Most people will have to cook meals at some point in their life, whether they like it or not. It’s much easier when you know what to do and even enjoy the process. It’s never too early to start children on learning life skills, including cooking. Cooking can be something you do with your child in order to teach them, but they might also benefit from some professional cooking classes.

If you are interested in cooking classes for your child, you have plenty to choose from in the Peoria, Arizona, region. Here are some of the best options.

Sweet Leilani’s Kitchen

Sugar cookies being cut out into various shapes by cookie cutters on a flour dusted marble counter top.

Image via Unsplash by 17_wei

Sweet Leilani’s Kitchen has a variety of classes for kids of all ages. They hold Cookie Clinics to allow kids to actually create their favorite treat. Their Kids Night Out events give kids a chance to cook their own dinner and then eat it. After that, they play games and do crafts while parents have a night to themselves. The kitchen even hosts birthday events, fun weekly classes, and parent and child cooking options so groups can cook together.

Sweet Basil Gourmet

Sweet Basil Gourmet is a short drive away in Scottsdale and offers a variety of cooking classes for both kids and families. There is a Young Chef Camp in the summer as well as Saturday morning classes. Kids get to cook a lot of different items in these programs, including Mexican-themed menu items and things that they might want to make in everyday life. There are different themes for every class, offering a fun selection of new things to learn.

Chandler’s Storybook Kitchen

Chandler’s Storybook Kitchen brings children’s literature alive on the table by taking recipes inspired by stories and teaching them to kids. The instructor reads the story and then proceeds with the cooking. These events combine the love of reading and cooking into a multi-interest experience that kids will remember. They might even come up with recipes of their own based on other books.

Sur La Table 

Sur la Table has cooking camps for kids in a variety of age ranges that allow children to practice kitchen safety, explore the science behind cooking, figure out timing and ingredients, and actually follow recipes. After these camps, they can look at recipes they’ve never seen before and understand how they can create that meal or baked good.

Classic Cooking Academy

The Classic Cooking Academy in Scottsdale teaches kids to create an entire Italian meal. They can also learn French favorites, Chinese takeout meals, and a variety of other cuisines. Each class has a different menu, but all of them focus on healthy ingredients and are instructed by professional chefs. Kids can apply what they learn at home and come away with meal etiquette as well.

Scottsdale Community College

Scottsdale Community College has a variety of cooking classes for kids alone, but for parents who want to learn with their kids, there’s a June Kids Cooking Camp that allows parents to cook alongside their children.

There are also virtual cooking opportunities that allow your child to learn the cooking skills they need from the comfort of their own home. The teacher may send a list of supplies needed for the class, and you and your child can have those items ready for the class period. 

The Benefits of Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are more than just learning some simple recipes. They can offer your child several benefits.

Building Confidence

For a child, making a meal or snack and presenting it to an adult or even other children can inspire a new level of confidence. They have accomplished something they were not able to do before, and because of that, they know they can try new things and succeed. 

Trying New Foods

Often, children aren’t very willing to try foods that are unfamiliar. If you want your child to try new foods, just to see if they like a larger variety of things, you might lose that battle on your own at home. When your child takes a cooking class, though, they might be willing to try some of the foods offered in the class as they see other kids do the same. As new foods pass their lips, they may find that they actually like them and be more willing to try new things at home.

Learning Kitchen Safety

You may keep your child out of the kitchen at home for their own safety. After all, there are lots of dangerous things in the kitchen, and if your child isn’t careful, they can get hurt. Part of keeping a child safe, though, is teaching them about the dangers and how to handle them. 

In a cooking class, kids may learn how to handle hot pans, how to hold a knife so they don’t cut their fingers, and what to do if something goes wrong. Learning these tips can help you feel better about having them around the kitchen when you (or they) are working on a meal or snack.

Practicing Math Skills

Cooking is all about mixing the right ingredients in the right amounts in order to get the desired outcome. Whether your child likes math or not, they might enjoy cooking. And math is often a part of the cooking process. Your child can get a few math lessons in when they take a cooking class, whether they notice or not. 

Family Bonding

There are lots of things you can do to bond with your child, and cooking is one thing you might add to the list. Whether you take the cooking class with them and enjoy learning together, or they take the class and you bond with them over what they learned at home, you are able to feel closer to your child by sharing the cooking experience.

There are many different cooking classes summer programs for children around Peoria, so you’re sure to find something that suits your child’s interests, your schedule, and the type of learning you want for them. Cooking is a life skill that every child will need as they grow into adulthood. The sooner they start the learning process, the better. Contact Creme de la Creme in Peoria, AZ for more learning opportunities.