Hands-on learning is great for kids of all ages, and what’s better than combining it with yummy food? Children’s cooking classes get kids interested in foods that they may not be willing to try in typical settings and help develop important skills like time management, measurement, dexterity, and others. Here are several local cooking classes in the Westerville and Columbus areas with online and in-person options to try out with your kids or to send them to on their own. 

Young Chefs Academy

Image via Unsplash by anniespratt

In Gahanna, Ohio, just 10 miles south of Westerville, Young Chefs Academy offers weekly in-person cooking classes to kids ages 4 and up. Starting with KinderCooks classes, kids from 4 to 7 years old can get started with their culinary education. These classes are an hour and a half and focus on the basics of kitchen safety, nutrition, and simple recipes. JuniorChefs is for ages 6 and up according to skill level and advances the students with more freedom in their culinary creations. 

Kids can move up to Advanced JuniorChefs around ages 9 through 13 if they want to continue their learning experience. Finally, SeniorChefs classes are for kids 13 years and older who have advanced in their skills and are ready to shine in the kitchen. The MasterChef program offers kids the chance to earn their black chef jacket as they prove their expertise with the skills they’ve learned. 

Special workshops and events happen throughout the year offering parents and kids a chance to try out a short cooking class before signing up for a program. Culinary camps provide a more immersive experience with multi-day programs that cover all aspects of culinary education and get kids excited about cooking. Kids will even get a chance to take part in competitions and exciting challenges. These camps are great for families looking for ways to continue learning over the summer break. 

The Seasoned Farmhouse

About 10 miles southwest of Westerville, in Columbus, The Seasoned Farmhouse is a cooking school and event space that welcomes aspiring cooks of all ages to learn alongside Chef Tricia Wheeler. Events and classes are offered throughout the year with specialty classes offered during the holidays. Seasonal class schedules are posted four times per year covering three months at a time. Classes are offered online and participants can register alone or with a group. Many of the special events classes welcome little ones to join in the fun. 

The cooking classes offered by The Seasoned Farmhouse are best for parents and children to do together. This is a great way to learn some cooking skills and meals to keep in your repertoire while enjoying an activity with your child or multiple children. Sign up for a single special class first to get a feel for things and then you can decide if you want to commit to an entire quarter. 

Sur la Table

Sur la Table is a chain kitchen store with locations throughout the country and an online store. Store locations offer in-person cooking classes, and there are always online classes available. Class topics cover a wide range of foods, abilities, and ages. Learn to make tamales, macarons, Indian cuisine, Italian pasta, and much more. Many of the online classes that are geared towards adults could easily be done with a parent and child together or a whole family. 

Preparation is simple, once you sign up for an online class, you’ll receive the grocery and materials list to make sure you have everything you need to create the meal or food item of focus. The online classes are best for kids to do with their parents as they won’t cover many basics before diving into working with the food. Older kids with some experience may do well on their own, however. 

In-person classes are available a certain Sur la Table locations. The store in Columbus at the Easton Town Center, just 7 miles from Westerville, offers classes for kids and teens, families, and adults. 

The types of classes offered are always changing, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for the options for kids. Some classes focus on particular skills like knife skills or working with pastry. Others teach you to make a full meal that you can then take home and enjoy with the family. Kids classes at Sur la Table are best for a special occasion or parent/child bonding time since they don’t offer classes that teach the basics of cooking. 

Our CupCakery

Just 13 miles west of Westerville, in Dublin, Our CupCakery is a small local bakery offering baking classes to kids and adults. Classes are typically very simple and just for fun. Kids will get to decorate cupcakes and cookies with festive themes depending on the time of year. Baking fun can be enjoyed on-site or at home thanks to their take-home kits. Kits include everything you need to make and decorate beautiful baked goods. You can even keep the frosting bag tips. 

Kids classes offered in the past include a St. Patrick’s Day cake decorating class where participants created a cake in the form of a leprechaun hat and a Halloween class where participants made a Jack-o-lantern cake. Future Pastry Chef Summer Camps are available for kids to enjoy each summer with a special theme. Kids between the ages of 8 and 14 are welcome to sign up. Camps run in weekly sessions from Monday to Thursday, 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day. Each week kids will learn to make different types of cupcakes, cookies, candies, and more.

Crème de la Crème of Westerville, OH, offers its own culinary curriculum as one of many programs available to students. They will learn basic cooking skills as well as how to manage a grocery list, make healthy food choices, and identify and avoid food allergens. If you’ve tried a cooking class in the area that didn’t make our list, let us know. We’ll check it out and possibly even add it to the lineup.