Art lovers don’t have to go far when they are in and around the Chandler area to enjoy a wide variety of work from all genres. From street murals to sculptures and more, anyone can experience public art. The Chandler Arts Commission administers the Arts In Public Places Program as a way to bring unique works from local and regional artists to all residents and visitors. Local galleries and artists also have public displays for everyone to enjoy. Here’s where to find them in the Chandler area.

The Chandler Public Art Tour

Chandler Center for the Arts sign

“Chandler Center for the Arts” licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Flickr by deanouellette

The Chandler Public Art Tour features unique works of art in and around public places in the city. Many of the pieces sit in municipal buildings, in public parks, and on street corners. You can download the interactive map to find out where all the pieces are or contact the Chandler Arts Commission to get a current list of the artwork and where to find them. 

Turbulent Shade

You’ll find Turbulent Shade at the new Chandler City Hall. The piece, commissioned by the Chandler Arts Commission, is a stainless steel shade created by Ned Kahn Studios. The work functions as a structure to create shade on the western side of the City Hall Tower and consists of individual panels that pivot. As they pivot, the panel creates a wind-animated effect. At night the LED illuminated piece stands out in the city.

Family Matters

Family Matters serves at the entry to Chandler City Hall. Created from sandstone and copper by Russel Marohnic, it represents the modern family and the city of Chandler’s commitment to making the area a good home for all types of families.

Oracle of Victory

Oracle of Victory is an abstract sculpture by artist Lyle London. This Tempe-based artist specialized in metal sculptures and created this piece with a sheet of wavy rusted metal that sits on a steel pedestal and then a concrete base. You’ll find it on South Arizona Avenue near AJ Chandler Pocket Park. 

Rosales Family Fountain

The Rosales Family Fountain sits in downtown Chandler at Dr. A.J. Chandler Park. This piece was commissioned in 2003 to commemorate the families who first settled in Chandler before 1910. The foundation depicts the members of the Rosales family in bronze.


The 5C’s sculpture sits on the southwest corner of Arizona Avenue and Boston Street. It represents cattle, climate, copper, citrus, and cotton, the five elements of Arizona’s history. Artist Joe Tyler created the sculpture in 2012 for the city’s centennial celebration.

The Guardian

The Guardian is a sculpture by artist Russell Bowers. It has three bronze figures that represent the dedication of the Chandler Police Department. You’ll find this piece at the Chandler Police Department Administration building on East Chicago Street.

Downtown Chandler Murals

There’s a trail of inspirational murals in downtown Chandler. The murals feature colorful street art and gives everyone a look at the diverse and talented community. Some of the pieces tell the story of Chandler and its history, while others offer a vibrant display of expression. Here’s a look at some of the local murals that are sure to inspire.

Serrano’s Mexican Restaurant

Serrano’s is a popular Chandler restaurant started by Ernie and Eva Serrano back in 1979. It’s now run by their eight children and features a large mural on the east-facing exterior. Created by Noe Baez and his son, the mural represents the Serrano family and their Tucscon roots by depicting the San Xavier Mission del Bac. It also has 10 roses to represent Ernie, Eva, and their children.

SanTan Brewing Company

The mural on the SanTan Brewing Company wall is a brightly colored depiction of beer distillers surrounded by cactus from the Arizona desert. This mural was also created by graffiti artist Noe Baez and his son Champ Styles and was led by the Chandler Arts Commission. You’ll find it on the west-facing wall on South Marcos Place.

Monuments to Chandler

One of the newest murals in downtown Chandler pays homage to Chandler’s past and present. It looks back at the past 100 years featuring geometric shapes and patterns along with old-fashioned portraits of the area. Artists Joey Salamon and Cam DeCaussin use archival photos to paint the desert landscapes to make sure they are accurate. You’ll find this mural on West Boston Street between the Original ChopShop and Saba’s Western Wear.

Ghett’ Yo’ Taco

Head to Ghett’ Yo’ Taco on South Oregon Street, and the front door will welcome you with two faces created by graffiti artist Lalo Cota. This mural, inspired by Day of the Dead, depicts the faces of a woman with a red rose in her hair and a man wearing a sombrero. The door sits between the faces with a painting of a tomato and pepper above it. 

Mesa Public Art Program

Take a short drive to Mesa and explore the public art created by the internationally acclaimed artists at the Mesa Arts Center. The three installations include:

Color Walk in Mesa

The Color Walk is an art installation made from two ribbons of colored glass attached to the guardrails on the west faces of the Studios building. The imagery depicts the sky at dusk in Mesa during a rainstorm. The artist took the photos and then used them to create an experience of pure color and light. 

Fragmented Landscape

This piece uses thousands of aluminum panels to create a shade screen. The artist made perforated holes in the panels that create an image of sand dunes when seen from a distance.

Light Storm

Over 30,000 stainless steel discs make up the Light Storm piece. The artist embedded them into the paving in the theater lobby and outside the building to create a wave pattern when looked at from the stairway above. Chandler, Arizona, has an impressive public art program, and Crème de la Crème of Chandler just gave you some of the best places in the area where you can go to see it. Do you know of any other public art installations that we missed? Let us know what your favorite piece is, and we’ll check it out and add it to the list.