Adding more vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds to your diet can help boost your immune system and improve your overall health. More and more people are turning toward a plant-based diet and having at least one or two meatless days a week. Many plant-based foods provide the body with essential fats, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Cooking with these foods is fun, and you can get creative in the dishes you make. When prepared with spices, interesting flavors, and textures, even kids enjoy eating meatless meals. When you want to go out to eat and are looking for places that serve plant-based dishes, check out these five restaurants in the Glenview, Illinois, area.

Naf Naf Grill

A terra cotta bowl full of home made hummus.

Image via Flickr by wuestenigel

Middle Eastern cuisine is known for its spicy, fragrant, vegetable-based foods, and you can find these authentic handmade dishes at Naf Naf Grill. In the Hebrew language, Naf Naf means “fan the flame,” and the expression is used to encourage friends and family to gather for a meal, laughter, and togetherness. Specialties of the house include homemade falafels made with fresh chickpeas, onion, peppers, and spices that give the falafel their distinct Middle Eastern flavor. Pita bread that holds the falafel patties is made in-house and pairs delightfully with the fragrant chickpea patty.

Here’s how the Naf Naf menu works: Take a pita, add hummus, Basmati rice, couscous, lettuce, and falafel. Next, fill it with your favorite vegetables, and then choose from a variety of zesty sauces like tahini, harissa, or garlic yogurt sauce. For meat-eaters, the menu works the same with meat substituting the falafel. Round out your scrumptious meal with a bowl of freshly made vegetarian lentil soup.

Riobamba Latin Kitchen

The chefs at Riobamba Latin Kitchen bring the flavors of Italy, Ecuador, and Mexico together to create scrumptious Latin-inspired foods. Two brothers, Mike and Tony Andino, started Riobamba to showcase foods from their Latin American heritage. Mike went to culinary school in Italy, while brother Tony explored the cuisine of Ecuador and Mexico. In 2016, they collaborated to bring Riobamba Latin Kitchen to Glenview.

The menu is simple with loads of vegetarian and vegan options. Order a bottle of cold soda while enjoying guacamole or salsa with chips. Yuca fries or crispy plantain with chimichurri sauce will delight your palate with exotic flavors.

Have a refreshing avocado salad with a lime vinaigrette or a loaded tamale filled with beans, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream. Build your own taco or bowl from the customizable menu. Start with a homemade corn tortilla or ciabatta bread, fill it with grilled vegetables, and top it with pickled jalapeños, avocado, or chimichurri aioli. For heartier fare, order the two taco plate special that comes with yellow rice, spicy pinto beans, and refreshing coleslaw.

North Branch Pizza & Burger Co.

Gather your friends together whether they’re meat lovers, vegetarians, or vegans, and head over to North Branch Pizza & Burger Co. Order your favorite beverage and start your meal with an appetizer such as the roasted tomato hummus served with pita chips, crispy cauliflower, or spicy guacamole and chips. The salad menu includes offerings such as the Greek or apple and walnut salad (just ask them to leave the chicken off).

Go for a power lunch with the Lakehouse Bowl filled with nutritious quinoa, salsa, cilantro, and vegetables. If you want, ask for a topping of Beyond Meat for extra protein. For a south of the border flavor, give the chipotle grilled vegetable tacos a try.

When the craving for a non-meat pizza hits, you can build your own from the two crust types: a deep dish with a caramelized crust or the pub-style thin crust. You’ll have fun adding plant-based toppings like fresh spinach, pineapple, giardiniera, jalapeno peppers, and more. If you’re not in the mood to create your own yummy vegetarian pizza, choose the Eat Your Veggies or Blanco house specialty pizza.

Yard House

You can find flavorful, nutritious food that’s eclectic, globally inspired, and vegan-friendly when you eat at the Yard House. Begin your dining experience with a handcrafted cocktail, specialty beer, or a glass of fine wine. Savor your drink with a spring roll made with tofu and vegetables, savory sweet potato fries, or indulge in the vegan wings made with the meat substitute Gardein.

On a chilly evening, enjoy the tomato bisque soup with fried basil leaves, and on a warm afternoon, a crisp salad like the kale Caesar will feel refreshing. Satisfy your burger craving with the patty made from Beyond Meat served with vegan mozzarella cheese, avocado, arugula, and mixed field greens. For an Italian hit, choose the cheese pizza with fresh mozzarella, fontina, and parmesan cheese, or the popular margherita pizza with roasted tomatoes, garlic, and fresh basil.

Your Pie

Kids will enjoy making their own pizza and salad at Your Pie. The restaurant provides all the ingredients so you can customize your food. When making your pizza, choose your dough from white, whole wheat, or gluten-free options. Next, choose your sauce such as the vegan marinara, barbecue, or buffalo sauce. Olive oil also makes a great base for your pizza pie. Of course, Your Pie offers plenty of dairy cheeses to add to your pizza, but they also offer Daiya vegan cheese. Finish with your favorite vegetables, and the staff at Your Pie will cook it to perfection.

The same formula applies when you build your salad. You can make a Caesar, Caprese, or Greek salad with the ingredients and dressings you prefer. After making your meal and eating it with a craft beer, enjoy a cup of creamy Italian-style gelato that’s 93% fat-free, or choose the 100% fat-free and dairy-free refreshing sorbet.

You’ll enjoy eating nutritious, tasty food at these restaurants that offer healthy, plant-based dishes that you’ll fall in love with. We would like to know which of these restaurants are your favorite and which dish you can’t wait to try again.