Yoga can improve everyone’s physical health and mental well-being, even your children’s. It strengthens balance and endurance, plus it offers many psychological benefits as well. Use our guide to find quality yoga classes for your little ones near Glenview, Illinois, and watch your kids shine.

Movement Junkies

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If you want to help your child improve their classroom behavior or academic performance, consider yoga. Experts suggest it can help improve focus, classroom conduct, and academic performance. Regular time on the mat can also boost self-esteem and reduce anxiety and stress in children.

Movement Junkies is an outstanding youth program led by special education teacher and master yogi Robin Taxman. Join her at Bright Bowls on Central Avenue for yoga camps. Ms. Robin designed these camps for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade. There’s even a drop-in Roots class on Mondays after school. With a goal to share this gift with every Glenview child, this fantastic instructor will even host a lesson in your backyard.

Dive into the yogi culture and host your child’s next birthday party with Movement Junkies. Invite their grandparents and siblings, and Ms. Robin will provide the props, music, and, of course, yoga for a magical event at any venue you choose.


Yoga is a complex discipline that offers numerous branches. Traditional hatha is the most common and probably the best style for newbies and kids. They’ll learn the foundations of this ancient art at Samadhi on North Waukegan Road. This intimate studio touts unique features like cozy heated floors, warm lighting, calming colors, and soothing tones from the surround-sound stereo system.

Yoga encompasses fitness in both the body and mind, and with Samadhi’s wonderful community spirit and peaceful atmosphere, you’ll see your child grow in a nonjudgmental environment. If your kids have never done yoga before, stick to the Gentle, Fundamentals, or Level I classes. The patient teachers will observe and coach them while they get the hang of it. New students can also take advantage of Samadhi’s introductory offer. You’ll get three classes for just $20.

Evolution Yoga

Learning yoga’s physical postures, called asanas, helps your kids build confidence, resilience, and a better mind-body connection. Evolution Yoga is a warm and inviting place to study. It provides various styles of yoga classes to students of all ages. So, join your friends and neighbors at this clean, beautiful studio and become more grounded, at peace, happy, and healthy.

Your children will get plenty of individual attention, plus each teacher has their own style, making every experience unique. The coaches designed Evolution’s long list of challenging yet thoughtfully paced yoga classes to transform your mind, body, and spirit. These consciously engineered movements connect your mind with the rhythm of your breath to quiet your thoughts and increase the body’s mobility. This relaxed studio even offers prenatal and postnatal sessions.

The staff at Evolution Yoga also offers other homeopathic wellness services, like massage and acupuncture. Small class sizes and a $29 two-week unlimited access pass for new students are a few more perks your family will get at Evolution Yoga.

North Suburban YMCA

If you are a parent who also does yoga, encourage the whole family to bond at your local YMCA on Techny Road. Develop mindfulness and find your center with this outstanding non-profit’s various local health and fitness programs. Instructors at this Y branch have made it their mission to help you and your kids reach your yoga goals with classes like Gentle Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, and Yoga Sculpt. In addition, there’s a chair yoga class for seniors or people recovering from an injury.

When you join this club, you get nationwide access to any branch so that you can practice yoga on vacation. The Y also offers financial assistance to those families that need a hand paying for classes. The YMCA provides a long list of services for kids, from skills development courses and visual arts programs to gymnastics and dance.

Glenview Park District

Did you know that the city of Glenview offers affordable yoga classes to residents? Programs like Yoga On The Prairie are a terrific way to benefit from this popular healthy activity. Beginners and intermediate-level students in the family will improve balance and flexibility to create a deep sense of well-being.

One study published on the National Library of Medicine’s website reports that yoga can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression in children and adolescents. Your child will connect breath to movement with this class while focusing on alignment. Yogis meet at the Tyner Interpretive Center on Compass Road on Saturday mornings at 8 a.m. So, bring your mat and start your weekend off strong.

Cosmic Kids

Make yoga fun and playful for kids, whether you’re practicing in the studio or on your mat at home. Because of the recent shift in our culture, we’ve learned that we can do yoga anywhere, even in front of the family’s couch. Plus, at-home classes may even save you a few bucks.

Cosmic Kids is a superb online resource for parents who want to enroll their family in online yoga classes. This team of yoga gurus uses stories, role-play, and general silliness to encourage your children to move. You can try it free for two weeks to ensure this learning style works best for your budding yogis.

Stream the lessons on your computer, mobile device, or TV anytime your child has a few minutes to devote to practicing their postures and breathing techniques. Sort the playlists by length, energy level, and category so your child can customize their yoga journey based on how they’re feeling at the moment.

So, there you have it. Crème de la Crème of Glenview informed you of the best places to take your kids to learn age-old yoga strategies. Did you like our picks? Did we miss a favorite studio of yours — one Illinois locals love? Let us know if we did! Drop us a line, and we’ll add your ideas to our growing guide.