Yoga offers a wealth of benefits for the youngest practitioners. Just like with adult yogis, kids who practice yoga experience enhanced flexibility, increased coordination and balance, and improved concentration and focus. Yoga can also boost self-esteem and confidence while strengthening the connection between mind and body. So, how can you find a yoga class for your child without traveling far? Crème de la Crème of McKinney has you covered.

How Can You Choose the Best Yoga Style for Your Child?

A young girl in green doing yoga in McKinney, TX

Image by Kajetan Sumila is licensed with Unsplash License 

The right yoga style depends on what you want your child to get out of the experience. You’ll need to consider your child’s age, physical abilities, and previous experience to pick a style of yoga that is engaging and age-appropriate. Some forms of yoga to consider include:

  • Hatha yoga.
  • Isha yoga.
  • Nada yoga.
  • Yin yoga.

Of course, that’s not an exhaustive list, so look for yoga classes close to home taught by experienced teachers who love working with kids. We’ve put together this list to get you started.

3 Little Yogis

You can’t go wrong with 3 Little Yogis kids yoga classes if you’re searching for a local place where your kiddos can try yoga. 3 Little Yogis offers a range of yoga classes that teach kids yoga skills while introducing them to languages, arts, music, and more.

The kids yoga series for ages 3 to 6 features kids yoga taught in English and Spanish. Your little one will explore yoga through art, music, games, and stories, not to mention a wide range of mindful activities that stimulate the senses and build left-right brain integration, balance, strength, and flexibility. Your child will hone their concentration, discipline, and body awareness while boosting their confidence. Along the way, the class introduces breathing and relaxation techniques specially suited to kids in this age group.

3 Little Yogis also offers a kids yoga series for ages 5 to 12. Your child will enjoy an interdisciplinary yoga curriculum that teaches skills in a bilingual English and Spanish format, even adding a little Sanskrit into the mix. Along with the eight limbs of yoga, kids get to participate in mindful, sensory activities like stories, art, and games, developing flexibility, balance, and strength along with collaboration skills and civic and social responsibility. This class also focuses on mindfulness, nutrition, and wellness, delivering a holistic experience for kids interested in yoga.

Inquire about dropping into one of the scheduled classes, signing up for a specific class, or purchasing a pass to attend a set of classes at your convenience. 3 Little Yogis encourages parent participation, so you can also get in on the fun. Looking for something a little different? They also offer private lessons with practices designed for your specific needs as you improve your health.


You can’t go wrong with local breathe.flow.grow if you’re a family looking to get into a yoga practice. The studio’s services include private sessions and group classes, so you’re sure to find the perfect opportunity to meet your needs, all without traveling far from home.

The private options are ideal if this is your family’s first yoga experience or you just can’t find a class that fits your schedule. If your kid needs individualized instruction for breathing and mindfulness or isn’t quite ready for a group yoga class, this offers a great option. You can opt for private lessons in your own home or go with private space in the studio, and it’s possible to get lessons for small groups or in a one-on-one format.

Whether you go for a private or group class, you can expect your child to develop a practice of breathing and mindfulness through meditation yoga. Offerings include yoga for kids and adults, prenatal sessions, and even aerial yoga, not to mention mommy/daddy and me sessions perfect for enjoying yoga with your child.

WOOT! Yoga

Even the name is joyful, so it’s no wonder that WOOT! Yoga has become another go-to spot for families in the McKinney area. This yoga studio helps its attendees strengthen their physical bodies while calming their busy minds in order to build confidence they can take with them through all aspects of life. In other words, your child can develop skills that help them not just with their yoga practice but in school, with friends, and beyond.

WOOT! Yoga’s camps for kids give children a way to stretch their bodies along with their awareness, concentration, creativity, and focus. They’ll learn postures and explore the benefits of breathing, playing games, and learning through music as they do. Deep dives into meditation and outward expression through movement and art round out the packages. WOOT! Yoga offers camps for kids starting at age 5.

The Fit Pelvis

With locations in McKinney and Prosper, The Fit Pelvis makes accessing yoga sessions a breeze. Their Mom and Baby Yoga classes strive to get you to have fun with your little one as you move. The instructor knows that newborns are unpredictable, so they’re completely fine with you moving on your own or even pausing to feed and entertain your baby. If you’re looking for a way to get on the mat with other like-minded mamas and learn movements you can do when it’s convenient for you, this class is for you.

The Fit Pelvis also tops the list of places for prenatal and postpartum yoga in our area. These classes offer a gentle flow while mothers connect with other local moms. The class makes modifications depending on the trimester and encourages questions to ensure you’re feeling your best as you move. So, while these yoga classes aren’t for kids, they’re a great opportunity if you’re about to welcome (or have just welcomed) a new addition to your family. Bonus points for getting your older kids interested in yoga when they see how much fun you have in your class.

That wraps up Crème de la Crème of McKinney’s list of local yoga spots to check out with your child. Do you have another favorite local teacher or studio we didn’t include? Drop us a line so we can explore more recommendations to share with our community.