Oklahoma City is one of the best places to find kids’ cooking classes. The Sooner State is home to many talented teachers who eagerly share their knowledge with the younger generation. Whether your child wants to learn to cook homemade dinners for the family or they’re an aspiring chef, Oklahoma City has a culinary institute for you. Let us help you kick-start your search with these five places to take cooking classes.

What Are the Benefits of a Cooking Class?

Learning to cook comes with many benefits, regardless of your age, such as:

Developing Nutritional Eating Habits

Learning to cook will teach your child about the nutritional benefits of food. They’ll begin to understand what food groups offer the most nutrition without sacrificing flavor. The foundations of a healthy lifestyle will also follow them as they become a self-sufficient adult — while the entire family benefits from the nutritional meals.

Raising Their Self-Esteem

By learning a new task and completing goals your kiddos may have once thought were unachievable, they will gain higher self-esteem. You’ll watch them beam with pride as the family gobbles up their concoctions.

Contributing to the Group

Cooking for someone is an act of giving and is a positive way for children to contribute to the family. Spending time together in the kitchen preparing a meal builds strong bonds and creates lifelong memories everyone will cherish.

Allowing Creativity To Flow

Cooking isn’t just fun — it’s also an outlet for personal expression. Encouraging your child to try new dishes and recipes will allow them to delve into their creative side. Remember to urge them to try again if they make mistakes, as these experiments are terrific opportunities to learn.

Learn About World Cultures

When you begin to cook foods from other cultures, the dishes help open your child’s mind to a different way of life. They can imagine a Chinese farmer harvesting the rice they choose for today’s meal or a bunch of bananas ripening in the African sun, all while enjoying a tasty meal.

Develop Life Skills

Cooking is a talent that your child will use as they grow into an adult. By learning this necessary skill, your child can help care for their own family someday. It may even translate into an exciting and lucrative career.

How To Get the Most Out of Your Child’s Cooking Class

A boy peels in apple during a cooking class

Summer Camp” licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr by North Charleston

Children are sponges for knowledge, and a cooking class can be exactly what they need to stimulate their creativity. However, it’s not always easy to find a cooking class that piques your child’s interest. From the length of class to the curriculum, get the most from each session considering the following:

  • Does your child really want to be there?
  • What type of class will your child enjoy more — demonstrations, virtual lessons, extended camp programs, or hands-on?
  • Is the class you chose geared to your child’s age and skill level? If the recipes are too tricky, it’ll likely become frustrating. If it’s too easy, your kiddos may end up bored.
  • Do the teachers’ credentials match what you and your child are looking for?
  • Are the enrollment fees in line with your family’s budget and your child’s interest level?

The Girl Can Cook

The Girl Can Cook is a well-known culinary studio in Tulsa. Adults and kids of all ages are welcome to attend classes here. Their “Kids Can Cook, Too” course will show your child how to be the chef they’ve always wanted to be. They’ll learn to prepare the perfect breakfast, including banana pancakes, veggie frittata, and candied bacon, or even a holiday spread for the whole family. You can drop your child off to learn independently or join them for some bonding time.

Belle Kitchen

Belle Kitchen’s “Kids Cooking Summer Camp” gives kids the chance to learn to cook each summer. The program is best for preschoolers 3 years old and up. There are several courses, depending on your child’s age, including:

  • 3 to 6 years old.
  • 7 to 10 years old.
  • 11 years old and up.

Older children naturally have more complex lessons and spend more time in the kitchen. Teens and preteens devote a majority of their studies to developing their skills and working on recipes. You’ll be astounded at how far your child has grown when you see their plated presentation on the final day.

Get Fresh! Cooking

If you’re looking for a local cooking class for kids, check out Get Fresh! Cooking. Its lessons are available in several locations around Oklahoma, including Ada, Duncan, Ardmore, and Purcell. The Chickasaw Nation sponsors this unique culinary program, and classes are open to everyone.

This innovative cooking school’s demonstration center teaches both healthy eating habits and proper kitchen techniques. Its curriculum is built around seasonally available ingredients like freshly harvested fruits and vegetables and locally sourced meats. Attend one of their scheduled shows, try a group culinary class, or drop the kiddos off for an independent course.


Cozymeal is a virtual cooking class for students of any experience level. Great topics, such as making a cheesecake or designing a charcuterie board, are discussed in Cozymeal’s virtual classroom. Learn to create visually impactful dinners with the plating techniques course, or learn how fruits and vegetables can boost your immunity.

Classes with Cozymeal are easy on your family’s budget, starting at just $29, making it a terrific option for budding chefs. Cozymeal also gives you the option to purchase every ingredient for the class and have them shipped right to your door, contact-free. They offer courses for vegan and vegetarian cooks as well. You can choose from instructions that teach you how to cook with quinoa, chickpeas, and other vegetables.There you have it! Crème de la Crème of Oklahoma City just shared the best kids’ cooking classes in the city. Which one will your family try out? Did we miss your favorite spot to broaden your child’s culinary horizons? Let us know, and we’ll be sure to add it to our list.