If there’s one thing that unites people from all cultures and walks of life, it’s food. No matter where a person comes from or what they believe, food speaks a universal language everyone understands. From sweet to savory flavors and everything in between, everyone loves a tantalizing meal shared with good friends and family. Traditional cuisine presents a great way for people to preserve their culture from one generation to the next and carry it with them when they move to a new place.

At Crème de la Crème of Coppell, we know how lucky we are to live and work in a place with so many ethnic food offerings. We work hard to provide an exemplary early education experience for the world’s future leaders, and a hearty meal gives us the energy we need to stay focused and get the job done. That’s why we’re always looking for new and exciting restaurants to tempt our taste buds, and there’s nothing we love more than sampling foods from around the world. We’ve put together this list to showcase our picks for the best ethnic cuisines in Coppell, Texas.

Siam Thai Cuisine

From the Pad Thai to the Thai Pumpkin Curry, Siam Thai Cuisine serves up an impressive array of traditional Thai favorites as well as modern interpretations of classic dishes. A cornerstone of the Coppell community, Siam Thai Cuisine is as well known for its outstanding Thai cuisine as it is its excellent service and friendly staff.

This local hotspot opens for lunch between 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. from Tuesday through Friday, and it reopens for dinner at 5 p.m. Siam Thai also opens from 12 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Saturdays and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Sundays.

Mua Sushi & Grill

Sushi on a wooden board at an ethnic restaurant in Coppell, Texas

Sushi” licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Flickr by Paul Miller

If you have a hankering for a fresh California roll or perfectly battered vegetable tempura, satisfy your craving at Mua Sushi & Grill. The unbelievably fresh and dynamic flavors of Mua’s sushi, sashimi, and rolls keep people coming back for more time and again. Be sure to try the egg custard nigiri Sushi, Japanese scallop sashimi, and tempura udon.

Mua’s prepares each melt-in-your-mouth dish using top-quality ingredients and genuine Japanese culinary techniques. Locals love the generous portions and wide sushi selection. Throughout the week, this delicious restaurant opens for lunch from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. It also opens for dinner every day from 4:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Tommy Tamale Market and Cafe

Want to grab some grub at one of Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat in the United States? For the best Tex Mex in town, head on over to Tommy Tamale Market and Cafe. From the award-winning gourmet tamales to the diverse selection of salsas, Tommy Tamale’s serves up an entire range of Tex Mex Fare. Whether you’re in the mood for burritos, quesadillas, or nachos, you’ll find all that and more at Tommy Tamales.

What’s more, this incredible eatery continuously adds new and great tasting flavors to its already exceptional offerings. This gives you the chance to try something new every time you visit. Open daily at 10 a.m., this Tex Mex favorite offers everything you need for a hot a spicy night on the town or a party in your own backyard.


The sights and sounds of traditional South Indian cooking come alive during weekend lunches at Kumar’s. Enjoy a variety of curries, rice, and a slew of side dishes served on a banana leaf. There’s no need for cutlery here. Just use your hands to dive right into your delicious order. It’s more than just a meal, it’s an experience.

The chefs at Kumar’s make every meal to order and serve it right at your table. It’s sort of a buffet but better because you never need to leave your seat. Simply signal the waiter when you want your next dish, and the rest is history. Unlimited banana meals take place on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Palio’s Pizza Cafe

A community staple since 2001, Palio’s Pizza Cafe specializes in all your Italian favorites. Made from scratch every day using only the finest ingredients, each pizza, pasta, and sandwich features unforgettable flavors. From the tangy tomato sauce made with Palio’s special blend of herbs and spices to the creamy mozzarella cheese, Palio’s uses only the freshest meats, vegetables, and toppings to make every order.

Palio’s opens daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., so it’s a great choice for lunch, dinner, or a late-night snack any day of the week. Top menu picks at Palio’s include Maria’s BBQ Chicken pizza, the Baked Ziti, and the Hot Italian sandwich. No matter which dish you choose, your taste buds will thank you.

Pan Acean Noodle & Grill

Pan Acean Noodle & Grill first opened its doors back in 1996. After nearly three decades, this family-friendly restaurant is as popular as ever. Serving up authentic Asian cuisine at affordable prices, Pan Acean uses healthy ingredients to create a taste sensation like no other. The restaurant opens daily from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Enjoy a sit-down dining experience and let the warm, welcoming staff take care of your every need, or take advantage of the restaurant’s offer to deliver free anywhere within a 3-mile radius. Featured menu items at Pan Acean include the Teriyaki chicken, Korean seafood noodle soup, tri-color dumplings, and orange peel flavored pork.No matter what you’re in the mood to eat, you’ll find something to tickle your taste buds at these extraordinary restaurants around town. So, do you agree with our top picks for the best ethnic cuisines in Coppell? What’s your favorite, and did it make our list? From curries and tamales to sashimi and pasta, there’s something to suit everyone’s unique tastes right here in our hometown. Are there other places you think the team at Crème de la Crème of Coppell needs to try? If so, drop us a line, and we’ll check them out.