Looking for fun and exciting new topics can be difficult, especially when you’re focused on finding something the entire family can enjoy. Once you find something to bond over, many people enjoy becoming part of a community of individuals with similar interests. Joining a club or group can be a great way to meet new people and can help your children gain crucial social skills.  Communicating with adults and peers while pursuing a hobby can help instill confidence and self-esteem. Read on to learn about some of the top local clubs for your kids in Westmont, Illinois.

Mighty Tikes

Children playing soccer in a field in Westmont, IL

Image by Erik (HASH) Hersman is licensed with CC BY 2.0

Mighty Tikes Sports Fitness is an activity program hosted by Westmont Yard and is suitable for children from 2 to 6 years old. The program focuses on getting children active through organized sports to support teamwork, teach the value of cooperation, and improve physical motor skills. Because the program combines physical learning with imagination, the group provides a strong foundation for an active and healthy lifestyle while teaching children the basics they’ll need to participate in sports in the future.

Parents are encouraged to participate with their children during each class. Classes are held weekly, and each one focuses on a different sport. Ensuring kids are exposed to various sports helps them find one that suits them best. The base cost to participate is $130 for an eight-week session. Each class is 45 minutes long and consists of soccer, sports fitness, and baseball sections. 

Children enrolled in the class can use the facility’s playroom for free on the day of their class, while their siblings can use it for a reduced rate of $5 per child. It is a great way to show children the benefits of active play and sportsmanship. 

Location: 233 W. 63rd St.

Contact: Kayli Miller at 630-737-1000

Westmont Public Library Book Clubs

For the avid reader, check out Westmont Public Library Book Clubs. The library offers study and meeting places where you can reserve a room to have some quiet reading time or meet as a group for a book study. Currently, the library has two clubs that meet monthly. The first is Unreal World Book Club, which reads and discusses sci-fi and fantasy pieces through virtual meetings. The other is the 4th Monday Book Club, a patron-led club that discusses books spanning many different genres. 

If you or your child are interested in starting your book club, you can do that too. Register your book club with the library and begin requesting books for your members. If you want to read but don’t know where to start, the library also has a Book Club in a Bag, where a selection of 10 books and popular discussion questions are neatly packaged together. This gets the conversation started and helps guide your meetings.  The library also has an online list of popular book club titles and discussion questions.

Location: 428 N. Cass Ave.

Contact: 630-869-6150

Arya International Dance Academy

The Arya International Dance Academy can help your little dancers get coordinated and learn about cultures from around the world. Dedicated to teaching South Asian dance techniques, music, singing, and acting to children of all ages, this institute is the ideal answer to getting your little mover and shaker coordinated. Kathak includes spins and is central to Hindu mythology. The classic Bharatnatyam and Filmi Fusion incorporate Bollywood music. Both in-person and virtual dance classes are available. 

Hop online and select the appropriate age-level to get started. As a family, you can learn hip-hop, folk, or Bolly zumba from the comfort of your living room. They even offer a free trial class.  

Location: various locations throughout Illinois

Contact: 973-402-4655

Epic Comic Club

Comic books are a great way to introduce children to the love of reading, the art of storytelling, and an appreciation of art. While many comic book stores have clubs for adults, it can be challenging to find comics and groups suitable for children. Luckily, with Dave Pilkey’s Epic Comic Club, you don’t have to go far. Hosted by Scholastic Kids, this club is tailored to the needs of children interested in the art of comic books and provides them with skills and tutorials to help them fashion their own stories and books. The club encourages kids to explore their creativity and writing skills. 

To take part, simply download the Epic Comic Club Official Guide and follow along each month. A downloadable membership kit includes cards, certificates, and a badge collection sheet, helping your family keep track of accomplishments. A handy “Comic Starter” is available each month to help encourage creative thought using new themes. Once the comic is complete, you and your child can upload their finished comics to the website for a chance to be featured on the Supa Epic Comics of the Week Gallery. Print out the monthly Pilkey character badge so you can start your collection. 

This experience is completely virtual and free. All you need is your printer, and you can print out as many membership cards as needed.  Creating comics as a family can be a great bonding experience.

So there you have it. Crème de la Crème of Westmont, Illinois, has just shared with you our suggestions for clubs to help your children and family explore their interests while building vital social skills and bonds. Whether you want to meet in person or virtually, there is something to help nearly everyone become active in a club. 

At Crème de la Crème we have many opportunities for youths to explore new interests, learn, and expand their minds. We have coding, cooking, robotics, and language development opportunities. Check us out for your after-school care and childcare needs. Call us at 630-543-7443 to set up an appointment and meet our friendly staff to learn how your family can benefit from becoming part of the Crème de la Crème family.