Public art is free, accessible, and enriches the community. Inviting your family to explore public art installations is an ideal way to see how local artists share their talents with their community. For your convenience, our team at Crème de la Crème of Goodyear, Arizona, has put together this list of art installations you don’t want to miss in our city.

Goodyear Skate Park Mural

Skate park mural in Goodyear, AZ
mural by Jenny Huey is licensed with CC BY 2.0

The Goodyear Skate Park Mural is bright, colorful, and creative. The artists, Catitude Teen Mural Mentoring, painted this mural at the Goodyear Skate Park in 2019. This mural features a stunning graphic representation of the local Arizona landscape, including the mountains and a vivid sunset. Whether you come to the Goodyear Community Park to skate, shoot hoops, or play baseball, get close to the Goodyear Skate Park Mural and take a selfie with this beautiful work of art.

Location: 3151 N. Litchfield Road


Veterans designed, fabricated, and installed the Brotherhood sculpture to pay homage to those who have served and sacrificed for their country and their families. All five branches of the U.S. military collaborated on this art installation, which communicates the strength, survival, and commitment of veterans spanning several generations. This dignified sculpture features two hands helping each other, with patriotic red, white, and blue tiles tastefully wrapped around the wrists. The artists, an organization called WHAM: Art a Path To Healing Veterans, fabricated and installed the Brotherhood art installation in 2016 at the Goodyear Ballpark.

Location: 1933 S. Ballpark Way at Goodyear Ballpark

Chasing the Stars

People of all ages will enjoy the interactive Chasing the Stars art piece found on the grounds of the Goodyear Recreation CampusThis 14,000-pound, 26-foot-tall sculpture is a human-powered kinetic art installation that invites visitors to use hanging tethers to pull the pendulum underneath the arch holding the whirling wing-shaped rods overhead. The artist of Chasing the Stars, Joe O’Connell with Creative Machines, combines geometrics, physics, technology, and human interaction to represent powerful machines such as windmills, sailing vessels, and catapults.

Location: 420 S. Estrella Parkway at the Goodyear Recreation Campus

Air, Earth, Water

The Air, Earth, Water art installation represents natural elements within the Goodyear area. This remarkable art sculpture, made up of several plaques, features air represented in an Egyptian theme which reflects Goodyear’s early industry. Earth shows the many plants and animals native to the Southwest. Water represents the local rivers and waterways. You’ll also find tiles with dragonflies, roadrunners, and hawks, all abundant in the Goodyear area. Artist Mary Shindell created this Air, Earth, Water work of art.

Location: 3151 N. Litchfield Road

Bullard Avenue Underpass

While you may not consider looking for art installations in an underpass, the Goodyear area has several intriguing plaques and etchings throughout the city, including the one at the Bullard Avenue Underpass. As you make your way to one of the healthy eateries in Goodyear for a wholesome meal, take Interstate 10 to the Bullard Avenue exit and look at the mountain and cloud motif etched onto the bridge. The Arizona Department of Transportation commissioned artist Laurie Lundquist to create the design as part of the Bullard Avenue Transportation interchange project.

Location: Interstate 10 and Bullard Avenue

Cotton Columns

If you find yourself at the Cornerstone Boulevard bus depot, walk around and look at the Cotton Columns art project. These columns hold up a roof, creating shade for people waiting for the transit bus. Each stainless-steel column features a motif of cotton bolls and leaves from the cotton plant.

Cotton was and still is a major agricultural crop in the Goodyear area, and these art pieces represent the region’s rich history of cotton farming. At night, the bus depot lights up the columns with LED lights, adding an ethereal quality to this art installation. Artist Jim Gallucci created these beautiful art pieces.

Location: 13183 W. Cornerstone Blvd.

Western Avenue Art Benches

In 2011, artist James Hendricks designed and fabricated the Western Avenue Art Benches. These benches represent the early explorers and settlers of the Goodyear area. These people helped to shape, build, and create the Goodyear community. As people rest on the benches, they can reflect on the spirit of Goodyear’s past inhabitants and how they shaped the beautiful city that Goodyear is today.

Location: 200 E. Western Ave.

The Ziz

You’ll feel the spirit of baseball when you visit the art installation, The Ziz. You’ll find this award-winning sculpture, created by the renowned international artist Donald Lipski, outside the home plate entrance to Goodyear Park. The Americans for the Arts organization named this baseball-themed sculpture one of the best public art installations in the United States. Out of the 304 submissions submitted for the best public art projects, Americans for the Arts chose The Ziz. 

After visiting this unique sculpture, explore several ethnic restaurants in Goodyear for lunch or dinner.

Location: 1933 S. Ballpark Way at Goodyear Ballpark


The Storyteller art installation is an interactive and innovative functional book return system at the Georgia T. Lord Library. Storyteller is the guardian of knowledge and storytelling that helps represent the role of a community library, as a library contains books to promote learning. This unique art installation features rotating illustrations that users can change to imagine and share their own stories, whether recreating a story from a book they’ve read or creating a tale from their own experience. The West Valley Arts Council’s Gallery 37 youth art organization created this public art display.

Location: 1900 N. Civic Square

Goodyear has a rich cultural community, and it shows in these art installations throughout our area. Which public art display is your favorite and why? Is there one of these art pieces that resonates with your children? We understand Goodyear has several art installations. Is there one that we should include on this list? If so, let our Crème de la Crème of Goodyear team know so we can help you learn more about our community.