Las Vegas, Nevada, is well-known for extravagant buffets, world-class dining, and exciting nightlife. Las Vegas is also home to several authentic ethnic restaurants that will delight your senses and palate. When you’re looking for cuisine from around the world, check out these amazing ethnic restaurants.

Saffron Flavors of India

A table lain with a colorful and spice-filled Indian feast.

Image via Flickr by telepathicparanoia

Fragrant, spicy, and chock-full of exotic flavors, the dishes you’ll experience at Saffron Flavors of India represent a variety of cooking styles from India. The family-owned and run restaurant uses the freshest of ingredients, the finest spices, and the greatest attention to detail to bring you some of the best Indian cuisines you can experience.

Once you settle into your seat with a specialty cocktail, a glass of fine wine, or a handcrafted beer, enjoy your beverage with an appetizer. Try the chicken or vegetable samosa served with zesty tamarind chutney or sliced onions dipped in chickpea flour and fried to a golden brown.

Cool your palate down with an onion and tomato salad or their famous riata salad with refreshing cucumbers and homemade yogurt. Try vegetable korma with vegetables served in a coconut-based sauce, or potatoes and cauliflower with fresh ginger and cilantro.

Savor fragrant basmati rice with grilled tandoori shrimp, Jerra rice with saffron-infused vegetables, or chicken with nuts and aromatic spices. Save room for the dessert naan with nuts and dried fruit glazed with sweet honey.

Cafe Berlin

Enjoy a touch of Bavaria and Germany at Cafe Berlin, which offers traditional and authentic German food. All the dishes are prepared from recipes handed down generation after generation, with the chefs adding modern touches to the food. Start your meal with a German beer or a glass of wine from vineyards around the world.

Enjoy a fresh hot pretzel served with spicy mustard or potato pancakes smothered in sour cream and homemade applesauce. Schnitzels, which are traditional German food, are thin slices of meat breaded, fried, and served with savory sauces. You’ll find several variations of schnitzels at Cafe Berlin.

The sausage and bratwurst plates are divine and come with mashed potatoes and zesty sauerkraut. For the vegetarian in your party, enjoy the variations of spaetzle, a type of egg noodle dish, smothered in meatless sauces. After your hearty meal, sip on a cup of coffee and enjoy a slice of German chocolate cake or homemade fruit strudel.

Island Malaysian Cuisine

Take a trip to Southeast Asia with the mouth-watering dishes offered at Island Malaysian Cuisine. This laid-back restaurant has served the Las Vegas community for years and brings traditional Malaysian dishes with a modern twist to locals and visitors alike.

Bring a taste of the tropics to your palate with an appetizer like the raja made with tropical fruits, cucumber, jicama, and shrimp made into a pancake served with a special dipping sauce. Spice up your day with the seafood lemongrass soup filled with vegetables, citrus, and a variety of seafood, or try a noodle soup with egg noodles, duck, chicken feet, or vegetables.

The menu is easy to navigate, since the items are categorized into beef, poultry, seafood, vegetables, and house specialties like the Kari Ayam, which is chicken and potatoes seasoned with red curry in coconut milk. If you enjoy exotic fish plates, try the Pangan Ikan, which is fish wrapped in banana leaves and barbecued for a sweet and smokey flavor.

Viva Las Arepas

Visit Viva Las Arepas when you’re looking for traditional Venezuelan food. The dishes from this region of South America have influences from Europe, West Africa, and neighboring South American countries. Staples include rice, yucca, plantain, tomatoes, eggplant, and zucchini, along with the ever-present arepa.

Made since pre-Colombian times, this staple bread is made from ground corn flour and then fried to a crispy, golden brown. A variety of fillings such as seared beef, spicy vegetables, or barbecued chicken fill the arepa, and zesty sauces cover the sandwich-like dish. At Viva Las Arepas, you’ll find several variations of arepas as well as empanadas, roasted chicken, barbecued beef, and yummy sides like savory black beans with spicy peppers or pastelitos filled with ham and cheese or coconut and cheese.

Sofrito Rico

Feel like you’re vacationing on Puerto Rico when you eat at Sofrito Rico. Gold winners of the Best of Las Vegas since 2016, Sofrito Rico brings authentic Puerto Rican food cooked just like the owner and chef’s grandmother has made for decades. While the menu is small, there is something delicious for everyone. Start with an Alcupurria (which is fried taro root filled with beef), an empanada with cheese and beef, or fried green plantains.

The main menu is a la carte, so you can create the perfect Puerto Rican meal. Choose a protein like sauteed sirloin steak with onions, roasted pork, grilled chicken, or shrimp with garlic sauce. Next, add your three sides with offerings like pickled green bananas, Puerto Rican yellow rice, or stewed beans. House specialties include mofongo, which is a combination of fried green plantains, garlic, and pork rinds, or trifongo, which is fried green and sweet plantains, garlic, and pork rinds.

Weera Thai Kitchen

Taste authentic Thai street food when you eat at Weera Thai Kitchen. With dishes filled with spicy chilies, fish sauces, fresh vegetables, meats, poultry, and seafood, eating at Weera Thai Kitchen is like being transported to the streets of Bangkok or the island of Koh Samui. Order a glass of iced Thai tea and sample an appetizer like the spring roll filled with vegetables, tofu, or duck.

Try an apple salad topped with coconut shrimp or a Thai pastry puff filled with curried chicken and potatoes. On a hot evening, enjoy a refreshing green papaya salad with soft shell crab or a sweet mango salad with cilantro and cashew nuts. From the seafood menu, try salmon with Thai basil or squid with garlic sauce. The Thai-style duck noodles and the fried mussel, egg, and bean sprout pancakes are house specialties.

We hope you enjoy these amazing ethnic restaurants in Las Vegas.