Culture does live in Sin City! In fact, it’s the best place in Nevada to check out the work of local and world-renowned artists. This city has a broad range of styles and media to capture your family’s interest, from murals to sculptures. Use this guide by Crème de la Crème’s staff to introduce your children to public art with these outstanding installations around Las Vegas.

When To Introduce Your Child to Art Installations

Image via Flickr by shixart1985 Licensed CC BY 2.0

As a parent, you may wonder what age is ideal for introducing children to the arts. While most kids start to dabble with finger paints in preschool, when will they be ready to develop a genuine appreciation for what’s on display in Las Vegas? According to early childhood education experts, there is no “ideal” age. Children are never too young to relate to visual stimulation, and even babies will enjoy looking at brightly colored objects.

Don’t wait until your children start studying art in elementary school. Crème de la Crème’s of Las Vegas’ art programs to fit your child’s natural inclinations. It’s best to stimulate your preschooler’s pliable mind in 30-minute intervals with enrichment classes, like our Art Studio. Here, your child’s course-specific instructor will help them develop artistic expression and expand creative boundaries.

Maryland Parkway 

Maryland Parkway is a vital corridor for Las Vegas residents and is likely the most famous stretch of road out of the Strip. It connects suburban neighborhoods with activity centers, downtown commercial areas, and the airport. According to the Maryland Parkway Coalition’s founder, having something beautiful to see improves the quality of life for commuters.

The Clark County’s Maryland Parkway Fence Art project features semi-temporary installation on both sides of the parkway. You can see them as you cross Tropicana Wash near Flamingo Road. Artists Valentin Yordanov, Holly Lay, and Homero Hidalgo created these transit-themed displays to provide walkers and commuters with a playful and colorful scene as they pass by.

Parkdale Recreation Center

The Clark County community outreach program Empowerment Art is a community youth project led by Artist Shan Evans. The program inspired Evans to create whimsical murals with positive messages like “be awesome today” and “made of strong stuff.” 

The designs are installed in the Parkdale Recreation Center’s bathroom and encourage guests with Evan’s fun, signature style. Located on Ferndale Street, the Parkdale Recreation Center offers community events, senior programming, youth sports classes, and amenities like a water park, fitness room, basketball court, computer lab, playground, and game room plus picnic areas.

Wetlands Park

PLAY is a public art installation created specifically for the community park on Wetlands Park Lane. Local artists created fourteen temporary sculptures made from recycled and earth-friendly materials just for this exhibition. Find more information about the artists, the ideas behind their pieces, and the locations of each artwork with the interactive map found on the Wetlands Park website. Once you collect the information, put your toddler in a stroller and follow the trail for a self-guided tour of the following works of art:

  • “Nature Stares Back” by VoidSpace
  • “Shonisaurus” by Rebecca Sullinger
  • “Somewhere Under the Rainbow” by Mikayla Whitmore
  • “Habitat Curtain” by Nancy Good
  • “Pepperwing” by Vezun
  • “Rabbit Rabbit” by Wendy Armitage

Walnut Community Center

The Walnut Community Center on North Walnut Road is a 50,000-square-foot facility that offers loads of programs for adults, young children, and teens. You can take advantage of in-person and virtual classes in subjects like gymnastics, music, dance, and art.

The Center is also home to an incredible interactive mural. Located in the game room, it’s an inspiration for the many children who use the facility for after-school programs. Artist Jason Tetlak created this piece using mobile technology and 3D glasses to develop this augmented reality experience. Its bright colors and bold imagery even hide a message. Thanks to a red-reveal technique, it can only be seen under a red filter. See if you and the kids can figure it out, and let us know if you do!

The Arts District

The Arts District is a prime destination in Las Vegas for enthusiasts of all ages. So whether you head downtown for First Friday, the city’s only monthly arts and cultural event, or to shop an upscale gallery, there’s something appealing for everyone in the family right here in the Southwest’s hippest arts district.

The cross streets of Charleston Boulevard and Main Street mark the center of this 18-block area. It’s the perfect place to set off on your adventure, thanks to views of the graffiti on the high-rise apartment building. Creatives design them to reflect the neighborhood’s culture. Next, head to the Art Factory. This facility hosts 20-plus artist-tenants.

Art Square is another popular destination in the heart of the District on South 1st Street. It’s one of the city’s best outdoor art gardens, surrounded by modern galleries, studios, antique shops, a theater, upscale eateries, and intimate cocktail lounges for mom and dad.

Las Vegas Boulevard South

Every public art tour of Las Vegas must include the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. Designed by Betty Willis and installed in the median on the south end of Las Vegas Boulevard in 1959, this Clark County landmark serves as a bright neon beacon and a delightful work of art. In 2009, this work earned a spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

Willis created the sign in the futuristic Googie architecture style that was popular at the time. It stands a modest 25 feet tall and has a stretched diamond shape. Across the top, the letters of the word “welcome” sit inside a silver dollar as a salute to Nevada’s nickname, the Silver State.

So, there you have it. Crème de la Crème of Las Vegas just informed you of the area’s top places to glimpse public art installations. Did you like our picks? Did we miss a favorite spot of yours — one Nevada parents will love? If we did, let us know! Drop us a line so we can add your suggestions to our list.