If you’re looking for a new activity for your kids to get involved in, consider signing your child up for kids cooking classes or family culinary lessons near the Coppell, Texas, area. Cooking and baking can be fun activities to help children learn concepts like science, math, and nutrition as well as develop important life skills. Plus, you can bond with your kids if you take the classes with them or try out their new skills in your kitchen at home. Check out these five places that offer in-person or virtual cooking classes for kids around the Coppell area.

Central Market

A young boy helps prepare pastries at a cooking class in Coppell, TX

Young child helping in food preparation.” licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Flickr by shixart1985

While Central Market is known for selling gourmet goods and high-quality ingredients, this regional grocer also offers a wide variety of cooking classes for individuals, couples, and parent-and-kid duos. The Central Market Cooking School hosts in-person cooking classes to teach basic and advanced kitchen skills and recipe execution. 

All classes, even the Parent & Child courses, are two hours long, and you get instruction from a trained chef who guides you and your little sous chef through every step. Parent & Child courses are for kids ages 7 and up since some fine motor skills are needed, but the recipes aren’t limited to simple or common dishes. You and your kiddo can challenge yourselves at sushi, homemade fajitas, and kolaches. These classes are fantastic bonding experiences that also teach your children about different cultures through food while refining their palate and fine motor skills.

And with three Central Market Cooking School locations within about 30 minutes of Coppell, you have plenty of course options to choose from throughout every month. Each offers something different in terms of class offerings, too, so you and your children can learn to make sushi one night in Fort Worth, cook Tex-Mex in Plano the next, and end the week baking a new favorite dessert in Dallas.

Taste Buds Kitchen

Taste Buds Kitchen specializes in family-friendly cooking and baking classes, and while you can’t take classes in-person in the Coppell area anymore, you can learn online from the comfort of your own home kitchen. These live events are affordable, last between 90 minutes to 120 minutes, and welcome chefs of all ages and skill levels. Plus, you get a grocery list emailed to you in the days before the class so you can take the kids to pick out their own ingredients — a great way to get them even more involved in cooking a meal.

In addition to one-time classes, you can also sign kids up for a cooking camp, which involves a 2-hour class every day for one week. These camps are meant for kids ages 6 through 15, plus a parent to watch over and help out as needed, have kids learning two new recipes each day, and involve cooking foods from all over the world. What’s more, Taste Buds Kitchen offers many options for vegetarian-friendly recipes with most being customizable so you can make them fully plant-based with the right vegan alternatives.

Sur La Table

While you may love this store for its amazing selection of kitchen supplies, you’ll also love that Sur La Table also hosts in-person cooking classes for a variety of age groups, including young kids and teens. Their course offerings cover everything from basic cooking techniques and knife skills to sushi- and pasta-making to crafting international recipes from India, Italy, France, Vietnam, and more.  And most of their classes are suited for everyone ages 14 and up, so you can also bring along your teen to any class you both want to try. 

Or book a Family Fun cooking and baking class and spend 2 hours learning how to make cake pops, homemade mini pies, or holiday-themed treats. Consider signing your child or teen up for the week-long day camp full of crafting restaurant-style dishes that they can try at home and impress the whole family. Throughout the week, kids ages 7 through 11 or teens 12 through 17 learn proper knife skills, practice measuring out ingredients, try their hand at sauteing and sauce-making, create fresh pasta and homemade pizza.

You can find a variety of classes at Sur La Table in Southlake and Dallas, or you can take advantage of their online courses.


Chefsville is an organization that offers cooking classes, camps, and clubs to families in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. One of the organization’s goals is to help kids eat healthier diets through from-scratch recipes that don’t have the high levels of sugar and sodium that processed and pre-made foods do. Plus, they emphasize the science, math, and art concepts that cooking teaches children through subject-specific lessons. 

With Cooking Club, your kids can learn cooking basics through fun games, expert instruction, and lots of teamwork with other young chefs. Chefsville also hosts cooking camps at recreation and community centers in the Coppell area, such as in nearby Wylie or Richardson. You can also partner with Chefsville to bring cooking and baking to your kids’ other clubs, such as 4-H, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts. Oh, and this organization also helps train kid (and adult) chefs to compete in televised competitions like Top Chef Jr. and Holiday Baking Championship!

Young Chef’s Academy

In nearby Frisco, you’ll find Young Chef’s Academy, one of the area’s best places for kids culinary classes. Here your kids can participate in weekly classes or multi-day camps where they can start with the basics and work their way up to the Master Chef program. This elite training program allows children to earn patches as they master new skills and try different recipes, and they can even earn the black chef jacket and a YCA Master Chef certification. 

All students wear white chef jackets during class, a unique difference from other area classes. With the Master Chef program and the professional attire, your aspiring chef can feel like a professional in the kitchen, which can help boost confidence and even prepare them for a professional kitchen environment.So there you have it, five places where you can find kids cooking classes for the little chefs in your family. Did we miss your favorite kids culinary training destination in Coppell? Let Crème de la Crème of Coppell know, and we’ll be sure to add it to our list.