Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day with some of these great activities for you and your little one. Earth Day is a great way to teach your child about the way the world works and encourages them to get outside to explore and play!

Earth Day Entertainment

Does your little one like to move to the music? Teach them about earth day with this entertaining and educational song! Music is a great way for children to develop math, language and literacy skills. It is also a fun way to stay active while your child moves to the beat!

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Explore Nature

Get out and play! Take advantage of the warmer weather and explore outside. Your little one will enjoy getting their hands dirty while exploring the world.

Earth Day Snacks!

Earth Day can also help promote healthy eating for your child. Preparing food with your children can be extremely fun and promote math and science learning!

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Earth Day Reading

Reading is a fun way to teach your little one about many different Earth Day topics such as water conservation, recycling and the earth. It is also encourages imagination and literacy skills while spending time together.

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Conservation Activities: Water and Electricity

Does your little one leave the lights on or keep the water running while brushing their teeth or washing their hands? Incorporate these techniques into your home to teach your child the importance of conservation:

  • Lights out! Dramatic play can be a fun and exciting way to encourage light conservation. Pretend you are camping and tell spooky stories around a campfire.
  • Save Water! Turn off the water while brushing your little one’s teeth or scrubbing their soapy hands.
  • Beneficial for the Earth and your little one: Let your little one enjoy the sprinkler during the warm summer months.

Plant a Tree or Flower

In celebration of Earth Day, get out in that garden! You can introduce your child to gardening while teaching them about nurturing the environment and keeping our air clean. Whether you are planting a tree, working in your garden, or potting a flower, your child will learn responsibility and the importance of caring for nature.

The Way the World Works

Does your little one look up to the sky and wonder about clouds? Teach them how clouds hold water and how it rains. This STEM activity will also develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

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Use recycled materials for Arts & Crafts

Did you know there are plenty of items you could recycle and use as part of your child’s crafts? Here is a craft made out of newspaper that children can create to show their love for Earth

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*These activities require adult approval and supervision before participating