Joining a club is a great way for anyone to make new friends, explore their interests, develop different skills, and have fun. While your kids can join clubs at school, at church, or through local organizations, there are plenty of other social groups where the whole family can get involved. Here are seven awesome local clubs in Las Vegas that you can join with your kids for a fantastic bonding experience.

Vegas Dads Group

Image via Flickr by mypubliclands Licensed CC BY 2.0

This social group is hosted on the social gathering search platform MeetUp, and its mission is to connect local dads in the Las Vegas area through fun dad-and-kid outings. Vegas Dads Group has more than 400 members on the platform and is one chapter of the City Dads Group U.S. They welcome dads of all backgrounds, including single fathers, stay-at-home dads, working dads, first-timers, and others.

They host both in-person and virtual events where dads and kids can get to know one another. Some places they like to meet up include local museums, parks, parent-and-child classes, and members’ homes. What’s more, they also have parenting workshops where dads can learn new skills to better connect with and care for their children. They also like to go on Dad’s Nights Out, where they hang out without kids to socialize and have fun together.

Our Village Mom’s Club

On the flip side, MeetUp also has a few different moms clubs, but Our Village Mom’s Club is the most popular and active on the platform. This club focuses on connecting moms through an exercise program called FIT4MOM, where women take classes like Stroller Barre (a barre-like fitness class using strollers), high-intensity interval training courses, and Fit4Baby (gentle exercise routines for expecting mothers). These classes also double as parent-and-child classes, too, because moms are encouraged to bring their children and engage with them during class.

No matter where you are on your motherhood journey, this club invites you to try a free class and come to an upcoming session to meet other mothers from a variety of backgrounds. This group is perfect for moms looking to make new friends, find ways for their infant or tot to socialize, and get in a great workout.

Team Project Tuesday

The Las Vegas Library system is an incredible resource for families looking to join clubs and social activities. In fact, your local library has a wide variety of weekly classes, club meetings, and other events that are totally free. 

Team Project Tuesday is a weekly collaboration event where local teens can gather in the Best Buy Teen Tech Center at Clark County Library and work together to plan, execute, and provide feedback on practically any type of project they’re interested in. Teens are welcome to join this after-school event with an idea of their own or jump into a group project already in the works. 

This activity is for kids 12 to 17 years old (or 18 with a valid high school I.D.), and it helps teens develop skills in communication, teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, and even hard skills related to engineering, technology, and science.

Teen Book Club

There’s even a Teen Book Club at nearby Windmill Library. This club reads a new book at least every month, and participants are welcome to join the discussion meeting whether or not they’ve finished the book. Teen Book Club has teens and tweens in 6th through 12th grades reading YA fiction in practically every genre as well as non-fiction titles on important topics like politics, race relations, and growing up. This after-school event is a great way to get your teens to meet kids from other schools all around Vegas and to interest them in reading more.

Craft Club

At Mt. Charleston Library, the Craft Club brings kids, teens, and adults together in the name of arts and crafts. Each week, the club focuses on a new project where you can learn new skills or brush up on old ones. This club’s mission is to promote self-care, relaxation, and skill building all in a two-hour session. 

The library provides all the materials and tools for free, and you can call ahead to learn which craft you’re doing each week. That way, you’ll know whether you’ll be able to bring the little ones to work on something less intensive or bring your older children for something a bit more intricate or in-depth. If crafts aren’t your thing, your child 12 years and older can attend the class by themselves, and you can grab a book off the shelf to read while you wait or join in on a different class or club at the same time.

LEGO League

What kid, big or small, doesn’t love building with LEGOs? Channel your inner engineer, architect, or artist when you and your kids join the LEGO League at Windmill Library. This club event is meant for tots and kids all the way up to 11 years old, though your older kids may not mind playing with LEGOs either. Each month, the library comes up with a new theme that you and your team of little builders can use to create anything you want out of the provided LEGOs or DUPLOs. 

Since this program is so popular, the club is limited, so make sure to get there at least 30 minutes in advance to get a ticket.

Crochet Club

Sunrise Library hosts the Crochet Club, which is meant for adults, kids, and teens. This club is a little different than the others — it isn’t as structured since you just show up to learn how to crochet, teach someone else, or just crochet and chat with other club members. This weekly event offers relaxation for experienced crafters and a skill-building challenge for newbies of all ages. And even if you’ve been crocheting for a while, you may learn something new.

So there you have it, seven cool clubs your family members can join to make new friends, learn new skills, and have a lot of fun. Did we miss any of your family’s favorite local clubs and social groups in Las Vegas? Contact Crème de la Crème of Las Vegas on Farm Road. We’ll be sure to add it to our list!