When children learn how to cook and get interested in cooking, they understand the connection between what they eat and how foods arrive on their plates. Through reading a recipe and preparing a dish, children engage with math and reading, developing enduring skills that’ll serve them throughout their lifetime. Learning about foods from various cultures also hones their intercultural awareness. A fantastic way to get kids interested in cooking is through in-person or virtual cooking classes, including those available in Cedar Park, Texas.

Bake Austin

A small child helping decorate a pastry with raspberries in Cedar Park, TX

To connect with a community of adults and kids passionate about cooking and food, Bake Austin offers a robust slate of online cooking classes that’ll stretch your children’s culinary capabilities as they learn to prepare savory and sweet baked treats. Taught by baking educator Chef Pascal Simon, Bake Austin’s cooking classes engage kids in hands-on, how-to techniques that allow them to hone their culinary competence through live, virtual cooking instruction.

To participate, sign up for a class using the online listings. When you enroll, you’ll receive a shopping list and recipes before the class begins. Purchase the ingredients and show up to class with all the essentials. Chef Pascal will teach you and your kids what to do from there as she guides you through her recipes.

Bake Austin also offers popular summer camp cooking classes for kids, including four in-person camps in Austin. Topics range from a cake camp to a week devoted to Italian cooking, and prices vary by camp. Register as soon as possible, as camp spots fill up quickly.

  • Location:  1706 E. 38 1/2 St., Austin.
  • Telephone:  512-997-8277.

Central Market

Explore new cooking techniques and prepare standout dishes with a cooking class from Central Market in Austin. Taught by Central Market’s expert cooking school instructors, the cooking classes offer edible fun for children of all ages. Topics include preparing Tex-Mex sheet-pan meals and mastering the art of sushi basics. The hands-on instruction style of the course allows children and parents to practice their food preparation skills, explore foods from various cultures, and spend time together engaging in an activity that develops enduring skills, such as creativity, collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and more.

Upon checking in for their class, all participants must sign a waiver. The instructors ask all attendees to arrive at least five minutes before the class start time. Fees for the cooking school vary, ranging from $60 to $90, depending upon the topic. Tickets are priced per person. Visit Central Market’s website and select the Austin North Lamar Boulevard location to view a list of all upcoming program topics, dates, and times.

  • Location:  4001 N. Lamar Blvd., Austin.
  • Telephone:  512-206-1000.

Kitchen House

Bring your aspiring chefs to the Kitchen House for a hands-on cooking extravaganza. Created by Leah Smith, owner and registered dietitian, Kitchen House educates, encourages, and excites kids to develop a love for creating delicious foods. Through its weekly classes, weeklong camps, one-day workshops, and birthday parties, Kitchen House lets kids roll up their sleeves and have fun learning through cooking.

Junior Chef classes introduce kids to nutrition qualities and fundamental culinary techniques based on the five food groups. Your little chefs will explore new recipes, build nutritional knowledge, and taste the results of their learning. These eight-week classes are suitable for children ages 5 to 9. 

The popular summer camp programs cover diverse culinary topics, including baking basics, boosting creativity through art and cooking, and preparing simple snacks. The programs are suitable for children ages 5 to 10. Book early for these camp experiences, as spaces fill up quickly.

  • Location:  1514 Dandridge Drive, Cedar Park.
  • Telephone:  512-387-5919.

Make It Sweet

Tickle your taste buds and learn how to create fabulous desserts to impress family and friends with Make It Sweet of Austin. Children ages 8 to 12 are welcome to join a parent or guardian for fun as they work together to create handmade baked goods perfect for any occasion. 

Make It Sweet classes cover various delicious topics, including cake and cookie decorating, shaping fondant, baking irresistible cinnamon rolls, and more. View the Make It Sweet’s full calendar of in-person class opportunities, or for those unable to attend an in-person class, check out the online portal with dozens of delicious class offerings. Recipes, instructions, and detailed instructional videos are available to all registrants. Follow along with the lessons at your convenience from your home kitchen. 

  •  Location:  9070 Research Blvd., Austin.
  • Telephone:  512-371-3401.

Silver Whisk

Don your aprons and get your kids ready for cooking with Silver Whisk. Founded in Austin in 2011, Silver Whisk’s founders and co-owners Myrna and Jake Gober have assembled a culinary powerhouse of food professionals who love sharing their passion for cooking with others. Guest chefs participating in Silver Whisk’s offerings include television personalities Tristen Epps, Eric LeBlanc, and Tarik Abdullah. Local culinary professionals engage the talents of experts such as Josh Watkins, executive chef of Carillon at the AT&T Hotel and Conference Center in Austin.

Let the Silver Whisk team craft a dynamic cooking class experience for your child’s birthday, graduation, or other milestones. You can arrange a homemade pizza baking session or a baking competition to involve kids in fun and learning as they prepare edible masterpieces. 

Serving children 16 and younger, Silver Whisk’s cooking classes require a minimum of 10 children to participate. Visit Silver Whisk’s website to request more details and book an event. 

Tell Us About More Cooking Classes for Kids in Cedar Park

Learning to make something delicious in the kitchen with your child is an excellent way to spend quality time together. What did you think about our list of cooking classes? Do you have recommendations for other kids’ cooking classes in our area? Please write to us and let us know. Our Crème de la Crème of Cedar Park team members will happily share your suggestions with moms and dads in our community.

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