Having your child take music lessons helps them develop fine and gross motor skills, improve their cognitive abilities, and foster an early emotional attachment to music. In addition, children learn how to focus on a task, be patient, and be willing to risk a few mistakes to achieve perfecting skill with an instrument. When searching for the perfect music class for your child in the Coppell, Texas, area you have several choices, whether you want them to learn classical piano or rock guitar.

Coppell Music Academy

A child's hands playing the keys on a piano in a Coppell, TX music class.
Piano Lesson by rok1966 is licensed by CC BY-SA 2.0

At Coppell Music Academy, your child will get a workable education plan to help propel them on their musical journey. The teachers and staff at the Coppell Music Academy use research-based tools and methodologies to help your child progress through their music practices and reach their goals in a fun and nurturing environment. This music academy offers private or group classes for piano, guitar, drum, violin, viola, cello, and voice.

The teachers instruct a variety of music genres, from jazz to country, classical to blues. Kids can embrace their musical preferences by learning simple chords, songs, and melodies and then build on these foundations to become proficient in their instrument, voice, or music composition style. Whether your child wants one-on-one music lessons or group sessions, they’ll excel in their musical education at Coppell Music Academy.

Location: 260 N. Denton Tap Road, Suite 120

Contact: 469-609-7527

Coppell Music Studio

The teachers at Coppell Music Studio believe in early childhood music education to help kids with their musical odyssey. The owners of Coppell Music Studio have years of experience teaching music lessons and have impressive backgrounds. Sergio Rodriguez received his doctorate in guitar history and methods with a minor degree in conducting, and he currently teaches group and private guitar classes.

If you want your child to take piano lessons, you’ll have Lauren K. Harder as the instructor. Ms. Harder completed her bachelor of music degree at the University of Austin and received her master of music in piano performance from Miami University. Today, this musical educational power team teaches guitar or piano at the Coppell Music Studio where their students often perform at festivals and competitions.

Location: Contact the instructors for specifics on their teaching location

Contact: 469-269-8436

School of Rock

Is your child a fan of eclectic music such as rock and roll, jazz, and pop? If so, they’ll enjoy music lessons from the School of Rock Flower Mound. The teachers and staff at the School of Rock encourage kids to become proficient with their instrument of choice, voice, and stage presence to become future musical performers. Instructors at the School of Rock help aspiring musicians build the skills and confidence to develop their style of music built on musical theories, tips, and techniques.

Kids can learn to play piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, or keyboards to get into a performing band. This music school also offers music theory, singing lessons, and stage presence to help youngsters gain the confidence needed to perform in front of an audience. The primary mission of the teachers at the School of Rock is to give kids the tools needed to become skilled musicians wherever their musical journey takes them.

Location: 3501 Long Prairie Road #102 in Flower Mound

Contact: 972-539-0761

3 M’s Academy of Music

At 3 M’s Academy of Music, students of all ages can learn music theory with practical application through piano, guitar, brass instruments, percussion, and classic string instruments. Students attending 3 M’s Academy of Music can also learn about music recording, scoring, and composition.

These music lessons help prepare students to pass state and local music theory tests, apply for a music college or university exam, or prepare for competitions like American Idol. When your child wants to take their musical education to a professional level, consider enrolling them in the 3 M’s Academy of Music.

Location: 757 S. MacArthur Blvd. #157

Contact: 972-393-0600

Rojas School of Music

At Rojas Scholl of Music, the teachers help build community through music at either of the music schools in Grapevine or Flower Mound. Kids of all abilities can learn piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, flute, drums, percussion, or voice in a fun and nurturing environment. The professional teachers at this school have a vast amount of music and teaching background, so you can rest assured your child will get a top-notch musical education.

Because the teachers have educational and musical backgrounds, they understand how to tailor and customize the program for each child’s learning pace to help encourage their students to build self-confidence in their musical abilities. Your child can begin with private lessons, then move on to group lessons as their confidence develops.

Once your child grasps the concepts of the instrument and genre of music they are studying, they can begin to perform in ensembles. Select classes at the Rojas School of Music to help your child learn how to play music in unison while harmonizing their voices. If you have a young toddler, you can enroll them in Kindermusik to help them learn at an early age the power and joy of music education.

Location: 1469 W. State Highway 114, Suite 604, in Grapevine

Contact: 817-329-3222

Location: 2221 Cross Timbers Road #115 in Flower Mound

Contact: 972-656-9022

Our team at Crème de la Crème of Coppell (N. MacArthur Blvd.) encourages children to learn and appreciate music. As part of our daycare and early learning center, we have children as young as toddlers engage in our music programs, and we enjoy watching their faces light up with delight when they’re playing an instrument, singing, or dancing.

Which of these Coppell music schools for kids does your child attend? What instrument or genre of music do they enjoy the most? Can you recommend a music class, studio, or teacher we missed here? If so, let us know. We always enjoy learning about places in Coppell where children can foster their love of music.