The practice of yoga is helpful for children and teens because it recharges the mind and stretches the body. Yoga helps children learn how to cope with stress by teaching them about breathing and mindfulness while guiding them to be centered, self-aware, and more confident. Yoga also develops an awareness of the mind, body, and spirit connection. Our Crème de la Crème staff is happy to share some places around Mesa, Arizona, that offer children’s yoga classes.


Mesa, AZ yoga class for children
Kids Yoga class by Heidelknips is licensed with CC BY 2.0

Stretch-n-Grow offers yoga classes for kids at Red Mountain Center and Eagles Community Center. One class offering is Yoga Stars for parents and tots. Yoga Stars is a fun, story-filled class that teaches basic yoga with lessons focusing on skills to encourage relaxation. The class introduces your toddler to mindfulness practices, trains them in flexibility, and teaches healthy habits in a supportive and safe environment. This class is suitable for children 2 to 3 years of age. Yoga Stars also offers a higher class level for children ages 4 to 6. Sibling discounts are available upon request.

Location: Red Mountain Center is at 7550 E. Adobe St., and the Eagles Community Center is at 828 E. Broadway Road, both in Mesa

Contact: 480-329-3674

Exhale Yoga

Exhale Yoga has a 60-minute kid’s yoga class that teaches children ages 4 through 11 basic yoga poses and sun salutations. Their team of certified yoga teachers guides students to transition from one pose to another. The Kids Yoga 60 class can help manage stress, build concentration, teach how to unwind, develop self-awareness, and take a break from technology. Exhale Yoga designed its class environment to be inviting and inspiring so everyone feels accepted and empowered. Drop-in classes are $10 for Kids Yoga, or consider purchasing a multiple-class card for your child to continue to grow with their peers.

Location: 2920 N. Power Road, #101, Mesa


Kids Yoga with Nichole

Kids Yoga With Nichole offers a variety of yoga programs. You can choose from a Little Yogi & Me yoga class for parents or caregivers and children, a 60-minute Kids Yoga class, an All-Abilities yoga class, or a 30-minute class. Kids Yoga with Nichole also offers monthly yoga camps, summer yoga camps, and yoga birthday parties.

Nichole teaches Kay Yoga, a style based on the 5,000-year-old science of yoga. She focuses on teaching children mindfulness, breathing, stretching, and meditation to foster deep relaxation. Her class mantra for children is “peace begins with me.” Since kids naturally love to sing and dance, her classes incorporate more than 35 original songs to help keep them engaged and moving. Each class ends with a special trip to a magical secret garden where kids use their imaginations.

Location: 849 E. Kael Street, Mesa



At the Hope Academy For Autism, your child can learn yoga through games and activities with Yoga-Yingo. Created by a pediatric occupational therapist for over 30 years, Yoga-Yingo is full of fun games and activities specially designed for children with disabilities and special needs. These classes are for children in grades kindergarten through 12, with poses and stretches based on their ability level. The instructors also use yoga classes to help reduce participants’ stress. 

Location: 7618 E. University Drive, Mesa

Contact: 480-354-1828

Gilbert Yoga

Gilbert Yoga offers an array of yoga classes designed to be fun and strengthening for children ages 3 and up. Enroll in their kid and family yoga class that teaches kid-friendly postures to challenge their balance and calming breathing techniques to help re-focus. Certified yoga teachers create a nurturing environment for students to relax and thrive. Each weekly class has a theme aimed at tuning into a child’s playful heart. Gilbert Yoga also offers a variety of adult yoga classes for kids 10 and older to participate.

Location: 655 N. Gilbert Road, #162, Gilbert

Contact: 480-420-7297


PLAY offers Mindful Me family classes at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix and the Chandler Family Resource Center. At Play and Learn through Art and Yoga, their specially designed curriculum cultivates a child’s mind and body connection while building strength, flexibility, and balance. They believe yoga helps reduce anxiety, improve behavior, and increase self-esteem. 

PLAY offers Mindfulness Kits created to take yoga from the children’s learning environments to their homes. These kits contain affirmation cards, essential oils, breathing exercises, and yoga pose cards. You can purchase a Mindfulness Kit through a donation that will go toward helping under-resourced schools in the community.

Location: 4552 E. Desert Cove Ave., Phoenix

Contact: 480-510-6880

One Love Kids Yoga

One Love Yoga is the perfect place to find yoga classes for kids and families. New parents can try “Mamaste” and “Dadaste” baby yoga classes to strengthen their bond with skin-to-skin contact. Family yoga, open to all ages, promotes togetherness for children and their parents, grandparents, or caregivers. Connection and awareness games are part of each lesson. Private lessons utilizing an individualized curriculum are available for children aged 3 and above, tailored to each child’s hobbies and interests. Prices and class durations vary.

Location: 2230 E. Pinto Drive, Gilbert

Contact: 480-580-2216

Inner Vision Yoga 

Inner Vision Yoga has a roster of classes for families. Their kids’ yoga class for ages 5 to 12 focuses on fun, breath, movement, and imagination to help children experience wisdom. If your little one is taking a sick day from school, Inner Vision offers over 75 livestream online yoga classes. Enjoy the healing powers of yoga in the comfort of your home so they can attend their next class in person!

Location: 6448 S. McClintock Drive, Tempe

Contact: 480-632-7899

At Crème de la Crème of Mesa, Arizona, we strive to unlock your child’s full potential. Yoga is one practice that can be helpful for children, as it builds confidence, soothes stress, and is beneficial to your child’s body, lending them flexibility and core strength. It’s never too soon to start your kids on the path of learning yoga so that they can reap the many benefits.