Sometimes, the best gift we can offer our children is time. When we spend our time doing things that interest them, we communicate how much we value their likes, ideas, and input. By emphasizing time well-spent, we show them that actions are important. Although buying a toy for your little one and seeing them play with it is gratifying, moments spent with them doing what they love are extremely fulfilling. These experiences build bonds, trust, and develop relationships. Read on for our list of mommy and me classes in Centennial City to share some special moments with your little one. 

Arts and Minds

A child painting at a mommy and me class in Centennial, Colorado

“Mom and daughter painting together outdoors.” licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Flickr by shixart1985

Arts and Minds in Denver focuses on giving children an opportunity to express themselves through movement and creative arts. Ensuring children have a creative outlet to express themselves non-verbally helps them harness skills necessary to communicate effectively in all aspects of life. Arts and Minds offers a variety of different services to help enhance your life and support you in providing great experiences for your children to learn. They offer nanny services, structured classes for children, and summer camps. A key component of their curriculum is courses focused on the child and parent bond. 

With classes ranging from dance, yoga, and fitness to sensory play, drama, music, and art, parents and children can learn side-by-side about high-interest topics. A favorite is their pre-and-postnatal fitness class for moms-to-be and moms-with-baby. Classes are every Tuesday at 10:45 a.m. Another high-interest class is Stroller Sweat, led by Dr. Amy Osborne and Rebecca Kanov, on Wednesday at 9:40 a.m., weather permitting. 

For an updated schedule of classes or information on their nanny services, please see the website. For other information, use the online contact form available here

Tales N Tunes

Tales N Tunes and Kids Music Round Denver is the spot to be for your aspiring musician or little dancer. Conceived by Tonya Lemmons, an early childhood music educator, Tales N Tunes aims to provide children and their parents and caregivers with an early childhood literacy, music, and movement program tailored to the needs of little learners. Classes are focused on using learning natural language and music literacy. Learning is made fun as trained instructors use voice, sound, movement, scarves, puppets, and child-friendly instruments to engage in music play. 

Through engaged adult participation, children learn popular nursery rhymes, poetry, the art of story-telling, and important communication skills, including visual cues, to develop important social skills. By working together, parents and children build stronger bonds, develop phonological awareness, practice fine motor skills, and are immersed in a rich environment. Parents can consult the trained staff at Tales N Tunes for age-appropriate classes. 

A course we suggest is the Tiny Tales N Tunes, for the youngest of participants. Here, little ones are exposed to the first sounds of music while parents learn how to use soothing lullabies and board books to help babies develop a foundation for music. Another course, aimed at children ages 3 to 5, is Tickle Tales N Tunes. The specially designed program focuses on dramatic play and touches on high-interest topics like making friends and going to school. 

For a complete list of classes and schedules, visit the website. Tales N Tunes is located at 4315 E. Mississippi Ave. in Denver. For information regarding winter hours, fill out the contact form. 

Safe Splash Swim School

Help your little minnow learn to swim and get some exercise for yourself with Safe Splash Swim School. Swimming is an important life skill that can save your little one from an unfortunate accident. Whether you and your family take vacations to warmer climates to visit the ocean, or enjoy fishing in Colorado, children are often surrounded by water. Teach them what they need to survive and have fun doing so with specialized classes for your child’s age and skill level. 

In the toddler and infant swim classes, Parentot, parents and children work together to develop foundational skills crucial to swimming. Tots can learn how to float and begin developing the skills to paddle and kick in the water. Classes are small with only up to six parent and toddler pairs, so swimmers and parents get the support and attention they need. 

For a full list of classes and prices, consult the website or call 844-543-7946.

Flour Power Highlands Ranch

To bond with your future chef in the kitchen, or to introduce picky eaters to more foods in a fun and safe environment, head over to Flour Power Highlands Ranch. With weekly classes scheduled for children from preschool age to teens, this is the perfect choice to spend time with your child and learn some new skills. By inviting children to learn through hands-on discovery, instructors create an amazing cooking experience for participants. The ranch offers foundational classes for little hands or advanced classes for the more experienced chefs. They offer etiquette courses to teach table manners and formal dining habits. 

The Flour Power Academy has new online cooking classes so you and your children can skip the long drive and learn face-to-face with a chef right from your own kitchen. Cook a meal at home with guidance, and enjoy your work immediately! Or, schedule a party and help your little chef celebrate their birthday by cooking away the time with friends and learning about nutrition. Other events include camps, kids’ night out specials, team-building activities, or special needs classes. With the skills learned, you and your little one will share the kitchen cooking up delicious meals with love in no time.

For a schedule of classes and pricing, please check the website. Call 919-435-8261 to learn about how to schedule your next birthday party celebration. 

So there you have it. Crème de la Crème of Lone Tree, Colorado, has just shared with your our suggestions for mommy and me classes in Centennial. Plan some fun activities focused on your little one and what they love. You’ll see them develop in phenomenal ways and learn all about who they are. What do you think of our suggestions? Did we miss a favorite class of yours? If we did, let us know! Leave a message and we’ll be sure to add your suggestions to our list.