Cooking isn’t just an adult pastime. It’s a great way for children to learn life skills, including how to use tools, measure ingredients, cooperate with others, and see something through from start to finish. Cooking can be empowering and strengthening in many different ways, and it’s possible to start cooking with kids at a very young age.

In Colleyville, Texas, we have a number of local cooking classes that your kids can attend with or without your supervision. Some courses start very early, while others are geared towards slightly older, more experienced children. The courses that involve parents are fun for the whole family and are a great way to bond with your child. There are even online cooking classes you can take for free or at a small cost, to build important skills right in your own kitchen. 

At Crème de la Crème, we understand the value of cooking as a learning and skills development tool for children. That’s why we offer culinary education in our programs, in particular in our summer camp for ages 5 to 12 years. Keeping children active both mentally and physically is very important to us. We hope this list inspires you and gets your children interested in cooking!

Styles of Cooking for Children

Children peel potatoes at a kids cooking class in Colleyville, Texas

Kochkurs Kinder Kids” used with permission via Pixabay by Katya_Kolumna

Just as adults enjoy many different types of cuisine, children have different interests and abilities when it comes to cooking. Simple recipes are the best way to start with young kids, such as straightforward cookie decorating, sandwich making, or simply helping you mix ingredients together for cookies or cakes. 

With older children, you can give them greater responsibilities like cutting or peeling veggies, running the mixer, or measuring and prepping ingredients. One of the best ways to start is by getting your child to help make their favorite meal.

Cooking Classes in and Around Colleyville

For in-person kids’ cooking lessons near Colleyville, you have a few great options. Some of these establishments are focused on cooking for kids, while others offer courses for many different age groups.

Young Chefs Academy

The Young Chefs Academy in Forth Worth offers culinary classes, camps, and birthday parties for kids aged 4 to 14. Their focus is on teaching cooking skills while building self-confidence and enhancing math, science, reading, and social abilities. 

Their cooking classes cover all types of cuisine and culinary practice, from quiche to pasta. They don’t stop at cooking alone — students also learn etiquette, menu planning, table setting, kitchen safety, and more. The Culinary Camp at Young Chefs Academy is an even more immersive experience, with short or multi-day camp experiences available. 

Check their website for a schedule of upcoming courses to register your child.

The Table Market

The Table Market is a culinary studio and retail space, which offers occasional workshops and events including kid-appropriate cooking courses. They focus on using local and seasonal ingredients in their classes, which cover a wide variety of international cuisines. 

For the younger chefs, The Table Market is offering a Kids Spring Cooking Class Series beginning in January 2022. There will be four classes teaching kids how to make everything from eggs to tacos to camp cooking. Sign your child up for one or all four courses for a discounted price.

The Cookery

The Cookery in Forth Worth welcomes children over 13 years old to their publicly scheduled classes, as long as adults accompany them. That makes their courses ideal for bonding with your older kids while learning new skills. The courses are dinner party style, including welcome drinks and snacks, making it a fun and interactive experience.

Online Cooking Classes

If traveling to a cooking class isn’t possible for your family right now, you can also check out some of the online cooking classes. This is an excellent way to build cooking skills in your own kitchen. It provides a way for your whole family to bond while gaining new skills, getting to know where everything goes in your home kitchen, and feeling the satisfaction of cooking a complete meal for your family. 

Some of the local culinary establishments listed above host online courses. You can also find a myriad of online courses from around the country.

Taste Buds Kitchen

Taste Buds Kitchen offers weekly Wednesday classes where kids take over the kitchen, in their “Let’s Make Dinner” series. Shopping lists are emailed to you ahead of time so you can buy all the necessary ingredients before class starts. The focus is on scratch-made recipes, that are easy, relaxed, and fun for the whole family. The price is per household, so you can even get friends together and multiple families can learn at once. The courses are run live, so you can ask questions and interact with the chefs. 

Cook, Learn, Grow

Another great online option is Cook, Learn, Grow, which has in-person courses in Austin, Houston, and Dallas, but now offers many of their courses online to increase access. Their aim is to increase food literacy through hands-on experiences. Their online classes are live, so you’ll want to have all the ingredients and kids ready to go when they begin. Classes include Baking Club, Simple Suppers, and more.

What Children Can Learn From Cooking

Whether you take a course in person or online, cooking with kids is a great way to build essential skills and create lasting bonds. When a kid cooks something from start to finish, they also experience the pride you can only get from making something on your own. Cooking is also an excellent way for young friends to have fun together while learning something new. These experiences are crucial in early childhood development to inspire creativity, team building, cooperation, and other skills.

You don’t have to travel far to find quality kids’ cooking classes in and around Colleyville. At Crème de la Crème, we know how important it is to teach kids essential skills at an early age, in a way that’s fun and engaging. We hope our list has inspired you to roll up your sleeves with your kids and get cooking!