Learning to play music can help children in many ways during their development: improved listening skills that help them with speech, stronger academic performance, and increased use of creativity and creative thinking. In addition, music classes and instrumental lessons can turn into lifelong hobbies and even amazing creative careers. Here are seven places you can enroll your child in music classes and instrument lessons in the Romeoville, Illinois, area.

Mattix Music Studio

A girl plays the harp at a music class in Romeoville, Illinois

girl playing harp” used with permission via Unsplash by heidiyanulisphotography

Mattix Music Studio is a family-owned and operated music school in nearby Western Springs. This school prides itself on not just teaching children how to play instruments and express themselves through music and dance but also helping children develop qualities like self-discipline and confidence. They accept students of all ages and abilities, and the teachers use a customized approach that helps your children learn at their own pace and in a way they really enjoy.

You can enroll your children in private lessons for voice, piano, violin, viola, and cello, and this school offers at-home and in-studio lessons for your convenience. You can also take parent-and-child music classes with your youngest kids through their Music Together class series. Your children can also take group classes with other little musicians in their age group. What’s more, this school offers lessons in the traditional method, where students learn to play by reading music, and the Suzuki method, where kids learn to play by listening and watching their instructor play.

Brookfield Academy for Mini Musicians

You may have heard of Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians, but this local music school is now called the Brookfield Academy for Mini Musicians. This facility offers “caregiver and me” style classes where you and your child take a music class together, learning the basics of rhythm, melody, and harmony through fun singalongs and games. You can also enroll your little musician in a drop off-style class or camp where they take the class on their own with kids their age. Oh, and they do musical birthday parties for little ones, too!

This school offers classes only for children ages 4 months old to 6 years old. Brookfield Academy for Mini Musicians is located in nearby Brookfield.

Tiny Toes Music

Tiny Toes Music hosts music classes for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, early elementary-age students, and their parents at a variety of local venues. You can catch classes in nearby Burr Ridge, Hinsdale, and Downers Grove, to name a few. And the 20- to 35-minute drive is well worth it. Tiny Toes Music makes classes fun for all age groups, including the parents who attend. Tuition pays for multiple classes during the semester, an illustrated songbook, access to songs for at-home entertainment, and parent education to help you improve your child’s music development at home.

B#Sharp Music for Children

B#Sharp specializes in caregiver-and-child classes for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary school-aged children. Classes are meant to teach you and your children about rhythm and melody, introduce basic music theory and history, and help your family to bond. In addition, you and your kids may even learn sign language and foreign languages as this school incorporates a wide variety of music genres and cultures into its interactive lessons. You can enroll children up to 5 years old in classes that take place in nearby St. Charles.

In addition to parent-and-child classes, you can also enroll your older children, ages 5 to 14, in piano lessons. B#Sharp offers group, small-group, and private lessons. Plus, this school also offers these classes and lessons virtually as well as in St. Charles and Glen Ellyn.

Naperville Music Academy

The Naperville Music Academy in nearby Aurora was named a Top 3 Music School in Aurora, and it hosts group classes and private lessons in a variety of instruments. Your child can learn how to play the drums, guitar, ukulele, violin, viola, or piano. You can enroll your child in voice lessons, too. However, the school is currently offering 20-minute private sessions in lieu of group classes in the Fall 2021 semester and is planning to resume group lessons soon. For private lessons, you can choose between 30-, 45-, and 60-minute lessons.

A Sound Education

A Sound Education focuses on making sure your child has fun while learning how to read music, play chords, and express themselves through song. In addition, many instructors encourage students to bring playlists of songs and genres they like to listen to so they can incorporate those techniques and styles into what your children play. Currently, all lessons are offered virtually, though some instructors are planning to bring back in-home private lessons soon.

This music school offers lessons in nearly two dozen different instruments, including a vast mix of strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion instruments. Plus, this school is also open to providing lessons on other instruments not advertised on their site if they have an instructor who’s skilled enough. Choose this school for instruments like banjo, saxophone, xylophone, mandolin, French horn, and organ, among many others. Students can perform in recitals and concerts to show off their skills, and you can even rent the instrument through the school’s shop.

School of Rock – Naperville

School of Rock is a national chain of awesome music schools that teach children how to play instruments, develop confidence in their skills, and manage their stage fright all thanks to the power of rock ‘n’ roll. Your children can take private lessons, join group lessons that are more like band practice, and even perform as part of a real rock band on tour, thanks to the school’s special House Band and AllStars programs. Kids can even take songwriting classes, too.

You can enroll your little rock stars as young as 3 years old in a School of Rock class. And they can keep taking kids classes until they turn 18, when they have to enroll in adult classes and rock out there.

At Crème de la Crème of Romeoville, we know how important music can be to a child’s cognitive, emotional, and physical development. That’s why we incorporate music into many of our lessons and even offer music classes as part of our whole-child curriculum. Contact us to learn more about how our before and after-school programs, daycare, and camps can help your children thrive.