Yoga is a helpful mind/body practice for all ages. If you want to get your child into yoga practice early, several yoga studios around Thornton, Colorado, have youth and family classes available. Here are some yoga classes for kids to explore.

Radiant Beginnings Yoga

Kids yoga classes in Thornton, CO
Kids Yoga class by Ilonais licensed with CC BY 2.0

Radiant Beginnings Yoga has a variety of youth programs to choose from, including a 10-week session, year-long programming, or private classes. There’s no experience required to begin, and their approach is playful and engaging based on evidence-based practices and proven curricula. Some classroom activities include yoga postures, mindfulness, deep breathing, embodiment, guided imagery, and cooperative games. All modalities taught are meant to help students become resilient when facing stress. All classes are designed to be fun to keep young people engaged in learning, whether in a group or individually. Radiant Beginnings Yoga is located at 3327 Brighton Blvd. in Denver.

Belly Bliss

For yoga classes for expectant moms, postpartum moms, and their children, visit Belly Bliss. One of the classes they offer is baby and me yoga, a chance for new moms or caregivers to introduce their babies to yoga practice. The class focuses on interactive poses with your baby and is best suited to non-mobile/pre-crawling babies. This yoga practice can help minimize various ailments that babies have, such as colic reflux and gas, and helps with sleeping habits. No experience with yoga is required.

Another class is toddler and parent yoga, which is beneficial in helping your toddler develop coordination, balance, strength, and self-soothing skills. This yoga practice also helps teach your toddler to listen to their body. In this class, toddlers and their parents will engage in interactive yoga and mindfulness, utilizing movement, games, stories, and songs.

This class also provides the opportunity to meet other parents and support one another. Most of all, you’ll learn new ways to help your toddler at a crucial time in their development. No yoga experience is required. You’ll find Belly Bliss at 300 Josephine St., Suite 230, in Denver.

ONE Yoga

ONE Yoga has a kids’ yoga class taught by certified children’s yoga instructors, tailored to consider all personalities and learning styles, to help every child benefit from learning yoga. Kids’ class is designed to make learning yoga fun. In this interactive class, your child will develop an awareness of breath, body, and mind. Classes use breathwork, postures, and mind/body games to help children develop tools to cope with stress. Your junior yogi will gain confidence, strength, flexibility, social skills, and mindfulness. Kids’ yoga is for ages 4 to 11.

Parents don’t join the kids’ class, but adult classes are held at the same time if you wish to participate in learning yoga too. You can also drop off your child for class with ONE Yoga at 5058 S. Syracuse St. in Denver.

The River Yoga

For children’s classes catered to ages 4 to 10, check out The River Yoga. The yoga here is designed to be appropriate to your child’s level of development. The class teaches mindful movement and explores all the benefits of yoga. Children will be provided with peaceful and playful challenges for their minds and bodies. The classes are crafted to enlighten young minds, open hearts, and empower your children. The lessons help develop self-awareness, focus, and strength.

The results you can expect for your child include increased confidence and greater yoga knowledge. Classes will also provide them with an opportunity to make new friends. Parents don’t participate in classes, but simultaneous adult classes are offered if you wish to work on your yoga practice. You always have the option to drop off your child for class for The River Yoga class at 1212 Delaware St. in Denver.

Breath Of Life Yoga

Breath of Life Yoga has a series of classes that welcome children and families:

  • Mommy and Me Family Yoga is led by a mom of two, Kristin Mills, who has taught yoga for fifteen years. This class features fun, interactive yoga, imaginative play, games, stories, and songs. Children of all ages are welcome in this class. The lessons provide kids with skills to increase happiness and promote calmness and greater peace, while parents and caregivers get to experience yoga practice and bonding time with their children. Children are free with a paying adult.
  • Classic Flow is a traditional Vinyasa Flow that connects breath and movement created to help develop greater core strength, improve balance, increase flexibility, and teach mindfulness. Class includes a warm-up, two to three sequences of movement accompanied by breathwork, a challenge section which could consist of learning a new core sequence or pose, and then a cool-down period with stretching. This class is suitable for all levels and is appropriate for children ages 12 and up, but 12- to 14-year-olds must be accompanied by a paying parent or guardian.
  • Gentle Flow is a perfect introduction to yoga designed to be gentle for all levels, focusing on movement and breath and making yoga more accessible for anyone. It helps increase flexibility, balance, and strength. This class is appropriate for ages 12 and up, but a paying parent or guardian must accompany 12- to 14-year-olds.
  • Yin is a class centered around deep stretches and gentle movements to increase relaxation, promote flexibility, and provide space for mindfulness and recovery. Optional props may help your body hold poses for two to five minutes. Low lights and gentle music enhance the relaxing nature of this class. This class also welcomes ages 12 and up, with a paying parent or guardian accompanying those 12 to 14.
  • Vin/Yin combines the best of two styles of Yoga with 30 minutes spent in a vinyasa flow of movement and breath designed to increase flexibility, build strength, and improve balance. Then another 30 minutes is devoted to yin poses, which center on relaxation and recovery to increase flexibility through supportive poses. All levels are welcome, but this is an excellent class for beginners. This class is suitable for ages 12 and up, with a paying parent or guardian for those between 12 and 14.

Breath of Life Yoga is located at 13611 E. 104th Ave., Suite 600, in Commerce City.

With all the classes offered, you can find the right one for your child or a class you can participate in together. The Créme de la Créme of Lone Tree team believes that getting your child started in yoga early has many benefits for the body and mind, so it’s never too soon for them to start learning.