Contact: 303-797-8565.

Play Around With Purposeful Art

Did you know there’s art in the Lone Tree area that you can play with? Here’s a list of local parks that feature versatile art pieces you and your kids will enjoy seeing:

Little Dry Creek Park

If your child loves dinosaurs, take them to the Little Dry Creek Park in Centennial. The artist, Monolithic Sculptures, created a big stegosaurus for kids to climb and jump off at the playground. Your kid can count the plates along the stegosaurus’s spine and marvel at its green stripes. 

  • Location: 6389 S. Clermont Court, Centennial.

Altair Park

Pack a picnic lunch and spend some time at the family-friendly Altair Park in Lone Tree. After eating under the covered picnic tables, walk over to the playground to find the “Spaceship.” This outdoor art installation looks like a real spaceship crashed into a mountainside, leaving behind a fun sculpture for your kids to climb.

  • Location: 884 Altair Drive, Lone Tree.

Get Creative at a Local Art Class

Want to make some art of your own? Visit the Parker Art School to develop your creative and critical thinking skills. Explore different styles and mediums with your kids, such as fine art, clay, drawing, glass fusion, or watercolors. Parker Art School has everything you need, from family events to weekly classes for a memorable art-filled experience.

  • Location: 10490 Dransfeldt Road, Parker.
  • Contact: 720-717-5900.

Explore Lone Tree’s Neighborhood Art Scene

Many of these local art pieces inspire your child’s imagination and curiosity. Here at Crème de la Crème of Lone Tree, we value the importance of art. That’s why we infuse art into many of our daycare, preschool, and after-school programs for children to embrace their creativity. Which art piece are you most excited to see? We look forward to hearing about your adventures in finding these beautiful public art installations.

Image by Markus Spiske is licensed with Pexels License