One of the best things about living in Georgia is its vast range of scenic landscapes. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to take an invigorating hike or the perfect place to picnic under a shady tree, there’s a spot for everyone here. Enjoy a day outdoors at one of these six awesome parks near Peachtree Corners, Georgia.

Tribble Mill Park

A family enjoying a walk in Tribble Mill Park around Peachtree, Georgia

Image via Flickr by limaoscarjuliet

Situated at Tribble Mill Parkway Southeast, this 718-acre park is bordered by the Ozora and Chandler Lakes. It’s an ideal place to walk your dog or go for a hike, thanks to its picturesque views. Traverse the 3.4-mile paved multi-purpose trail on foot, two-wheels, or horseback as you admire stately trees and leafy green ferns.

Both non-motorized and electric boats are allowed, so bring your fishing pole, launch your craft, and drop a line in the lake. After you catch your limit, spread out your blanket and have a family picnic on a sunny patch of grass. Tribble Mill Park even offers a group camping area if you want to spend the night.

Jones Bridge Park

If you and the kids are looking for a tranquil setting to play and unwind, consider Jones Bridge Park. Located on East Jones Bridge Road, this popular 30-acre park offers a playground, sand volleyball courts, restrooms, pavilions, three soccer fields, plus swimming and fishing access points to the Chattahoochee River.

Take a scenic hike along Jones Creek. The gently rolling elevation loops around the park at just under five miles, making it a challenging experience for preschoolers. You’ll pass lush growths of wildflowers and wander through a beautiful forest before crossing the creek. About a half a mile in, you’ll come upon the remains of the park’s mysterious 1904 heisted bridge. The river is a beautiful place to launch your canoe or kayak. Its whitewater shoals and shady cover make it an enjoyable and invigorating adventure. It’s also a wonderful place for admiring waterfowl, like ducks and geese.

McDaniel Farm Park

Take the kids on an adventure at McDaniel Farm Park. Turn back the clock with a tour of this historic 1930s homestead, including the furnished farmhouse, original barn, blacksmith shed, carriage house, well house, chicken coup, and restored tenant house. Each exhibit of this once prosperous cotton farm features well-labeled historical artifacts and equipment to investigate. Let the kids spend some time discovering the farm-themed playground or grill out under the rustic pavilion.

This charming landscape also offers a dog park and scenic outdoor spaces to explore, including small rivers, 3-miles of paved and soft-surface trails, a dog park, a playground, and shady picnic areas. Enjoy plenty of modern conveniences on-site as well, including a well-kept pavilion and clean restrooms. It provides the perfect backdrop for making lasting family memories. Park your car on McDaniel Road in nearby Duluth.

Simpsonwood Park

When you need a magnificent background for your next family photo, head to Simpsonwood Park. Located on Jones Bridge Circle Northwest, this 223-acre park touts some seriously jaw-dropping scenery. It’s one of the best sites near Peachtree Corners to enjoy Georgia’s natural beauty. Think of Simpsonwood Park as more of a nature preserve than a community playground, as it features minimal improvements to its breathtaking landscape.

This gem offers a wooded 3.1-mile dirt trail and a quaint chapel with a gazebo. Take a leisurely walk around the park’s perimeter, then grill up some burgers and enjoy a picnic on the meadow or under the pretty pavilion. The campground makes longer visits appealing, and there’s also access to the Chattahoochee River for avid fly fishermen and women.

Holcomb Bridge Park

An infant having fun in a child's swing at a local park.

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Head out to Holcomb Bridge Road and discover another awesome local park. Holcomb Bridge Park sprawls across 12 acres and offers fishing opportunities and a playground. This riverside park has a small wooden amphitheater, restrooms, and a covered picnic pavilion with three built-in charcoal grills. This an excellent spot for hosting a family get-together on a hot summer day.

The quarter-mile natural surface footpath is a terrific place to take the family dog for a stroll. Meander past the play area, then suddenly you find yourself in the woods. There’s a large half-acre patch of grass between the parking lot and the playground. It keeps the kiddos a safe distance from the modest-sized parking lot, and it’s ideal for playing Frisbee or kickball.

Off to the left of the play area, you’ll find an elevated platform that provides breathtaking views of the water. It’s one of two overlook patios that hang just right over the Chattahoochee River. What a peaceful place for you to spend a romantic moment with your special someone.

Pinckneyville Park and Sports Complex

Pinckneyville Park is a premier sport and recreational complex that sits on 93 acres at South Old Peachtree Road. It’s home to Medlock Corporate’s 5,000 square foot pavilion. There are seven baseball fields, a playground, and restrooms. It also features a roller hockey rink, a dog run, a pond, and a free-skate area.

If your family loves to hike, you must explore the 2.4-mile paved multi-purpose trail that runs the perimeter of the park. It offers plenty of appealing attractions, like views of the lake, a wooden footbridge that spans the stream, and a steep hill climb that offers a good workout.

There are a couple of shortcuts that run through the park, so you can make your walk longer or shorter, depending on the kiddos. Feel free to bring Fido along, too. Just make sure to bring the leash. You might even spot a deer or other wildlife in this quiet and peaceful setting.

Next time you have the urge to paddle, hike, or explore, head to one of these awesome parks near Peachtree Corners. Where does your family enjoy spending time outdoors? Let us know so we can share your ideas with other Crème de la Crème families in the area.