Physical development is a crucial part of your child’s growth, and yoga is an awesome way for your whole family to benefit from exercise. You don’t need any athletic ability to enjoy this activity, and it’s fun for kids, parents, and even grandparents. If you want to introduce your children to yoga, here are some places near Buckhead, Georgia, where you can do just that.

Be Yoga

Small child practicing yoga.
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According to the CDC, children over 6 should have at least an hour a day of physical activity. Yoga can play an important role in meeting those guidelines while providing them with the chance to stretch their growing bodies. In addition, regular time on the mat can help children build self-confidence, and the more than 30 skilled teachers at Be Yoga can adapt most traditional adult routines to work for your little ones.

The Be Silly I class is for kids between 4 and 8, while little yogis 8 to 12 can enroll in Be Silly II. During these 60-minute lessons, kids will learn poses with a focus on balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance. Be Yoga offers adult classes at the same time so that parents can practice their asanas too.

Be Yoga’s staff has developed a welcoming place for everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners to gather and claim your journey of self-exploration. You can also check out its free member’s library. New classes pop up regularly.

Intown Tumbling and Yoga for Kids

Adding some time on a yoga mat at Intown Tumbling each week is a wonderful part of a healthy lifestyle, just like eating fresh local produce. It’s the area’s only yoga studio dedicated to kids. The teachers here combine the power of fun, play, and the magic of childhood with body awareness and flexibility.

Kim Steen founded the center in 2010 and designed its various age-appropriate classes for babies through teens, including yoga, tumbling, noncompetitive gymnastics, and ninja skills. Your kids will learn in a progressive environment while building strength, skill sets, and self-esteem in an energized setting. Drop in for the occasional class or enroll your little yogi in an entire session.

The first Saturday of every month is Parents’ Night Out. Skip trying to find a sitter. Kids that are age 5 and older get dinner and a movie while you hit the town. Intown Tumbling is conveniently located in a light-filled urban space on Ralph McGill Boulevard.

Yoga for Families

It’s never too early to begin a yoga practice, and starting at a young age can help your children build healthy habits that last a lifetime. The Mommy & Baby program at Yoga for Families is ideal for infants ages 6 weeks to new walkers. Teachers incorporate traditional yoga poses, breathing exercises, and playful fun to help new moms get back in shape and stretch their bodies while strengthening the bond with their new babies.

The Yoga 4 Families course provides a fun, loving, and relaxed environment where children can find peace in our fast-paced world. There are 30- and 45-minute private lessons, or you can enroll your little ones in small group sessions of at least four kids. Learning these self-health and relaxation techniques can help children ease their daily stress and find inner fulfillment.

If you’re considering a class for your child, why not join them on the mat with a Family Yoga lesson? It’s a great activity everyone can participate in. In this class, instructors emphasize partner and group poses, ensuring a fun and interactive time that is challenging for parents and kids. You’ll play games, build confidence and self-esteem, and create strong and healthy bodies.

Owner Ana Rodriguez holds certifications in many disciplines, including children’s yoga, yoga for children with special needs, yoga therapy, reflexology, and reiki. Her studio hosts classes for kids ages 3 to 5, along with parent and baby or toddler-friendly sessions. Rodriquez also shares therapeutic yoga techniques with children with autism, mild cerebral palsy, ADD, ADHD, and learning disabilities. She can even host a private session in your home if your child would feel more comfortable stretching in your living room.

Stillness Yoga and Meditation Center

There are many reasons why kids are stressed out these days, from social media to a poor diet. That’s one of the reasons why Stephanie Clement founded Stillness Yoga and Meditation Center in Marietta in 2005. Since 2005, this studio’s welcoming group of instructors and practitioners has provided a warm and supportive environment.

The most common type of yoga for children is hatha, and at the all-level hatha course here, your little yogis that are ages 6 to 10 will follow a classical approach to this ancient yoga style. They’ll put their downward-facing dog skills to the test while expert instructors encourage them to tune in to both their physical and emotional being. You can even take advantage of the $15 new student special and try out unlimited classes for two weeks to confirm it’s the right program for your kids.

Korsi Yoga

At Korsi Yoga, kids as young as 3 can learn different breathing and relaxation techniques, group poses, and fun activities, like at many other studios. However, this pick offers even more, like yoga-themed birthday parties. Your children and up to a dozen friends can spend 90 minutes at an exclusive gala celebration here. They’ll get a 45-minute yoga class, plus time for cake, gifts, and an add-on project.

You can also sign up your children for the Grounded Kids Yoga Camp. This annual summer event takes place the last week in July. Camp counselors Amy Haysman and Sedef Dion provide yoga instruction, creative crafts, and a snack. Each day, campers practice mindfulness with yoga-based themes, guided meditation, and nature walks. It’s a terrific way to ease their transition back to school after a long vacation.

So, there you have it. Creme de la Creme of Buckhead shared this guide to local kids’ yoga with you. What do you think of our ideas? Let us know if we forgot your family’s favorite place to stretch out. Send us a note so we can add your ideas to our next guide.