When you sign your children up for kids’ cooking classes, you encourage their creativity, allow them to build life skills, and promote independence. Plus, your kids can get the skills and confidence to help out around the kitchen and even cook a special dish they learned in class for you! In and around Allen, Texas, you can find a wide variety of in-person and online cooking and baking classes for many age groups. Here are five options for kids’ cooking classes in the Allen area.


A young boy stirs a mixing bowl during a kids' cooking class in Allen, Texas

Kitty and Oz baking a Norman Castle cake for Ozzy’s History homework” used with permission via Unsplash by Annie Spratt

Chefsville is a local organization that offers cooking classes and camps in the Dallas-Forth Worth area. They focus on bringing awareness to important family and childhood issues, including healthy eating habits, nutrition, and family bonding. What’s more, Chefsville actually hosts a variety of kids’ cooking programs at Joe Farmer Recreation Center, many local elementary schools, and a library right here in Allen.

In addition to basic cooking and baking lessons, your kids can also join the Chefsville Cooking Club, which offers a series of cooking classes that start with basic kitchen safety and sanitation and move into working with fresh ingredients to make diverse recipes from different cultures and cuisines. Plus, if your child really excels at cooking or baking, they can get additional training and preparation to audition for network TV competitions like Top Chef, Jr.

Flour Power

Flour Power is a fantastic cooking school with a location right here in Allen. And while this place specializes in kids cooking and baking classes and camps, it also provides adult cooking classes for parents who want to learn some new recipes or improve their cooking skills to make things go a little faster in the kitchen.

This cooking studio has many ways for kids to get involved in cooking. Camps let kids cook their own snacks and lunch while they combine math, science, art, and reading skills to create dishes throughout the week. Weekly classes are separated into age groups, from preschoolers to high schoolers, and teach kids basic cooking skills through themed lessons and advanced techniques as they continue to take classes throughout the month and year. Flour Power also has an evening Kids Night Out cooking class, family cooking events, and birthday parties.

If you’d rather your little chef learn from home or you can’t make it to a class, try out Flour Power’s online cooking classes.

Flour Power is located at 1010 W. Exchange Parkway #1150 in Allen.

Tre Cooking Concepts with Chef Tre Wilcox

Tre Wilcox is a professional celebrity chef who’s competed on many network TV cooking shows, from Top Chef to Iron Chef America. And he shares his skills, knowledge, and passion with both adults and kids through interactive cooking classes at his studio, Tre Cooking Concepts in Plano.

Chef Tre teaches hands-on cooking classes where you prepare a multi-course menu in small groups, and he offers classes to adults and kids. All of the tools and ingredients are provided, so you don’t have to bring anything but an open mind and an empty stomach.

Anyone who pays to participate in class is encouraged to invite a guest toward the end of class to share in the delicious meal they cooked. So, if you and your kiddo cooked with Chef Tre, then you can invite others in your family to taste test your creations.

Tre Cooking Creations was named by The Dallas Morning News as one of the four best places at which to take cooking classes, so you know you’re getting great instruction from a pro who’s trusted by the community.

You and your kids can take classes at 8200 Preston Road Suite 135 in nearby Plano.

Taste Buds Kitchen

There are two Taste Buds Kitchen locations around the Dallas-Forth Worth area, one in Plano and one in Southlake, both within an hour’s drive from Allen. And while some classes may be limited, they typically offer cooking lessons in the form of parties. 

You can choose from a few different party options, including birthday parties for kids or teens, at-home parties where the instructors come to your home, and play-date parties at the studio for a small group. Kids parties have children ages 9 to 13 creating a recipe from scratch with the instruction of an expert chef, and teen parties have kids learning some advanced techniques, like making fresh pasta. You can also choose from add-ons like cupcake decorating or cooking alongside your little chef.

If you’d rather have your child take cooking lessons from home, considering signing them up for Taste Bud Kitchen’s online cooking classes. Plus, these classes are pretty affordable, at $35 to $40 per class per household (as opposed to per chef). Classes range in length, from 90 minutes to 2 hours, and are great for many different age groups. And, since you get the shopping list a few days in advance, you can take your kids to the grocery store so they can pick out the fresh ingredients you’ll be working with together to make the recipe.

My French Recipe

My French Recipe is a locally owned and operated business out of Plano that sells pre-packed baking mixes for a variety of authentic French goodies. While classes are not currently offered, My French Recipe’s creator Isabel Mota does host live cooking and baking demonstrations and classes for all ages. These classes range from short, 30-minute sessions to long, intensive four-hour sessions for advanced baking recipes. And, you and your kids will be working with Isabel herself. Keep an eye on the site’s event calendar for upcoming classes, or sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know.

In addition to group lessons, you can also book a private cooking or baking party with Isabel as your instructor. This can be a great option for an intimate family bonding experience or small birthday party for your little chef and their friends. 

And if you’re not able to take one of Isabel’s classes right now, consider grabbing a My French Recipe baking mix and make the recipe with your children to have homemade macaroons, crepes, and more. At our daycare in Allen, we incorporate creativity into many course elements and rotating classes, including the Chef It Up cooking program and the art studio. Contact us to learn more about how our whole-child education can help your kids thrive.