Kindergarten Round-Up is around the corner for many schools. This is the time of year for you to find the Kindergarten program that is right for your little one. But beyond getting your them signed up for Kindergarten, what else can you do to make sure they are ready for that next big step?

  • Read aloud with your preschooler. Reading books with your little one will help your child develop literacy skills. It introduces them to how words sound, new vocabulary words, and shows them that printed words have meaning. You can also ask your little one to “read” a story back to you by having them describe a well-loved story through the pictures and from memory.
  • Encouraging play. Play helps children develop friendship and other social-emotional skills! Through play, children are presented with different challenges which makes them more resilient as they preserve through those situations. Imaginative play will also help your child develop their creative skills!
  • Find learning opportunities in your local community. Whether you take your child to a local kid’s museum or simply to a neighborhood playgroup, exposing them to different opportunities will give them more early childhood learning opportunities to get them ready for their Kindergarten year.

With Crème de la Crème’s Kindergarten program, you will be giving your child a head start in school and a safe and secure place to learn. Our award-winning teaching methods are taught by educators who make learning fun. For more information on our Kindergarten programs, age requirements, and to see if your location offers a Private Kindergarten program, speak to your director or call at 800-374-5715.