Are you a parent in Chanhassen, MN, looking to make healthier food choices for your family? Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) boxes are an excellent way to get fresh, local produce right to your doorstep. Not only do you get to enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables, but you also support local farmers. Let’s explore some of the best CSA options in Chanhassen.

Chanhassen, MN CSA box. Homegrown tomatoes.

Minnesota Grown

Minnesota Grown is a comprehensive directory that lists various CSA farms in Minnesota. It’s a great starting point for families looking to explore local food options.

Pahl’s Market

Pahl’s Market offers a CSA program that provides a variety of fresh produce. They have a strong focus on quality and offer a range of vegetables and fruits.


LocalHarvest is another excellent resource that lists multiple CSA options in Chanhassen. It’s a great way to compare different farms and what they offer.

Featherstone Farm

Featherstone Farm is known for its organic produce and personalized boxes. They offer a wide range of vegetables and are a single-farm CSA, meaning all produce is grown on their farm.

Trumpeter Swan Farm

Located in Buffalo, Minnesota, Trumpeter Swan Farm offers home delivery CSA. They grow a wide variety of produce, including perennials like asparagus and strawberries, as well as annuals like summer squash and cucumbers. They also offer brown eggs from their free-range chickens and honey from their bees.

Turnip Rock Farm & Cosmic Wheel Creamery

This farm offers a unique combination of veggies, meat, and farmstead cow’s milk cheese. They sell through CSA subscriptions and also make home deliveries locally and in Minneapolis and St. Paul.


Choosing a CSA box is a fantastic way to introduce your family to healthy eating while supporting local farmers. Whether you’re interested in organic produce, home delivery, or a wide variety of options, Chanhassen has something for everyone. Remember, the best choices are those that align with your family’s needs and lifestyle. Happy healthy eating!

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Photo by Elaine Casap on Unsplash