Going out to eat as a family can offer a great bonding experience as you try new dishes and enjoy time together. Of course, planning a meal out can also feel like a huge challenge when you don’t know where to look. That’s why we’ve put together this list of family-friendly restaurants to try right here in our hometown. Our area has an assortment of restaurants, so you’re sure to find a new go-to spot for your family without traveling far.

The Ashburn Pub

A large stack of perfectly cooked pancakes on a white ceramic plate.

Image via Unsplash by bereumann

A local landmark, The Ashburn Pub became Loudoun County’s first neighborhood pub back in 1995. Today, Northern Virginians flock to “The Pub” to bask in a cozy atmosphere while indulging in some tasty, home-cooked food. The hometown pub-style environment has made this local spot a favorite for decades, and you might even start thinking of it as your second home. If you’re looking for a place to have brunch, lunch, or dinner with the family, you can expect a relaxed and fun time when you dine here.

The menu is chock full of pub favorites, from fries and onion rings to pub chili, burgers, sandwiches, and more. Enjoy wings or fish ‘n chips, or take advantage of vegetarian and gluten-free options to tailor the experience to your needs. With everything from pancakes to chicken and waffles and more on the menu here, this local favorite is sure to quickly become a family favorite, too.

Asian Spice Cafe

You don’t have to travel far to introduce the kids to global cuisine. You’ll find Asian Spice Cafe right here in Ashburn, serving up a range of tasty meals that will have the family eager to come back for more. Start things off by sampling some of the many appetizers on this menu. Whether you’re in the mood for Vietnamese rolls or spring rolls, Peking dumplings or crispy chicken wings, there’s something for everyone here. You might even want to order a few different appetizers to get a taste of everything on this menu!

That’s just the start, too. Get a tasty salad or warm miso, wanton, or udon soup, or go right to one of the chef’s specialties. Asian Spice Cafe offers both General Tso’s chicken and shrimp as well as both sesame chicken and shrimp, making it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite dishes. They also feature vegetarian options like the Asian green salad or seaweed salad, so there’s something for everyone to love. Choose mild or spicy dishes depending on taste, and enjoy a fun meal with the family.

Greek Unique

You can’t go wrong at Ashburn’s Greek Unique restaurant when you’re looking for a tasty meal the whole family will enjoy. Started by first generation Greek Americans, the restaurant puts a unique twist on Greek cuisine by offering fusion elements. They also source fresh, quality ingredients from local farmers’ markets, so you’ll have so much to look forward to from a meal at this popular Ashburn spot.

Take the grilled cheese, for example. This version includes gyro along with grilled cheese, bacon, and tomatoes for a memorable meal you just have to try. Their “gyritos” are made from taquitos stuffed with lamb gyro and mozzarella cheese. They also serve pita pizzas that are sure to delight kids and adults alike. From sandwiches to burgers, hot dogs to salads, this restaurant has it all. Tradition comes together with culinary experimentation to produce meals you’ll enjoy eating. With so many options available on the menu, it’s easy to find something every member of the family will love, too.

The Bungalow Alehouse

The Ashburn location of the Bungalow Alehouse, a fun place with a few Virginia locations, is the perfect spot for a family outing. The first Bungalow Billiards and Brew opened in Chantilly back in 1997, drawing on founders Keith and Cheryl Early’s vision of a bungalow-style restaurant. The bar and dining areas showed off the arts and crafts side of most bungalow homes, while the pools tables and their striking green felt represented the surrounding yards. The result? A great place to hang out, grab a meal, and enjoy time with loved ones.

Today, the tradition continues in Ashburn. The Bungalow Alehouse takes the guesswork out of finding a great meal for the kiddos by featuring a kids’ menu with a range of kid-friendly options. Children can choose from items like grilled steak, pizza, pasta, and hamburgers, not to mention sides like fresh fruit, veggies, or French fries.

The adults in your group will have plenty to enjoy, too. Start off the meal with signature wings, or go with another tasty appetizer like fried pickles or Bavarian pretzel sticks. You’ll have a wide range of flatbread pizzas, handcrafted sandwiches, burgers, and other entrees to round out your meal. The Bungalow even offers the option to substitute the Impossible Burger for any burger if you’re looking for a meatless option, making this a great place for a family meal no matter your dietary needs.

4 Sisters Asian Snack Bar

Searching for a quick bite? You’re sure to delight the kids with a meal from 4 Sisters Asian Snack Bar. Whether you’re in the mood for banh mi (a Vietnamese baguette sandwich) or a fun treat like tea or a slushee, this is the place to go in Ashburn.

Kids will enjoy the delicious boba tea, if they’ve never tried it before. Also known as bubble tea or pearl milk tea, the drink usually includes black tea along with milk, ice, and those classic chewy tapioca pearls. You can enjoy a variety of flavors at 4 Sisters Asian Snack Bar, so make sure you add this local spot to your list of places to try with the kids.

There you have it, a list of amazing family-friendly restaurants close to home from our preschool in Port Potomac. Did we miss your family’s favorite place to eat in or around Ashburn? If we did, drop us a line so we can add your recommendation!