On National Friendship Day we are celebrating all of the wonderful friends your children have made here at Crème de la Crème. From a theoretical perspective, friendship plays a very important role in the cognitive development of young children. Lev Vygotsky (1978), the forefather of the Social Cognitive Theory, had a very progressive and thought-provoking stance on childhood friendships that leads us to see “friendship” in a new light. He believed that as children challenge each other and face conflict together, their understanding of the world and what it takes to find balance, harmony and success among their peers grows. This ever-evolving dynamic guides children to discovering how to meet their own needs and be a citizen within the communities they reside. The skills friendships can offer us all include negotiation, conflict resolution, collaboration, patience and community. The gifts that friendships provide are joy, laughter, trust, comradery and a healthy drive to compete that helps us to improve ourselves.

On this day of Friendship, we thank you for allowing Crème to facilitate these precious friendships that ultimately help shape the cognition of all our children and build the community we have all created together.

~Dr. Masek
VP of Education
Crème de la Crème