Lone Tree, Colorado, is located just south of Denver. This region is far enough away from the city to raise a family but close enough where you can catch a Broncos game or visit some of the local sites with ease. Surrounding Lone Tree is a variety of historic sites and farms that are fun for families. Together, you can visit the historic Schweiger Ranch or enjoy the classic Cherokee Ranch and Castle. 

One of the main reasons why Lone Tree is ideal for families is the food. There are several local restaurants with diverse menus and fun themes that cater to kids. If you’re in Lone Tree and looking for a bite, stop in at one of these six options for a delicious meal. 

Cranelli’s Italian Restaurant

A top-down picture of a cafe table with a massive brunch spread.

Image via Pixabay by Free-Photos

Cranelli’s Italian Restaurant is a family dining option owned by a couple who have been in the restaurant industry for over 25 years. This restaurant, known for its comfortable atmosphere and authentic food, has become a favorite of many families in Lone Tree. The owners have three kids and one granddaughter, so they prioritize family as much as you do. Cranelli’s offers a wide selection of Italian food for dinner, as well as a lunch and brunch menu. Parents can peruse the wine menu while still finding something for the kids. 

The kid’s menu at this restaurant includes macaroni and cheese, thin-crust mini pizzas, and pasta. Each child’s item comes with a drink and a scoop of ice cream. Check the Cranelli’s calendar to see if there are any upcoming events, like live music or entertainment.

Location: 10047 Park Meadows Drive 

Snooze A.M. Eatery

The Snooze A.M. Eatery prides itself on taking classic breakfast diner food and flipping it on its head. The chefs focus on high-quality, fresh ingredients that are responsibly sourced. They look for creative twists to put on breakfasts that challenge and amaze the taste buds. This restaurant has been in business since 2006 and continues to expand because of its popularity. 

Your kids will love these menu items. They can try the Funky Monkey French Toast, which takes pieces of banana bread and adds white chocolate chips and caramel sauce, or the Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes, which add a tropical twist to breakfast. There are also savory dishes for both kids and parents as well as vegan options.

Location: 10002 Commons St. Suite E1

Mimi’s Cafe

If you’re looking for a local staple in Lone Tree, try Mimi’s Cafe. This restaurant has been open since 1978 and offers comfort food and brunch all day – not unlike your favorite diner. Mimi’s does an excellent job of catering to families. There are two mascots that kids can meet: Elle, a Persian cat who loves vanilla ice cream, and Pierre, a friendly French bulldog who likes the Puppy Dog Griddlecakes. Your kids can talk about their favorite animals, too and learn about the adventures of Elle and Pierre. 

Speaking of, the Puppy Dog Griddlecakes is one of the top dishes for kids at Mimi’s. They are pancakes that come in the shape of a puppy, with chocolate chips as spots. There are a variety of other dishes for kids, including bacon and eggs, mac and cheese, and French toast dippers.

Location: 9155 Park Meadows Drive

Via Baci

Via Baci is an Italian restaurant in Lone Tree that offers pizzas, salads, and other entrees. Kids can enjoy spaghetti, a small pizza made just for them, and buttered pappardelle noodles just to name a few key dishes. However, if you are looking for a fun night in and an exciting experience for your kids, call Via Baci and order takeout.

Via Baci is known for its take-home pizza kits. These kits serve one to two people and include their traditional hand-tossed pizza dough, cheese, sauce, and toppings. You can even watch a video on their website that explains how to stretch your own pizza dough to create the perfect crust. 

You can pick up a take-home pizza kit for a fun night in and use the cooking experience as an engaging way to get your kids to try new things.  

Location: 10005 Commons St. Suite 200

The White Chocolate Grill

Are you looking for a restaurant where you can celebrate an important occasion as a whole family? If so, try The White Chocolate Grill. This restaurant prides itself on offering a diverse menu of classic American fare. Every dish is made from scratch and checked for freshness. It boasts a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired atmosphere and has locations in Scottsdale and Chicago along with Lone Tree. 

The White Chocolate Grill has multiple items on its children’s menu that your kids will like. Diners can enjoy chicken strips, grilled cheese, or a cheeseburger. More adventurous young diners might want to try a small grilled salmon or baby back ribs. These orders are all portioned appropriately for kids so they can save room for dessert and sample from the restaurant’s ample menu of sweets. 

Location: 8421 Park Meadows Center Drive

Grillin’ Wings and Things

If you want a casual restaurant where you can bring the whole family, check out Grillin’ Wings and Things, which has locations in both Lone Tree and Denver. This restaurant claims to sell the best wings in Denver and boasts a variety of unique sauces for all different taste buds. The wings are affordable, and there are plenty of fun items for kids to eat. You are sure to appreciate the fun diner feel when you eat in or relax at home with their take-out and delivery options. 

Grillin’ Wings and Things also has gluten-free options so you can find items that meet your dietary needs. 

Location: 9447 Park Meadows Drive

We are always looking for the next great bite to eat in Lone Tree. if you are a parent in the area, reach out to our team at Crème de la Crème of Lone Tree, Colorado, with your top restaurant options in the area. Whether you have a favorite breakfast scramble or top kid-approved pick, we want to know where you go.