If you’re like most Missouri parents, you’re too busy to put three square meals on the table every day. Eating out has become part of our American culture, but it doesn’t have to be all about burgers and fries from the drive-thru. Whether you’re eating plant-based foods for health or environmental reasons — or both — we’ve created this list of the seven best places near Ellisville with vegetarian fare.

La Tiendita: Tortilleria and Marketplace

Image via Flickr by Chris Winters Licensed CC BY SA-2.0

Are you turning over a new leaf? You’re not alone. According to a study by Ipsos Retail Performance, veganism is growing in the U.S. An estimated 9.7 million of us have chosen a plant-based lifestyle. Thankfully, La Tiendita on Manchester Road offers scrumptious plant-based fare even your finicky toddler will love.

Head up to the counter and order Mexican classics for breakfast, like the lacto-ovo-vegetarian huevos con Napoles, or get the kids a cheesy quesadilla for lunch. You can also pick up a pint of frijoles charros to share. It’s a spicy bean soup the whole family will devour. This grocer also offers fresh-baked tortillas and an excellent selection of Mexican beer.


Next time you’re craving authentic Mediterranean dishes, head to this unique deli on Manchester Road. This popular European cuisine incorporates all the foundations of healthy eating, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, and nuts. The chefs at Phoenicia also use healthy fats like olive oil in place of butter and season with bold herbs and spices instead of tons of salt in their dishes.

Phoenicia’s extensive menu features a long list of dishes made with a Lebanese touch, like the manakish zaatar for starters. Order a grilled eggplant sandwich for a filling lunch, or make it a family dinner with a combo platter. This restaurant offers two delicious choices, and both come with spinach cheese pies and either falafel or baba ghanouj as an appetizer.

Faraci Pizza

When you need plant-based food that everyone will love, pick pizza. Not only is it a wholesome after-school snack, but it’s also one dish you’re sure won’t go to waste. Faraci Pizza on Manchester Road has been making its St. Louis-style pies for more than 50 years. They use only the best ingredients and then bake them the right way: in a traditional brick-bottom oven.

One of the best things about pizza is the choices. Pile on veggies like onions, green peppers, black olives, and mushrooms. Don’t stop there, though. The sweet and savory taste of pineapple, garlic, and fresh sliced tomatoes adds a dash of color and a bit of tang to your taste buds. You can also make it easy and ask your server for Faraci’s Vegetable Special in either a 12-inch small or a 14-inch large.

The Corner Pub and Grill

The Corner on Fountain Plaza Drive is a terrific neighborhood pub. This local, family-owned restaurant offers parents a relaxed environment to take the kids. Kick off your meal with savory favorites like guacamole stuffed wontons, cauliflower bites with Buffalo ranch sauce, or parmesan pita chips paired with a tantalizing spinach artichoke dip.

Get the Beyond veggie burger on a whole-grain roll topped any way you like, or dig into the house salad, which is big enough for a meal. The vegetarian wrap stars a hearty serving of black beans for a boost of protein, and so does the plant-based taco bowl. The Corner also offers locations in Valley Park and O’Fallon if you’re out and about and craving a plant-based snack. It even provides an award-winning, gluten-free menu for those with sensitivities.

Sunny Street Cafe

Sunny Street Cafe on Taylor Road staffs friendly, attentive servers and offers plenty of plant-based options. Browse its list of tasty concoctions for breakfast and lunch, including fluffy cinnamon roll pancakes that are so delicious the syrup is optional. The egg white omelet comes off the skillet with a heaping helping of grilled tomatoes, onions, peppers, spinach, and mushrooms, or you can get a slice of avocado toast when you want something light.

Don’t forget a beverage. We recommend the dairy-free horchata cold brew with sweet rice milk and a dash of cinnamon. In addition to its feel-good comfort foods, this quaint destination has large booths that easily seat the whole family.

Walnut Grill

Head to the Walnut Grill on Clarkson Clayton Center for gourmet fare. Its chefs fill the harvest bowl with a wholesome rice blend, grilled asparagus, sauteed mushrooms, balsamic marinated tomatoes, avocado, carrots, and seasonings, then drizzle it with truffle oil for an unmistakably earthy flavor. The grilled Margherita flatbread is a filling choice with mozzarella and provolone cheeses, Roma tomatoes, and a garlic and basil oil spread.

Where this restaurant shines is its salads. These aren’t your ordinary iceberg lettuce plates. You’ll love ingredients like marinated strawberries, goat cheese, and candied almonds on the Balsamico option. The blueberry mango is another outstanding salad with a bed of field greens dressed with raspberry and balsamic vinegar and topped with a dollop of mango salsa, blueberries, toasted granola, and gorgonzola cheese.

Golden Wok

If you love plant-based foods with an Asian flair, visit the Golden Wok on Manchester Road. It offers a variety of vegan options for lunch and dinner. This no-frills Chinese restaurant dishes up classic cuisine like pad thai. It comes out of the kitchen hot and fresh and in huge portions.

The made-to-order pineapple fried rice is another local favorite, along with the spring rolls. They’re a popular menu item for a reason: They’re delicious! Owners Diana and Jake make each visit special for everyone in the family, so check them out today.

So, there you have it. Crème de la Crème of Ellisville just informed you of the best places in the city to find delicious plant-based meals. What did you think of our picks? Did we miss your favorite vegan restaurant — one Missouri parents will love? If we did, let us know! Drop us a line so we can add your suggestions to our list.