When your kids are filled with energy, you want to have some fun places on standby where you can go to burn some of that energy. Fortunately, the area in and around Centennial, Colorado features an abundance of places perfect for keeping energetic kiddos happy.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor fun or local indoor spots ideal for rainy days and more, our local area has something for everyone. Crème de la Crème of Lone Tree rounded up these seven great places close to home to take the guesswork out of your plans. You’ll never find yourself scrambling for a place to go thanks to this list.

Kids Wonder

You can’t go wrong with an outing to Kids Wonder if you’re looking for a place to play right here in Centennial. You’ll find something for energetic kids of all ages here. Lil’ Town is perfect for kids as soon as they learn how to walk, boasting fun spots like a Pet/Vet, Theater, Fire Station, and more.

Toddlers can get active at the safe, developmentally appropriate play area that includes soft play, small climbers, slides, play houses, and a tiny bounce house. Kids Wonder also features several inflatables ideal for kids ages 3 to 8. Whether you’re booking a party or want your kids to burn some energy during open play, this local spot has you covered.

Play Street Museum

Make the short drive to Highlands Ranch to visit Play Street Museum, the place to go when it’s time for the kiddos to burn some energy while exploring the world through imaginative play. The educational play space encourages kids to imagine and pretend in a town square as well as explore interactive exhibits and activities. You can join in on the fun with your kids, or take some time for a little relaxation while your kids explore.

The safe, imaginative indoor play area is not only tons of fun, but it’s also designed to deliver the developmental benefits of open and pretend play. By engaging in self-directed play, your child will find their imagination stimulated while they develop social and problem-solving skills along the way.

Kids Dig

Your kids are sure to get excited from the moment they hear the tagline, “Colorado’s Largest Indoor Sandbox.” That’s Kids Dig for you. Located close to home in Littleton, this is the place to go when your kids want to burn energy playing in the sand, no matter the weather outside.

A huge assortment of Tonka and CAT trucks, not to mention classic shovels, pails, blocks, pipes, cones, and more, means endless opportunities for fun. Kids Dig boasts more than 60 tons of sand in public and private sandboxes, so it’s the ideal place to explore with children 7 and under. Want to get in on the action? Kids Dig even features a sprawling 40-ton sandbox for kids and families to enjoy playtime together.

Monkey Bizness

Located a quick drive from Centennial in Parker, Monkey Bizness offers the perfect excuse for kids to, well, monkey around. Inflatable jumps, slides, and obstacle courses help kids under 8 burn off energy in a safe, fun way. This spot also features a special area for toddlers specially designed for kiddos 2 years and younger, so you can rest assured your littlest ones have a place to go for fun.

Pay a visit to the huge indoor playground whenever the mood strikes, or book a birthday party or special event. When it comes to burning off energy, Monkey Bizness is a local spot up to the challenge.

Cherry Creek State Park

You’ll want Cherry Creek State Park on your radar when it comes time to have fun as a family outdoors. This park is easy to reach in Aurora, and it’s chock-full of ways to burn off energy. You’ll find traditional park activities along with unique ideas for an active day outdoors, including horseback riding and model airplane flying.

Whether your family’s idea of fun includes biking or boating, cross-country skiing or camping, you’ll find it all at Cherry Creek State Park. The park’s unique ecosystem brings in bird species like bald eagles, hawks, waterfowl, shorebirds, and songbirds, so it’s an amazing place to go birding together. That’s just the start. Depending on the weather, this park is also your go-to spot for picnicking, hiking, playing volleyball, water skiing, jet skiing, sledding, snow tubing — the list goes on and on. All in all, this park close to Centennial is a top local spot for burning off energy.

Lava Island

Lava Island, located close to Centennial in Aurora, delivers another engaging indoor playground experience perfect for those days the kids seem to possess an endless supply of energy. You’ll find 40,000 square feet of play equipment waiting for you when you make the short trip to Aurora.

Better yet, there’s something for everyone here, from toddlers to adults and everything in between. This is the place to go to run, jump, slide, play, and explore. In other words, Lava Island is home to unlimited active play, exactly what you need when the energy levels are overflowing.

Clue Room Colorado

Look no further than Clue Room Colorado for an exciting experience sure to keep the whole family entertained. You’ll find this unique place right here in Centennial, so planning an adventure has never been easier. Their live escape games are an ideal way to inject some fun into an otherwise boring day, and it’s a surefire solution to giving energetic kids an outlet for their energy.

You’ll find a range of different experiences at this local spot, with live escape experiences offered at different levels. The Matter of Mad Hatter, Spy Ops, and Shadow Gallery games are well-suited for kids ages 6 to 12.

That wraps up the list of some of our favorite places for getting active close to home. Do you have a favorite place in or around Centennial to take your kids when they need to burn off some energy? Drop us a line at Crème de la Crème of Lone Tree so we can check out your go-to spot and share more ideas with area families.