Your local library boasts a power that should not be ignored. With a huge variety of in-person and digital services available, the library makes it so easy to read, learn, and enjoy your favorite media. Let Crème de la Crème of Goodyear show you some of the great ways you can make use of our local library.

Books and More At Your Fingertips

A woman sits on the floor reading a book at the public library in Goodyear, AZ

woman reading book” used with permission via Unsplash by elliottreyna

Sure, you know you can use your Maricopa County Library District card to borrow books. But did you know your card also gives you access to tons and tons of free reading material that you can access digitally? That’s right — you don’t even need to leave home to indulge in a good book (or maybe two or three!) when the mood strikes.

Thanks to MCLD, you can take advantage of various eMedia apps to read your favorite books and magazines on a tablet, smartphone, computer, or eReader. The best part? Just like all those hard copy books you can check out in person from your local library, these apps are all free to use with your library card.

So, what are some of the apps you can make use of for reading when you have a library card from MCLD? They include:

  • Flipster: If you’re interested in magazines, you can’t go wrong with Flipster. You’ll get to read almost 40 electronic magazines using your browser or the Flipster app.
  • Freading: With more than 70,000 eBook titles available, Freading makes laid-back weekend mornings spent with a good book easier than ever before. Better yet, you won’t have to deal with waitlists.
  • Gale eBooks: Gale eBooks makes learning about your favorite subjects fun and easy. You can read about the arts, science, biographies, and more, all with no waiting list.
  • Hoopla: This popular service connects you with a huge array of audiobooks, eBooks, and graphic novels. You can check things out via the hoopla app or using your browser.
  • OverDrive: OverDrive is a book-lovers dream! You’ll have access to more than 200,000 popular titles, including both audiobooks and eBooks, via the OverDrive app. You can also use your browser to read or listen. Oh, and OverDrive boasts a wide array of genres, too, so whether you’re interested in young adult titles, non-fiction, or bestsellers, you’re sure to find some new reading to dive into via this service.
  • RBdigital: Sign into a free RBdigital account to download fiction and non-fiction audiobooks and eBooks, not to mention various magazines.
  • TumbleBooks: Whether your kiddos already love reading or you’re looking for some new ways to get them into books, you can’t go wrong with TumbleBooks. This service features online stories, just for kids. With picture books, chapter books, graphic novels, non-fiction, and more all available, TumbleBooks is just what you’re looking for when you want to spark an interest in reading for your kids. They can read along with animation and music to have even more fun.

Not sure which book you want to read next? You can also make use of the NoveList service, which provides book recommendations. All in all, resources for reading have never been more accessible for local families. Your library card translates to endless opportunities to read your favorite subjects and genres, all in whatever format makes reading fun for you and your family.

Other Online Media

Of course, it’s not just reading you can access online thanks to your local library. Your MCLD library card also makes listening to music or planning a movie night super easy. Some services you can take advantage of include:

  • Acorn TV: If you’re into British TV, you’re in luck. You can watch your favorite shows on any device with Acorn TV.
  • Freegal: In the mood to listen to some tunes? Thanks to Freegal, you can stream more than 10 million songs, no matter the time of day. This service even lets you download five songs each week to keep forever.
  • Hoopla: If you already love hoopla for its selection of audiobooks and eBooks, you’ll want to come back to the app for other media, too. You’ll also find albums, movies, and TV programs via hoopla.
  • IndieFlix: Go ahead, plan that cool movie night you’ve been dreaming of. You can watch indie films and classic TV with this service.
  • Kanopy: Kanopy makes watching videos easier than ever before, with a huge selection (think: more than 25,000 titles) available. You can access the content with apps or web browsers.
  • Qello Concerts: If you miss enjoying live shows, just check out Qello Concerts. This video streaming service lets you see full-length concerts and music documentaries.
  • RBdigital: Remember that free RBdigital account you used for reading? You can also use it to access music, TV, and movies.

In other words, your local library offers so much more than just books! Your library card means so many ways to enjoy your favorite shows and music, all for free.

Learning Tools

If you’re not already convinced that your local library is an amazing resource to have in your life, just consider all the learning tools you can access thanks to the library. Whether you’re looking for tutoring help for your child or you want to enhance your own learning, your local library has you covered. Here are some resources from MCLD to explore:

  • Academic OneFile: This service lets you access millions of scholarly articles.
  • Brainfuse: Brainfuse features an online tutoring suite for students, adult learners, and job seekers.
  • LearningExpress: With various structured courses available, LearningExpress makes advancing your education on your own time easy.
  • Rocket Languages: Whether you’ve always wanted to learn another language or you want to pick up some skills ahead of a long-awaited vacation, you’ll want to explore Rocket Languages. This language-learning website and app teaches practical, real-world conversation skills.
  • The Great Courses Library Collection: This series features lectures from world-renowned college professors.

That’s really just the start of what your local library offers! We hope this guide from Crème de la Crème of Goodyear has you inspired to explore all of the amazing offerings our local library features. Do you have a library service you can’t live without that we didn’t include on this list? Let us know your recommendation so we can add it!