Introducing your kids to a range of flavors from a young age is a great way to get them excited about trying new foods. Visiting local restaurants is also perfect when you want your kids to experience various cultures, all without traveling far. Fortunately, the area in and around Mesa boasts a huge array of ethnic restaurants sure to take your family meals out to the next level.

In fact, there are so many spots close to home, it can feel like a challenge to pick the right place to go when you’re searching for the ideal spot for your family to try! That’s where Crème de la Crème of Mesa comes in. We put together this list of some of the best ethnic cuisines close to Mesa for you to check out.

Princess Market

Ethnic cuisine served at a restaurant in Mesa, AZ

Image used with permission via Unsplash by nicubarbaros

Your one-stop-shop for all things Mediterranean, Princess Market is sure to upgrade your mealtime. The best part? This family-owned-and-operated spot is located right in Mesa, so you can easily satisfy your cravings for hummus and so much more whenever the mood strikes. Princess Market is both a grocery store and restaurant, so whether you want a fun place to go for a family meal or you’re looking to stock up on delicious food to have around the house, this Mesa staple has you covered.

Princess Market has served our area for more than 15 years. You can’t go wrong with the hummus, of course. You can find this delicious dish on-site at the restaurant as well as in tubs at the market, not to mention at some nearby farmers markets. It’s fresh, light, flavorful, and a welcome addition to your in-house meal or cooking routine in your own home.

If you decide to eat in at the deli, you can choose from a range of dishes. From shawarma to sandwiches to gyros, not to mention sides like tabouleh (and, yes, that hummus again!), there’s something for everyone here. The grocery store boasts items from Greek, Indian, Israeli, Middle Eastern, Persian, and Russian cuisine, making it easier than ever to stock up on family favorites as well as new foods you’d like to try.

La Tiendita Colombian Restaurant

Head over to La Tiendita Colombian Restaurant for coziness, comfort, and of course, amazing Colombian cuisine. The restaurant has filled a niche as Arizona’s only Colombian restaurant since 2010. Authentic flavors come together with an inviting atmosphere for a restaurant you’ll want to come back to with the family time and time again.

You’ll find the best of Colombian cuisine right here in Mesa, including empanadas, bandeja paisa, roasted chicken, and the restaurant’s renowned arepas. Alongside traditional fare, you’ll also find Colombian coffee, delicious juices, and some grocery products you can’t easily find elsewhere in our state.

If you’ve never tried Colombian food before, the bandeja paisa provides a good introduction. The giant platter delivers rice, red beans, sweet plantains, and a fried egg along with ground beef, chorizo, chicharron, and an arepa. A kids menu offering either chicken tenders or roasted chicken with French fries makes planning a meal here even easier. Grab some arepas to go, because you’ll already be looking forward to the next chance you’ll have for a meal here the minute you finish your first round.


HoDoRi is yet another amazing restaurant right here in Mesa. This popular spot has served up authentic Korean dishes for years, and there’s plenty to love when you check out their menu.

You can’t go wrong by ordering the kimchi fried rice here. Known as kimchi bokum bap, this delicious fried rice meal features kimchi, beef, and an egg, all served in a huge hot stone bowl. You can choose from mild to spicy dishes to suit your tastes, and a small kids menu offers Korean barbecue short ribs, ribeye beef, or chicken. All in all, you’ll find a wide range of tofu, rice, and seafood dishes, so you’re sure to find something for every member of the family to love.

Woodlands Vegetarian South Indian Kitchen

Make the short drive over to Chandler for a vegetarian dream come true. That’s where you’ll find Woodlands Vegetarian South Indian Kitchen. Even if you don’t usually stick to a vegetarian diet, you’ll find so much to love at this amazing local spot. From bold curries to sweet mango lassis and everything in between, Woodlands makes enjoying a family meal together so much fun.

You won’t want to miss the restaurant’s signature dosa options. These thin crepes made from rice and lentils are a staple of South Indian cuisine. You can get yours stuffed with potatoes, cheese, onions, and more depending on your tastes. If you’re in the mood for something spicy, go for the Chettinad dosa — this comes filled with cauliflowers, onions, tomatoes, and chettinadu spice. The “kid’s corner” section of the menu makes finding the right meal for kiddos under 10 easy, too.

Marcellino Ristorante

Old Town Scottsdale is home to Marcellino Ristorante, the place to go when you’re craving authentic Italian cuisine. This restaurant’s chef previously had a successful restaurant in North Phoenix; before that, he owned and operated restaurants in New York as well as Rome, Abruzzo, and Calabria. That restaurant background comes together with a childhood in Italy, so it’s safe to say you’ll get the full, traditional Italian experience without traveling far from home.

You’ll find some of the best fresh pasta anywhere right here in this restaurant. Handmade noodles, complemented by high-quality veal, prosciutto, truffle oil, imported mussels, and other delicious ingredients make for a hearty meal. From the food to the ambiance, this local restaurant truly delivers a real Italian getaway, even if you can’t jet off on a plane.

There you have it, Crème de la Crème of Mesa’s list of the best ethnic restaurants right in our area. We hope you’re feeling inspired to try out a new restaurant soon. Do you have a favorite restaurant close to Mesa your family loves? Drop us a line so we can add it to our list!