Whether you’re fluent in another language yourself or you’re looking for a fun extracurricular activity that can teach your child skills they’ll use throughout their life, there’s no denying the many benefits kids get when they start learning another language early. Kids can naturally learn languages more easily than adults, and research has found that children who do learn a second language tend to have more success in their education and careers.

Experience in another language lets kids explore cultures other than their own, making them curious, empathetic, and open to new ideas. Learning another language can even help boost your child’s comprehension of English grammar! Kids can reap these benefits with any language they decide to learn, so no matter their interests and goals, you’ll find a class in the area that works well.

Of course, if you don’t know where to look, finding the right language classes for kids can feel like a struggle. That’s where Crème de la Crème of Glenview comes in. We’ve put together this list of language classes in the area surrounding Glenview to help get you started.

Discovery Language Programs

Two young children playing with letter blocks during a language class near Glenview, IL

two toddler playing letter cubes” used with permission via Unsplash via Unsplash by Marisa Howenstine

Discovery Language Programs offers a local opportunity for kids to learn a new language. Located in nearby Schaumburg, this non-profit educational organization offers foreign language enrichment programs to young learners whose first language is English. The programs are tailored to kiddos from kindergarten through eighth grade, making it easier than ever to start your child on the amazing journey of learning another language.

Since 1992, Discover Language Programs has offered enrichment and in-curriculum classes to elementary and middle school students in the Chicago area. You’ll find classes that cover a range of languages here, including French, Italian, Spanish, German, Polish, and Mandarin. The organization was started by an international group of experienced educators seeking to deliver the best possible foreign language education. The curriculum, carefully designed by educational specialists experienced in foreign language instruction, makes good on that promise.

Kids learn through classes taught using a natural, oral approach and gradual immersion. Students in these classes start building their own oral language skills through songs, games, and other hands-on activities, moving to reading and writing skills as that becomes age-appropriate. The classes introduce kids to other cultures so that they become aware of multicultural issues, all while learning language skills in the chosen language. So, if your child is interested in one of the languages the Discover Language Programs classes cover, you’ll want to check out this popular organization.

Alliance Française de Chicago

You can’t go wrong with Alliance Française if your child wants to start learning French from a young age. Alliance Française Chicago’s kids and teens classes offer an amazing option not far from Glenview.

You’ll find classes available for kids starting at 1 year old, so you can introduce your child to French from a very early age. No background in French? No problem! Alliance Française arranges classes by both age and French level, so participants get the best possible language instruction based on their development.

With classes for all ages and all language levels available, you can rest assured you’ll find a good fit for your child here. They’ll have fun with their new amis as they learn new words and language skills.


The Instituto Cervantes is the world’s largest international Spanish teaching organization, and they have a center right in Chicago! So, if you’re looking for Spanish classes, you’ll want to have CervantesKids on your list of local places to check out.

Kids get to explore Spanish through an internationally recognized curriculum taught by native teachers from Spain and Latin America who are experienced child education professionals. You’ll find both group classes and private classes available via CervantesKids, as well as classes designed for a wide range of ages.

CervantesKids even offers programs designed especially for heritage speakers and toddlers. All in all, no matter your child’s age or background speaking Spanish, you’re sure to find a language class that fits well with their needs.

Casa Italia Chicago

If you’re looking for local places for your children to learn Italian, Casa Italia Chicago offers some great options. A slate of children’s Italian classes, as well as a summer camp, make learning Italian fun for bambini in the area.

You’ll find classes in various locations throughout Chicagoland. Kids between 5 and 7 years old can start with Exploratory Italian classes, while kids between 8 and 13 can enroll in Beginning through Advanced Italian classes. No matter the level, kids here have memorable cultural experiences while learning language skills.

From fairy tales to games, songs to learning materials like textbooks, the Casa Italia’s children’s classes build on the organization’s goal of celebrating Italian heritage and ensuring the passage of values to future generations. The immersive opportunities here make learning a language fun.


ChinaFriends offers an assortment of language-learning opportunities for kids and adults around Chicago. Founded in 2004, the organization delivers Chinese language and cultural education through ChinaFriends programs for both kids and adults.

A variety of program formats make it incredibly easy to find language learning that meets your needs. Small group lessons offer fun but effective language training for children and adults looking to practice Mandarin in context. You can also opt for one-on-one lessons for a personalized learning experience. ChinaFriends also offers a heritage program for native and second-generation speakers to support learners who are exposed to the language at home.

You don’t even need to travel to make use of this resource. ChinaFriends also offers online lessons, letting you practice Chinese remotely with a native speaker at your convenience.That wraps up Crème de la Crème of Glenview’s list of kid-friendly language programs close to home. We hope you’re feeling inspired to let your child start learning a new language! Do you have a favorite language class or organization located close to Glenview that we didn’t include on this list? Drop us a line if you do. We’d love to share your recommendation for other local families to explore.