Establishing healthy eating habits for your child early in life can help set them up for lifelong health and wellness. But shopping for ingredients can often be challenging, especially when you’re busy working, taking the kids to after-school activities, and running a household. Whether you want to streamline your weekend to spend more time together as a family, introduce locally grown produce to your child, or add variety to your meals, a community-supported agriculture (CSA) box might be a great option for your family’s dietary needs and budget. 

A CSA box is a way to provide a direct relationship between you and local farmers while ensuring you get the freshest and best produce possible. Using this method for shopping supports farmers in your area, provides quality and seasonal produce, and supports business owners within your community. Read below as Crème de la Crème of Coppell, Texas, shares our list of the top CSAs available in and around the local area. 

Good Tilth Farm and Nursery

A box of vegetables including carrots, radishes, and lettuce.

Veggie Box by Darius Dunlap is licensed with CC BY 2.0

Good Tilth Farm and Nursery is a multi-micro farm and season nursery that specializes in improving its soil by diversifying the plants they grow. They have partnered with Lorica Tea and Botanicals to offer a variety of useful herbs and teas that people used to consider weeds traditionally. These beneficial plants along with their special ingredient of lactic acid bacteria help the soil and the composting process. Good Tilth grows specialty greens on their micro-farm plots and offers a program that sells to the DFW area. This program is an optimal way to ensure you get freshly grown, organically harvested, and seasonal greens for your meal prepping and snacking. 

Because Good Tilth is confident in their produce and greens, and those that work the farm eat what they grow, you can be assured that the greens you purchase from Good Tilth use natural farming methods. No pesticides, chemical fertilizers, fungicides, or GMO’s are used to grow your food.  This farm-to-table experience can help teach your children about the plant cycle and the importance of using sustainable methods for growing food. 

While the farm cycles out the greens produced, you’ll often find moringa microgreeens on the monthly grow list. Other services offered include a consultations for sub or broad acre plots, to help you be self-sufficient as well. You can even source your first harvest of vegetables and useful plants by purchasing from he farm’s Useful Plant Nursery. Choose from plants such as yarrow root, Jerusalem artichoke, applemint, comfrey, red spinach,  and elderberry. Other calorie crops, perennial foods, and medicinal herbs are also available through their service. Shipment is completed by Priority Mail. 

Red Moon Farm

Red Moon Farm is an East Texas organic farm and CSA. The subscription service makes it possible to stock your kitchen with farm-fresh food without going directly to a farm. Red Moon Farm uses clean methods to help support your family’s clean-living lifestyle by providing fruits and vegetables grown right on the farm. While some things are difficult to grow in the Texas heat, such as blueberries, the farm includes a variety of great produce to keep your taste buds happy and your recipes fresh. 

To subscribe to Red Moon Farm CSA, you must fill out a form on the website and pay a planting fee upfront. You can then select a mini box for $25, a regular box for $32, or a large box for $40 a week, depending on the size of your family and how much produce you can use. You can also add items from the web store to ensure you have everything you need for that special birthday dinner or anniversary party you’re hosting. 

‘Your Garden’ CSA

“Your Garden” CSA is a project that aims to provide healthy food production as close to home as possible. You’ll get to see the “Your Garden” team do all the work to plant your vegetables in the garden space you provide. This service helps you learn to harvest your own food and can even guide you in proper food storage and preparation. It’s a learning experience that can benefit your kids and get them interested in agriculture or the culinary arts. 

Customizable plans begin at about $130 for a 10 foot by 10 foot plot with your choice of fruits and veggies. 

Texas Farm Box

Texas Farm Box is a unique method to have your fresh food and vegetables delivered to your doorstep from local farms. This service, that cuts the traditional excess shipping and stocking methods, helps deliver consumers the best that Texas farms have to offer. You can opt for one of their boxes or choose items on an a la carte basis. 

Box options include a Produce Box that begins at just $99.99 and has a wide variety of season farm-fresh greens to include in your weekly recipes. For those following hig-protein and meat based diet, you can opt for the Happy Griller’s Box for $199.99. Or, you can select individual items from their list of available options. Typical items are chicken, beef, and even bacon and sausage. Coffee lovers will rejoice to find that an Artisan Alley Coffee subscription box is also available for only $19.99. Try the Cowboy Coffee for a quick caffeine fix. 

So, there you have it. Crème de la Crème of Coppell  has enjoyed sharing information on CSA boxes, including the benefits of subscribing to a service. Our suggestions can help you meet your grocery needs and may even streamline your meal planning for the week. Having locally grown, fresh vegetables available for cooking and snacking can help establish healthy eating habits for your growing children and teach them to support the local economy. Do you think a CSA box will work for your family? 

While you decide which CSA service will be best for your family’s needs, considering your future child care needs is also important. Call our friendly staff at 469-200-2379 to schedule a tour of our state-of-the-art facility and learn how our child care and learning facility can help your child’s development. Crème de la Crème’s enriching environment is perfect for growing minds and bodies. We offer second language instruction classes in Spanish and American Sign Language and have an on-site soccer field, basketball court, and bowling alley.