Cooking classes are a great way to get kids involved with the process of creating a meal from start to finish. Not only will kids learn a recipe or two, but they’ll also come out of their class with skills they can continue using beyond the kitchen. Many local cooking classes also offer the perfect way to connect with your kid while taking a class together. You’ll find a variety of online and in-person cooking classes out there, so at our daycare in Frisco, TX, we’ve taken the guesswork out of finding a great class by creating this list for you. No matter what style of learning you think suits your child best, you’re sure to find an accessible option in the Frisco area or right in your own home.

Sur La Table

A small girl at the kitchen counter helping to make chicken nuggets.

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Sur La Table has long been a favorite for kids’ and teens’ cooking classes locally. This brand, dedicated to cooking products and ingredients, offers an exciting array of classes designed just for junior chefs. Now they’ve taken the experience online, making it easier than ever to introduce your kids to the fun of cooking or get in on the action along with them.

You’ll find a range of online Sur La Table cooking classes that let you cook with expert chefs right from your own kitchen. The best part about these hands-on, fun experiences is that Sur La Table offers them for only $29 per household. That means you can easily make these classes a family activity.

In fact, Sur La Table makes the whole experience a breeze. You’ll get a prep packet ahead of time so you can stock up on needed ingredients, then log into a password-protected Zoom session that lasts for 90 to 120 minutes. Look forward to instructors who are not only chefs but experienced teachers, too. Choose from global themes, pasta workshops, and more. You’ll get to share the experience of cooking with the kids and show them the love that goes into preparing a meal. You might even introduce them to a new favorite dish.


If you’re searching for a fun after-school activity for kids that teaches cooking and more, you can’t go wrong with Chefsville. With programs tailored to kids from ages 6 to 13, there’s something for everyone here. It’s the perfect activity for families throughout the Metroplex area.

Chefsville’s Cooking Clubs teach kids about cooking, but these classes are designed to be so much more. Kids will learn basic life skills in hands-on classes that start off with kitchen and food safety lessons. In addition to integrating lessons about food preparation and cross-contamination, the classes are created to incorporate other subjects like language arts, math, science, and social studies.

If you want to give your child a chance to explore the world through food and learn all about nutrition and cooking, check out the activities Chefsville offers. These interactive classes will keep the kiddos entertained, all while teaching them valuable lessons they’ll take with them throughout their lives.

Young Chefs Academy

This domestic and international franchise has a location right in Frisco, so it’s incredibly easy to sign your child up for a class they’re sure to love. Young Chefs Academy offers classes for kids as young as age 3, and they have offerings for those up to 18 years old. The program offers different age groups: KinderCooks, YoungChefs, JuniorChefs, and SeniorChefs. That means your child will be in a class with other kids their age, ready to take in age-appropriate lessons that go beyond just cooking.

Kids will learn about basic nutrition as well as kitchen safety skills. As they progress, they’ll take on more and more responsibility in the kitchen. Kids who stick with these classes can graduate on to more advanced classes as they go along.

Dallas Chocolate Classes

If you have a kid with a sweet tooth, you’ll want to check out the unique classes and experiences Dallas Chocolate Classes has to offer. Known for group experiences and date nights (keep that in mind when it’s time to treat yourself!), Dallas Chocolate Classes also offers private lessons that kids can take along with an adult. These classes take place right in your home, and they offer options for one-on-one lessons you’ll attend with your child as well as educational and fun activities for a child’s party.

Dallas Chocolate Classes now offers live online classes and events as well, making it easier than ever to get in the sweet fun. For just $29 per device, you can join in as an expert baker shares tips, tricks, and delicious recipes. Gather the kids for a dessert-making experience they’re sure to treasure long after they’ve eaten the results. From black forest cake to gourmet holiday desserts and more, these classes make the perfect excuse to hone your baking skills while enjoying some fun family time.

Cake Carousel

Cake Carousel offers another option to indulge in some delicious desserts. They offer baking and cooking classes throughout the year, with seasonal cookie offerings (think: Easter and spring cookies) rotating. This spot is also the place to go to stock up on supplies for baking at home.

You’ll find classes for all skill levels here, from basic to intermediate to advanced. Hands-on classes teach the fundamentals of decorating cookies and cakes, creating fondant and buttercream, and even making homemade candy apples. They typically welcome kids age 8 and older, as long as an adult comes along. 

Little Loves Baking Academy

Little Loves Baking Academy designs classes with kids in mind. Join their online program and inspire a love of cooking in kids of any age.

Every class ties in to a life lesson, and they challenge children while providing an opportunity for fun. Classes work well for kids 8 years old and older, but they’re also ideal for younger kids when the parent takes the lead. All in all, it’s a great way to connect with your kid and learn some useful skills, all while creating delicious treats.

Have you taken any of these classes? Did we miss a favorite cooking class your kid loves? Let us know about your experience with these events!