A good story can get kids’ imaginations flowing. At Crème de la Crème, our theater studio program gets children in on the action, fostering a love of storytelling that translates to movies and more. Another of our favorite ways to get kids excited about theater is at-home movie nights. Read on for our top movie night ideas for kids, then find the Crème de la Crème location nearest you to schedule a tour.

Movie Night Ideas for Kids

A white bucket of popcorn and jars of snacks for a movie night with kids.

Are you looking for a fun way to bond with your kiddos? There’s nothing quite like a fun movie night at home. Skip the lines at the movie theater, and set up a one-of-a-kind experience from the comfort of your own home. You can go all out and set the scene with fun decorations, treat the family to movie-theater-style treats (or get creative with some other snack ideas), and then settle in together to watch a good film the whole family will enjoy.

Watching a movie is a great way to foster concentration and conversation, all while having fun. Children must sit down and pay attention to what’s happening on the screen. Once you’ve watched the movie, you’ll have much to discuss together, whether you recount the plot or comment on your favorite characters. You’ll also have a chance to have a great time together with these fun movie night ideas for kids.

So, grab the popcorn, pick your feature film, and get ready to get inspired by these movie night ideas for kids.

Setting the Scene

You can get creative when you host a movie night at home. Whether you invite your children’s friends to join in on the fun or you have a movie night just for your family, here are some of our top ideas for setting the scene for a movie night for kids:


Even if your movie night is just for your family, make it feel special by sending out invitations. For example, you can give the kids an “all-access badge” to wear to the party. Consider setting up your own red carpet and getting dressed up (or wearing your best pajamas) for an extra-fun touch.


Depending on how crafty you’re feeling, you can add decorations to set the scene and transform your home into a movie theater. Your designs don’t have to be super complicated. Set up a popcorn bar or make table signs for food, and you’ll get the kiddos into the movie theater vibe in no time. You could also create a ticket garland to tap into your decorating skills.

Movie Night Fort

You may want to do something different when decorating your home. Instead of making your house double as a movie theater, try setting up a movie night fort for a new experience. Build a fort with sheets, and fill it with comfortable blankets and cushions. You can even light it with Christmas lights.

You can create decorations that are as simple or involved as you need. It’s not every day your home transforms into a movie theater, so however you choose to decorate, you can be sure you’re setting the scene for a night to remember.

Movie Night Snacks

If you think about your favorite outings at the movie theater, chances are, you’re imagining delicious snacks with the great film you remember. Adding snacks to your movie night takes the experience to another level. 

Special Movie Night Popcorn 

You can’t think about a movie night without considering popcorn. Sure, you can get popcorn for everyone and call it a day, but you can also make the experience extra fun by organizing a popcorn bar with all the trimmings. Set up a table and place a big tub of popcorn in the middle, then surround it with smaller bowls of your favorite toppings (think sweet or sour candies, pretzels, nuts, and more). Everyone then gets to customize their popcorn to their tastes.

Pizza Roll-ups 

If you want to have more of a meal during your movie night, making pizza roll-ups is both fun and convenient. It’s the perfect lead-up to the big film that gets the entire family involved in making an easy meal. You’ll make pockets of delicious cheese, sauce, and fillings, then sit down to enjoy the film.

Assorted Candy 

Ah, movie theater candy. If you want to bring that experience home, reserve some time to treat the kids to a trip to the store. They can pick out their favorite candy to have on hand for this special night.

Snack Caddy 

Why choose one snack when you can sample a few? Stock up on caddies from your local dollar store, and you’re ready to go. Everyone in the family will have their own personal caddy with several compartments big enough to fill with various drinks and snacks. Better yet, the handle on the caddy means clean-up time once the fun ends is super easy. Use some of the ideas above, or add snacks such as chips, fruit, and more.

Film Ideas for Movie Night

Now comes the central decision for the day: the movie you’ll watch. When you choose a film, consider the age of your children and all your family members’ preferences. You’ll want to keep things age-appropriate for the kiddos, but that doesn’t mean the adults can’t enjoy the movie, too.

You may select a theme for the evening or pop on a movie everyone in the family loves. Consider watching a classic film from your childhood or a newer release. Some tried-and-true movie night ideas for kids include Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Harry Potter, or Studio Ghibli films — it all depends on the age of your little moviegoers.

Ready To Spark Your Child’s Imagination?

Movie nights are a great way for your kids to use their imaginations. Here at Crème de la Crème, we’re known for our excellence at providing children with a full scope of educational and developmental programs. This starts with our preschool program and continues with programming for older kids. Schedule a tour at your local Crème de la Crème today.

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