Families are always looking for fun ways to help kids stay safe, learn, and socialize, especially when parents are busy at work or running errands. While many modern families understand the importance of quality day care, both new and experienced parents worry about how much day care is too much. While specific needs will differ from family to family, most busy families will inevitably need some day care for their young children. According to the AAP, children should spend between 2-5 hours in daycare on average to benefit from the socialization with other children.

Quality day care programs like the ones offered by Crème de la Crème provide valuable peace of mind for working parents who need to balance their schedules. They will feel at ease knowing that qualified individuals care for their children for as long as they need. Read on to help determine the appropriate amount of hours your child should spend in day care.

Factors That Affect Day Care Needs

Two children playing with blocks in daycare.
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When considering whether to leave your child at a day care or for how much time, it’s important to weigh a few aspects. Some things to consider in your ultimate decision include:

  • Your job demands: If both you and your partner work a traditional 9-to-5 job, those are the typical hours you would need to seek day care.
  • Your schedules: If you and your partner work staggered hours and can trade off on child care duties, it might be beneficial to reduce the amount of day care hours to spend more time bonding with your child.
  • How far you commute: The distance you must travel daily to get to and from work will impact your day care needs. Be sure to include your own travel time when deciding your needs.
  • The location and traffic: Your daily commute and whether you travel during peak traffic hours will play a role in determining how long your day care services need to last.
  • Your child’s temperament: If your child has a sensitive temperament or is shy around strangers, they may benefit from a reduced amount of time in day care.
  • Your lifestyle and family support: A busy lifestyle that demands you be on the move frequently or family that can support you and help with the day care needs of your little one will also play a role in the amount of time your child spends at a day care facility.

The Ideal Amount of Hours for Day Care for a Child

The ideal time your child will need at a day care facility varies greatly. A more demanding work schedule for parents might mean more time in day care for children. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) asserts that more than half the children under the age of 5 spend at least some time in day care.

The standard recommendation by the AAP is infants and toddlers up to 15 months spend two hours or less in day care, while toddlers from 16 to 24 months can spend up to four hours each day. Older children from 3 to 5 should spend only four to five hours at a time. These are just recommendations, though — you may need to leave your child for longer based on your work schedule.

The maximum amount of time a child can stay in day care is typically 12 hours a day, though it’s best to not go over 10 hours if possible to ensure they’re getting enough time at home with family. The number of hours a child is at a day care facility may affect their behavior and development. Being away from home too often may cause them to act out or become stressed, so it’s important to consider your child’s personality and behavior when deciding what’s best for your family.

Advantages of Day Care for Children at Crème de la Crème

At Crème de la Crème, we accommodate all our families and their varied schedules. Our facilities open early to allow parents time to drop off children and make it to work safely. We also close late to give parents and families time to pick up their kids or even run a quick trip to the grocery store for dinner supplies.

Our whole-child care model at Crème de la Crème and our all-inclusive tuition ensures that your child has everything they need while they’re with us. Some of the benefits of our day care include:

  • One-on-one time with caretakers and teachers: As a private care facility, we have the benefit of being exclusive and selecting the families we work with. This results in a reduced number of children per caregiver and teacher and means more one-on-one time for your little one.
  • Provided linens and changing supplies: Our tuition includes all linens and changing supplies, including diapers, creams, wipes, changing blankets, bed covers, burp cloths, and sleeping sacks.
  • Parent connectivity app: Our easy-to-download parent app keeps you in contact and updated all day long. Caretakers and teachers can share pictures and important developmental milestones with you daily.
  • Consistency and schedule: Children gain independence and positive self-esteem from having a consistent schedule. A balanced and predictable daily schedule can also have a positive impact on sleep routines and eating habits.
  • Socialization: Children learn through exploration and socialization. Many children who attend day care develop lifelong friendships.
  • Age-appropriate playgrounds: Our playgrounds are age appropriate and make it easy for children of all ages to learn about their environment and develop strong motor skills through play.
  • Built-in active play: We understand the needs of growing and energetic children. We have built in 120 minutes of playtime each day where your little one can let out their extra energy.
  • Cleanliness: With an in-house team dedicated to cleaning, you know we value a safe environment for your child. Our dedicated cleaning crew uses a three-step cleaning process to eliminate as much bacteria and germs as possible from common areas, classrooms, and play equipment. 
  • Exciting amenities: Depending on your individual location, our facilities have many amenities to make your child’s time with us fun. What we offer ranges from bowling alleys, soccer fields, and koi ponds to full kitchens, basketball courts, karaoke, and splash pads.

Crème de la Crème has just shared our guidance on how many hours of day care are ideal for a child and circumstances that may impact your own decision. Whether you need consistent day care or are looking for a place for your child to spend a few hours a week or some days during the summer, consider our high-quality Crème de la Crème day care and learning center. Give us a call to schedule a tour of one of our facilities and see why Crème de la Crème’s day care is right for your family.