If you’re looking for something fun for the whole family around Allen, Texas, you have plenty of options. Many of these places offer an opportunity to spend quality time together with the ones you love and squeezing in some education while you’re at it. Here are four cool educational destinations around Allen, Texas, you should check out, courtesy of our infant daycare in Allen, TX

Play Street Museum

This museum is geared toward little ones aged 1-8 and is an interactive museum that lets kids play, learn, and explore the theme “On the Go.” Parents can either play with their children or let them explore the area on their own. The educational play space allows kids to learn through the power of play and exploration.

In addition to the museum area, Play Street Museum has events you can attend, like holiday-themed parties, markets, and storytimes. There are also opportunities to let your child explore their artistic side through painting, working with clay, and making pottery. They also offer pottery “to go,” where you can pick up everything you need to complete a project, then take it back for firing. They’ll call you when it’s ready for you to take home.

Flour Power Studios

Being in the kitchen is always a fun way to spend your time and learn something new. Whether you are looking for a fun activity for your child or you want to explore an adult cooking class, there are lots of options available through Flour Power Studios. 

For children, there are weekly classes available for kids aged 2.5 all the way up to teenagers. Preschool chefs are aged 2.5-4 and need a caregiver to support them with their cooking classes. Once your child reaches 5 years old, they can do the cooking class by themselves. A unique program that they have is Kid’s Night Out. This program lets you drop your kids off on a Friday Night to give adults some time alone without their children. There is a program for kids aged 5-8 and for 9-12. 

For adults who are 18 and older, there is also an opportunity to do your own exploration and learning in the kitchen. Be sure to check out all the different classes that are available on the Flour Power event page

Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the beautiful hiking trails at the Heard Museum outside Allen, TX.

Image via Flickr by gurdonark

The Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary is a great place to visit and learn something new, no matter what age you are. In addition to visiting their sanctuary and trails, they have lots of different exhibits, events, and activities that you can do while you are there. 

Inside the sanctuary, you’ll find five different habitats to explore within the 6.5 miles of nature trails. The habitats include bottomland forest, upland forest, Blackland prairie, wetlands, and white rock escarpment. As you explore the trails, you can visit the habitats and see the different types of plants and animals in each area. 

There are lots of different exhibits that you can visit while at the museum. Some of them include an Animals of the World Exhibit that explores animals in nature. Other exhibits include a Fossil Tortoise exhibit,  Living Lab, Magic Planet, and Pioneer Village. If you’re interested in fauna that’s native to Texas, there are also exhibits about native butterflies, plants, and snakes from the area. Be sure to check out the exhibits page for a full description of all these exciting exhibits. 

In addition to the different exhibits, you can try a wide variety of educational programs. Some of these include a birding program, canoe program, garden talks, and a preschool program. For the adventurous folks, there are night hikes and the ropes course. The ropes course has a high course and a low course that you can do, encouraging personal growth. There are also special zip line days that you can register to try the 487-foot zip line. 

Allen Public Library 

A library is an excellent destination if you’re looking for an educational place to spend some quality family time. When you think of a library, the first thing that comes to mind is looking through books. But, there is so much more that is offered at the local library here in Allen. In addition to being able to read and explore books, there are lots of different learning kits that you can check out and events that you can attend. 

Some of the events you can attend at the Allen Public Library include escape rooms, story walks, and science challenges. There are virtual storytimes for kids. For the adults, there are virtual concerts, activities, and a variety of practical and artistic courses that you can take. 

Also available for families are STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) kits that you can take home. These kits include different types of blocks, coding projects, and kits that let you and your children learn about circuits and robots. These kits are enjoyable and educational! Kits include activities for kids starting at 3 years old and go up to kids who are over 7 years old.  

If you and your family want to explore your creative side, there are also Take and Make Kits for kids, teens, and adults. These kits include crafts you can do from the comfort of your home. From painting to crafts to sewing projects, you have lots of kits to choose from. Be sure to check out the Allen Public Library website to see the full extent of the wonderful programs they offer. 

Whether you want to get outside, stay inside, or do something creative anywhere you can imagine, you can visit so many fun and educational places around Allen. These destinations are great for the whole family but also have some great adult options as well. What are some of your favorite places to visit that are educational? We at Crème de la Crème of Allen would love to hear from you about the cool educational places you love to visit so we can add them to our list as well.