Do you remember your favorite book as a child? Did you have a world you loved to escape to when you were growing up? For many people, books have helped shape their lives, and bookstores are a second home. 

Books are fantastical, magical, and magnificent items that transport you to far-off places or teach you things you never expected to learn. They hold great wonder that fosters creativity and imagination — which is the reason why we tell children bedtime stories and encourage them to read. It is no surprise that the bookstores that hold these treasures are equally as glorious. So, let’s take a look at four fantastic bookstores in Oklahoma City that you can visit with your kids. 

Full Circle Books

When you walk into Full Circle Books, you’ll know how Belle felt when Beast presented her with that massive library. The floor-to-ceiling shelves hold over 30 years’ worth of stories and memories, and the cozy fireplaces provide an oasis from reality. With over 60,000 titles in stock and every genre you can think of, Full Circle Books has something for everyone. The kind and helpful staff will gladly help you in your search. 

Speaking of staff, make certain your kids visit Pearl when you stop here. This semi-life-size bison, covered head to tail in pearls, is dazzling and full of spunky personality. She is the symbol of Full Circle Books, and you won’t want to miss out on greeting her and asking the staff about where she came from. 

Before you leave, grab a bite to eat in The Garden Cafe and see what events are coming up. The cafe is filled with delicious food for anyone’s pallet or dietary needs, as well as fantastic sweet treats. If you need a quick coffee pick-me-up, they have just what you need, and if you want a quiet date night they even offer adult beverages and live music events. 

Best of Books

Image via Flickr by Gustavo Devito Licensed CC BY 2.0

If there is one thing Best of Books is known for, it is their massive selection of children’s books. They have stories for all ages, whether it is your child’s first book or your teen’s 100th. They pride themselves on their accessibility for all ages with over 11 genres to choose from, and if you want a book they don’t have, all you need to do is ask. When you enter this bookstore, there is no way you’ll leave empty-handed. 

Among the shelves of books, you may find yourself stumbling across one of their many events. Best of Books hosts storytimes for children as well as meet-and-greets for new books and up-and-coming authors, and Santa is even known to make an appearance during the holidays. There is fun for the whole family when you visit Best of Books. 

You’ll find more here than just books and events though. If you or your child have been working on a book and need an editor, then you are in luck! Best of Books has editors that can work with you to polish your manuscript. This family-owned bookstore also works closely with local schools to help provide books to underfunded schools and hosts book fairs that discount titles for parents and students. After all, everyone should have access to books and knowledge.

Commonplace Books

Commonplace Books is a shop that puts great value in the community and sharing knowledge. This shop was founded by a group of friends who decided one day to live their dream and open a bookstore together. From this dream, they built a shop to foster curiosity about the world and promote imagination in people young and old. If you ask them what they believe in, they’ll tell you: “It is our mission to build a flourishing environment for the life of the mind.”

When you walk into Commonplace, you’ll find floor-to-ceiling windows that fill the space with refreshing natural light. Books line the walls on open tables and in well-stocked bookshelves. You’ll find cozy places to perch and rocking chairs to cradle you as you read. 

The owners have made sure that Commonplace Books is a place for everyone. Every Saturday at 10 a.m., the shop hosts the event Storytime with Littles. This is a great opportunity for your children to make friends and listen to a new story while you relax or find a new book of your own. Other events vary month to month, so make sure to check in regularly to see what’s happening.

Literati Press Bookshop

Literati Press has a rich history, despite only being founded in 2010. This small-business publishing house was formed as a way to encourage new local storytellers and bolster the area’s literary and comic community. Now you can visit the publishing house to see and purchase all the books they promote in their delightfully curated bookshop. 

This is a great place to introduce your young writers to, as Literati offers mentorship and support to voices in all walks of life. They specifically seek to uplift the voices in the community of Oklahoma City and want to see the city advance in storytelling circles. As a publishing company first, they pride themselves on being a creators publishing company.

When you visit the bookstore itself, you will find a plethora of books, specializing in “progressive and cerebral” fiction, “sequential” art, and nonfiction. While they put emphasis on their published works, you will still find books from around the world and throughout time. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere welcoming. This cute bookshop offers more than just the magic of books; it also teaches you how to create your own magic. 

Having access to books can make all the difference in your child’s life and development, which is why Crème de la Crème is sharing these four bookstores in Oklahoma City. Did we list your favorite stop to shop for books? Do you have a favorite book you want to share? Let us know and drop a line! We’d love to share it with fellow book lovers.